Jae Thorns Sep 2017
those steady cadence of words,
that charmed us to listen to the song of forever,
that danced our hearts in joy with a smile on our face,
that made us fell in love after only hearing the song of forever.

we will always be amazed of how melodic it is,
and those sheets consisting of mellifluous lyrics that caught our eyes
will always be a story to tell about the group who sang the song of forever,
that made the humanity fell in love, the one that made their hearts danced in joy

it was only two years but believe me,
it'll be a tale about five men who plays instrument that inspired others,
about five men who had inspired, motivated and bring back the joy of the lone teens,
two years? it was only the start of the story of the song of forever
Jae Thorns Sep 2017
i am a flower,
i will always wait for your gentle touches,
giving me enough sunlight using your smile,
watering me with a hummed from your lips.

i am a rabbit,
i would never be complete without you,
that it is only you who could make me smile,
that it is only you who i need 'til eternity.

i am a bear,
i will always fight with honeybees just to have you,
i would save up food for winter to hibernate,
wishing i could always dream of you in my sleep.

i am me,
i exist to see the beauty of this world
God has created, but instead it is your beauty
that caught my eyes and make me fall in love.

after all, i am just a mere human,
who will love you even though you don't.
Jae Thorns Aug 2017
life is easy, surviving isn't.
each one of us are flowers that blooms in the morning,
that tried to survive the hurricane of the afternoon,
and in the night, we will fall without knowing.
Jae Thorns Aug 2017
do you ever just fall in love with a person
whose eyes holds the colorful galaxies,
whose cheeks shows patterns of stars,
whose smiles are literally clusters of stars?

do you ever just care to a person so much
that you wanna hold him 'till you break,
that you wanna see his smile until it fades,
that you wanna give him all of yours?

do you ever just look at him
and fell into the deep void
where whatever you do
you can't get out?

well, you did just fell in love.
Jae Thorns Aug 2017
flower whose well fed,
which love and happiness was led
to dance with the wind
with the free mind

are either lucky, or unfortunate,
as the joy feed by their love ones,
could affect them nor normalize
it's their choice not to value things,
and to accept things as it is

you're either a rose or a sunflower,
you may be an azalea, but you're still a flower,
and it's your choice to be a vigorous flower,
or to be a wilted flower
Jae Thorns Aug 2017
save me from falling,
falling into the never ending deep void.
save me from drowning,
drowning the world's weight on my shoulders.

i am a rusted tower,
will fade as the time goes by,
i am a flower,
who dies from exhaustion.

i am falling apart,
and i need at least someone.
someone please, do it.
save me.
i need inspiration right now tbh i don't know what to do...
  Aug 2017 Jae Thorns
Ryan Holden
I can't shrug the vast curiosity
For the beating heart that strives
for her has become flat lined,
a line that no longer represents
hot coals of my love

The quivering shores are barren
to the sand that we count
as it is lost in winds of time
and life experiences.

Fast paced indecisiveness is lost
with my teenage years.
As is the confidence and acceptance
to sparks of love.

My soul shakes at the thought
but my heart leaps from my chest
like salmon up stream,
forgetting the cold waters and unable
to remember the tune.

For I am a bruised man.

So I cant risk the shards of this
glued heart being handled again,
As one drop, one fall,
could mean the end of my affection.
Loving, loving and loving some more - the fear of falling again.
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