I know you're scared—
You're scared to write.
But I know that you're missing yourself tonight.

So just for this moment,
Forget everything you've learned.
Forget all your missing fragments.
Forget that you were ever burnt.

And just write.

Remember that night,
Where you almost lost it?
You took pen, papers, words, and you learned how to fight.
'Till this day you are still so in love with it.

You lost yourself in this busy world,
But you found yourself in the flow of words.

Never let go of who you are,
Never let go of something that loves you even with all your scars.

My first poem about how words saved me—how it loves me endlessly and how I love it right back.

I don't know why I write poetry
all I know is that writing poetry makes me rich
enjoying -- not possessing
the ever-expanding universe
without fear of inflation

in the sky --
white clouds
singing larks
whispering wind
the tender moon and twinkling stars

on the ground--
mountains hills plains gullies
lush green red brown yellow
oceans streams lakes ponds
splashing gurgling burbling
the blooming flowers
the vacillating leaves
children's innocent laughter
cats dogs chickens ducks birds
jumping chasing croaking singing
all are parts of my life's fortune

of course, there too are
ferocious dark clouds
harrying eagles
howling storms
withering flowers
roaring guns
and piercing screams
the shadows that lend dimension
to poetry and life

In fact, I don't write poetry
poetry writes me

paper and ink
that's all it takes
for someone
to be immortalized

You and I are forever a fantasy.
A fiction story that can never be.
A never ending story of you and me,
consisting of everything I want to see.

In my story, we were foolishly in love.
My heart was yours, and yours was mine.
Something that I've always dreamed of,
like to have our fingers intertwine.

In the end,
it will still be just a fantasy.
A never ending story of you and me
with endless possibilities that can never be.

a stupid story of mine.
  4d jaemee elise

You are my favorite breathtaking Poetry

You :-) :-)
  4d jaemee elise

You touch me
like the summer rain
      kisses the Grey petals
    seeking solace
    in the Verdant

You read me
like the writer
opened the favorite page
each night
before falling asleep
don't let dust
occupy anywhere
not even in the memory lane

You adore me
like the trees
embrace the earth
till the last breathe

You speak to me
like the pianist
play the sweetest melody

You kiss me
like the moon light
touch the earth softly
with all the grace

You hold me
like the seashore
hugs the seashells
among the sands
forgetting the distance
whilst washing away the pain

You trust me
I keep that alive
Feel the warmth
of your essence

We believe in us
We grow
We stand for each other
We are strong together

Listening to : Ed Sheeran - Perfect :-) :-)

A simple word
a gesture with smile
opens ears and hearts
no matter where you roam.

Efharisto, Toh-dah, Mahalo, Takk, gamsahabnida
Spasiba,  Khop Khun Mak Kha ,Danke sehr
daw-dyeh, Arigato, Grazie, Merci Gracias
Thank you

A simple phase
a voice that echoes
Try one on for size.
One size fits all.

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German– Chinese– Japanese– Italian–French– Spanish– English–

Blessings all.  Thank you all for being here and for lighting up world with your work.
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