Jarrett Yap Mar 24
With bated breath he waited,
From dawn till dusk he waited,
From dusk till dawn, he waited again,
He waited till he waits no more,
For bated breath is no more,
For breath itself, is no more.
Jarrett Yap Jul 2017
Fly me to the moon
Sink me to the sea
Bring me where you go
Throw me where you aren't
Whatever it is,
Just get me out of here
Jarrett Yap Jul 2017
He sits down
His every breath weaved with sighs
He sees the sun outside
He sees children laughing and playing
He sees their smiling faces
He looks deep within
He can't seem to find it in him
He questions if this is what it means to be happy
Jarrett Yap Jan 2017
Inspired by when a student asked me if we could write poems with not letters or alphabets.
Jarrett Yap Sep 2016
In your silence, remember my voice.
In your tears, remember my laughter.
In your sorrow, remember my joy.
In your grief, remember my words.
In confusion, remember my lessons.
In your anger, remember my patience.
In your loneliness, remember my presence.

In your memories, remember me.
For in your memories, I will live on.
And my legacy, passed on.

And finally,
In my passing, remember to live.
A poem dedicated to a beloved teacher who left us too soon.
Jarrett Yap Aug 2015
Do I love my country?
Do I love my country?
Do I love my country?
To the question above, I simply reply ‘Yes’
But the more they ask, the more I question
Do I really love my country?

If I do indeed love my country
Why thoughts of migrating keep invading my mind?
Why do I feel like just running away?
Why do I feel as though there’s no hope?
Why am I, why am I not doing anything about it?

If I indeed do love my country
Why is it
That when the national anthem is playing
When in the past, I stood still wherever I may be
Frozen in my path and in my actions
Do not even dare to wipe a sweat
But now, but now,
It’s so easy to joke and to play
To tickle and to sway
To laugh with friends
When the Negaraku is being played

If my country, I do indeed love
Why is it that I look forward to National Day
For its holiday
And not for the reason of the day

I question myself again
Do I love my country?
A poem thought out in conjunction with National Day.
Jarrett Yap Sep 2014
this is a follow up to Battles, a poem i wrote a little more than a year ago.

Down here on this ground
I lie here
I could not move

When i thought i could not go on
I heard a voice
A still small voice
Calling me
'Child, my child.'

I reached out but no words escaped my mouth
I could only bask in the beauty
I could only lie amazed
I chose to only
I chose to just surrender

Love enveloped my deepest soul
Peace everlasting overflow
Now this battle is not my own
Now this battle, i do not stand alone
This poem is a follow up to Battles written on the 4th of April 2013, a little over a year ago.
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