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Apr 15 · 22
Diamond lake
She would fold. Knees to chest. Flesh folding onto flesh. Arms acting as a lasso. Atomic binder.
A hand mirror framed in gold. A spitting image of charcoal censored with bleach.
Her eyes, unlatched vaults. Pitchers, carved from ancient rock, poured and surged. Tsunami compacted into glass. Pressurized by the weight of the atmosphere, turned to diamonds in the pit of the lake
Apr 15 · 32
The drum of the meadow hushes to a humm
Birds with tiny, fast hearts that pump in their tiny bodies
Are notable contributors to the symphony of springtime pollinators and lovers
The sound of wind escapes the battering of
Sharp wings
The fruity smell of labor
Emanating from their feathered vessels
They sap from the delphiniums with deliberation and conclusivity,
    Longingly belonging to the flesh of the flower.
Spring bloom birds bees pollination
Apr 15 · 23
Alien Tree
The earth was stabbed with a alien dagger
Crafted from cedar, branches and the like still in tack, ever young

The crust pushed back, losing blood in the process
The sunset was a defiant inflammation of the outermost layer

Sweaty and ashen
The antibodies were cinders
Bodyguards in their own shrunken right
Apr 15 · 57
The stars are fish
Mist distilled:
A tincture of salt, overcast
A drop of blood from a punctured thumb
The subtle starkness of it all

The birth of darkness, a raven, a meek expression
And the death of a white bird (a dove?)
In mutual amplification of the other

Water without gravity
A body without bones
Pearls that are milky stringed with abalone on a wirey rope
The ocean, but in the sky
A reaction to an art piece I saw
I am beautiful
I am an angel
I am a devil
I am my own pitfall
I am checkered tile floors
     Tissues in a bin
I am a flower pushing through the dirt
     A gust of wind surrendering to sin
I am red bruised knees
I am sunlight leaking through holes in leaves
I am betwixt and between
     Honey sweet
     Yet terribly mean
Apr 1 · 360
Blood Wolf Moon Poem
We are cyclic beings
Living under our cyclic mother 
We howl to her and she turns red
Our cheeks and finger tips blush
Like a cherry 
Like blood 
Like a fire with a heart
We become her
We bleed, we ovulate, we phase 
In an infinity loop
(Mirror images, round, fertile energies)
Becoming and unbecoming
You are sand in my throat
You are sweat in my eyes

I don't crave your dusty planes anymore
No cactus juice can fill the well you have dug

You missed your chance
And now I am Wolf Woman

My ribcage rattles with long howls
Rattle snakes weave between each vertebrae

I have grown a thick coat for winter
It is unlikely you will see me in springtime again
ya messed up
Mar 7 · 99
He's Statuesque
We kissed the sun into the ocean
The gold rays painted your cheeks like shiny tears
The shadows of clouds passed across your shoulder blades which looked as if they were carved from marble

We kissed under a crescent moon
Two waves rolling into each other
We enveloped each other and each breath became a gust of wind propelling us deeper

We kissed in my car and then in the park
We kissed under the stars until they became shy and dispersed
Your eyes were bright against the dark-- like amber, they were on fire, in love

We kissed until our lips were raw
You said
"I'll see you again tomorrow,
When the sky shifts from pink to black (a peach gone rotten)
And your lips turn red like an apple from the cold"

There is something abrupt about this union
Like the slam of a door at midnight
Or the hush of the snow (whilst it packs us in so aggressively)
Yet it is so suddenly beautiful like ice crackling on a windshield as we blast the heater
Or rub our hands together until they are sweaty

I wish I wouldn't idealize you like this
Here is some poetry to disguise the fear (the cold air that pinches my spine)
Let's keep kissing, boiling noodles to share, and not thinking.
Uh, so rumor has it I have caught a feel.
Jan 6 · 199
Storm God
The wind is battering
Battling the trees

The sheer curtains are still
But the wolves are howling
The mice are hiding

The storm god is stirring the atmospheric cauldron

A dash of twigs
A splash of salty water
A pinch of upheaveled dirt

The fire of the heart is not dampened by the rain

The walls creak
The pages of my book fold and dance
Ambient light from a candle wick heats this articulate space

The spirit spins without petty obligation in every gust of air

I pray to you, storm god
God of washed up logs
God of rocky, tumultuous shores
It’s storming
Jan 4 · 98
Gambling the tide
I’ll keep writing poems
Keep stacking up weathered books
Keep fishing for love by the sea
(A gamble of **** and fish hooks)

I’m just a sailor boy wrapped in sea foam
Eyes made of sea glass
Pressure points
(Please use sea stones)

I’ll ride the tides until I die
Sand in my throat
I’ve got a lucky penny on my side
Jan 4 · 219
Ocean hymm
When the sun rose
I fell

Salty succulents layered over mossy rock faces
The waves a pulsating heart
A booming earth rhythm

Whale bones and cracked shells like broken skulls
Guarded by pelicans with neatly combed feathers and small, beady eyes

We sleep within a rib cage of atmosphere

Birds rule the sea
Jewels in their beaks
I’m writing more and loving more
Dec 2018 · 1.7k
Jade Charlotte Dec 2018
Today I have scratched two decades
Today I am reborn upside down
Skeleton woman

