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Sep 2014 · 885
people pt. 1
Jade Lee Sep 2014
people are just storms with skin
Aug 2014 · 2.7k
My Six Word Story
Jade Lee Aug 2014
I won't ever love the same.
Aug 2014 · 484
Jade Lee Aug 2014
I'll always be sad, and I'll always remember this because at 1am is when the true feelings come.
Jul 2014 · 4.1k
Jade Lee Jul 2014
I can't ever imagine giving my heart up again. once I gave you mine you were so careless with it, you were my quarterback but fumbled every time
Jun 2014 · 247
Jun 2014 · 260
past and present
Jade Lee Jun 2014
I love you.
I loved you.
Jun 2014 · 583
A different pain.
Jade Lee Jun 2014
The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.
Jun 2014 · 610
It is now.
Jade Lee Jun 2014
Six months ago I was jumping through hoops to please you.
Six months ago I wanted to make sure you were happy before myself.
Six months ago I wanted to make sure it was me causing your happiness.
But it's not six months ago. It is now.
Jun 2014 · 216
So much, So little.
Jade Lee Jun 2014
I feel so stupid to give so much
to someone who deserves
so little from me.
Apr 2014 · 197
Jade Lee Apr 2014
I can't forget your voice, it's like a broken record in the back of my mind.
Apr 2014 · 1.4k
what if I didn't wake
Jade Lee Apr 2014
what would you do
if you woke up one day
to find that I
Apr 2014 · 1.9k
when I'm upset
Jade Lee Apr 2014
When I’m upset.
I shut myself down
I have no motivation or anything.
I tell myself that nobody cares,
even though I know some do.
I think about all the negative things
I could possibly think of.
I give myself all the pain,
thinking I deserve it.
I’m not sure why I do that,
but that’s just how I am.
Apr 2014 · 1.3k
Jade Lee Apr 2014
We drink to forget the thoughts and emotions we experience while we’re sober.
Mar 2014 · 239
Jade Lee Mar 2014
Completely over you, but still wishing someone could treat me the way that you did.
Mar 2014 · 329
You used me
Jade Lee Mar 2014
you used my body
as I was a tool
you took advantage of my love
treated me as I was an option
I knew things weren't right from the moment I asked you to kiss me and you said no
popped into my head was
your name
your smell
and your momental love
Mar 2014 · 403
Into my life
Jade Lee Mar 2014
As i walk out of the room feeling
fractured and
I realize I'm better than
expectations from you
you left an assurance that you'd never come back
but you did
you walked into my life yet again
and as you always do so easily
you left without a word
Mar 2014 · 652
Jade Lee Mar 2014
oh have you been there for me
when i needed a hug
or laugh
or your unconditional love
i am so
greatful for you
thank you
Mar 2014 · 3.6k
Jade Lee Mar 2014
And it felt more like death
falling in love with you
you made me feel happy
but aswell
Mar 2014 · 191
Being with him
Jade Lee Mar 2014
It hurt, but I still stayed.
Mar 2014 · 358
Things I hate
Jade Lee Mar 2014
I don't hate you,
I hate the fact
I can't have you anymore
and I hate
that I still remember
how good you smelled
and how perfectly
our hands fit together
I hate the fact
that I can't have
the only thing that made me happy.
Mar 2014 · 1.4k
Unrequited love
Jade Lee Mar 2014
It's hard for me to think of how fast I fell in love with you
I fell deep into a unrequited love with you
definition of unrequited love : "it's like drowning but you just won't ******* die"
Mar 2014 · 159
Jade Lee Mar 2014
why is it that it was so easy for you to fall in and out of love with me? am I just so easy to forget about ?
yet I am still the most in love with you and I will always love you
Mar 2014 · 263
Jade Lee Mar 2014
And as i sit in the stands and think of your word, you strengthen me and make me a better me.
before my basketball game as i think of psalms 91:4
Mar 2014 · 156
Jade Lee Mar 2014
I can’t think of a future with you not in it ..
Mar 2014 · 177
Jade Lee Mar 2014
I use to sit and play with the scars I created myself and ask why am I so unhappy
Mar 2014 · 190
my thoughts
Jade Lee Mar 2014
I remember the way
the way you'd touch me
or the way you spoke to me
on the phone
day and night
lord do the tears stop
I think to myself
does this pain ever leave my bones
but no
I cannot think of a time I ever thought
I ever thought you'd leave
thinking my love could ever hold you down
i need to laugh at myself
now I no longer have my self love
nor your love
why did they never teach us self love in class
when everything was so much easier
I wish I never asked to grow up into this
Mar 2014 · 845
Jade Lee Mar 2014
Apparently ***** isn’t the solution to everything because after the fifth shot, the only word I managed to slur was your name.
(not mine)
Mar 2014 · 245
Jade Lee Mar 2014
just when i started to not need you
you called
i had a flashback to when you told me you loved me
i now miss you more then ever
but it hurts to see you with her
i have to remember that its not worth it
no matter how much i love you
i have to leave
i have to forget
Mar 2014 · 207
Jade Lee Mar 2014
i say to myself caring got me no where
but i only cared for the wrong person
Feb 2014 · 320
Jade Lee Feb 2014
depression isnt something that just leaves
i've had to find out a way to be alright with knowing
it'll always be there.
it feels like i am wrapped in a dark cloud
and i still remember
i still remember
those nights that id sit in my shower
crying, harming myself
i was oblivious of what i was doing to myself
Feb 2014 · 337
Jade Lee Feb 2014
People will do anything to distract their heart.
They will do anything to distract it from missing someone.
Feb 2014 · 273
Missing the little things
Jade Lee Feb 2014
The way you use to hold me
The way you'd talk to me
How you would call me at 3 am
When we would talk all day
Our kisses
Our hugs
I miss it all
quinn spaulding
Feb 2014 · 175
Jade Lee Feb 2014
Every time i question whether I love you
I felt stupid asking myself
because I knew
because I knew I was in love with you
you're the only one I've ever been in love with
it hurts
you realize how one thing you say
can change my whole day
This is to my one and only love ive had
Feb 2014 · 321
Always a little different
Jade Lee Feb 2014
As i sit in this classroom
full of loud, obnoxious kids
i notice that I've always been different
compared to the people in my surroundings
im suppose to be the teenager
the teenager that loves to complain about learning
and to be social
but me
as i sit in my room reading
asking myself why i am the way i am
i figure **I'm alone
Feb 2014 · 200
Jade Lee Feb 2014
You no longer tell me that you miss me.
You haven't called me in more than a week,
I'm worry that you've forgotten what we promised.
You don't express how you feel to me,
I feel as I'm trapped in a box of love that you'll never feel.
I guess my love has always been stronger.

— The End —