At 17 I was an open wound
Every word thrown carelessly in my direction
A sweeping wave of salt

At 18 I pierced the other side of my nose
And my belly button
I had a lot of empty ***

At 19  no one cared because I wasn't there
The wind didn't even shudder congratulations
I paid for dinner

At 20 my eyes are swelling with gratitude
Every trip or chatter has guided me
To pure love

I wear stars in my ears,
around my neck and
sea foam glistens in my hair

Happy happy
Dec 2018 · 336
Plants need water
Jade Charlotte Dec 2018
I need oxygen,
But I want you.
Dec 2018 · 998
Unspoken Love
Jade Charlotte Dec 2018
Is the unspoken love like wind?
What adhesive could make your breath stick to my neck?

I know we are rolling through this like two inconsequential boulders, but baby,
I don't want to crash into anyone else.

You gave me a hickey on my *** and after pushing my hair out of my eyes,
Tucking it so tenderly and neatly behind my ears
"We are just friends" echoed from your lips-- akin to the repetition of screaming into a long tunnel.

Today my throat is chalky,
like a pale moon on a dry and cold night.
Every line I draw ends up connecting my chest to yours.

Slide a note under my door with a drawing of hills that never stop rolling
If you decide
You want me like the mushroom wants rain,
Like the honey bee wants to serve its queen.
You bet your *** I just watched my favorite romance movie! Also, pain makes good poetry.
Nov 2018 · 303
A Pearl in My Hand
Jade Charlotte Nov 2018
There are specks of light in my coffee.
The basket by the front door is filled with empty and
Ripped envelopes.

As you left for work I rushed to give you
Your briefcase
Your lunch
My body--So you wouldn't forget the warmth you generate in me--
So you wouldn't go searching for another fireplace to rest by.

Baby, there will be tea and cookies when you come back.
I'll be here,
Thick mascara and blood lipstick,
To welcome you inside me.

Whatever it takes to get you high--
Drugs and sugar,
Swimming in my tears,
pools of love.

When you left and took your work,
Neatly tucked away in slender, leather pockets,
You didn't lock my eyes like you used to do.
I squeezed so tight to that image of you that
A pearl was born from my palm out of anguish.

Lets talk about nothing,
You are the silence that fills the gap between my thighs.
I'll keep emptying my gut to make space for you until you tell me stop.
Inspired by Mitski, boy, do her lyrics hit home.
Nov 2018 · 246
Jade Charlotte Nov 2018
We laugh and pace along the lines of the track field under
Fog pierced by sidewalk lamps;
The light sharp and mysterious.

Colors I have never seen pour from your lips—
Hues of girls you’ve ****** or would like to **** swirl and crash against the current.

I’m anchored,
My aches diffused by the stars in your eyes and the moon in your mouth.

What ungodly power have I surrendered to you—
That I could turn to dust at the clap of your hands.

Still, you ******* my dreams:
Blurry drops of cherry, orange, and mustard.
You **** my soul.

I wake up to my 5th alarm and gold rocks fall from my eyes.
My heart like a hummingbird that’s smacked into a window.
I greet the day with dark humor and darker coffee.
Jesus ******* ****
Nov 2018 · 287
I’ll Rise From The Mud
Jade Charlotte Nov 2018
I am stuck in a bubble of black, molting lava.
The sky is a thick heavy.
The earth’s soil upheaveled.

I sped down the most beautiful highways that were lined with the skeletons of trees and trees that were lush too.
Yet, I find myself stuck in the most stubborn of sludges.

I can’t see the stars.
I can’t feel my feet.

Maybe if I keep pouring ink— thoughts lost in translation— my words will turn from dust to diamonds.

If I wrap my arms around the sun— cling ever so tightly— will I rise in the sky, luminous? Unglued?
I wrote this when I was very sad
Nov 2018 · 117
Day in the City with Nick
Jade Charlotte Nov 2018
Forest green beanie and mustard beanie
We match the autumn leaves
Arms crossed, backs slouched
We match the yellow paint that follows the road as it weaves
Long day walking, sipping creamy coffee and talking
Framed by bricks
sunlight sidewalks
And vintage Knick-knacks
The cold air pinches our cheeks
A season for friendship
Warm and fulfilled
Like our bellies full of hot soup!
A poem about friendship
Nov 2018 · 458
Woman of red
Jade Charlotte Nov 2018
Woman of red
Wild strawberries spring from your bed

Hair made of lavender
So potent and blurry

A crackle of moonlight
Your septum piercing

My heart slipped from my chest
And I tucked it in my stocking

I’ll call you sometime when the sun hangs heavy
Your tongue tastes like cherries
A dance with the divine
Nov 2018 · 238
Body of Water
Jade Charlotte Nov 2018
I am a sensitive soul / subject /object, if you will
A body of water
I swell
    I sink
My bones clammer

    I glug herbal concoctions of bourbon and chamomile

Lillies like stars float upon a still lake
    Whispers of the wind cause the surface to ripple

    I'm going for a walk with the night
I will be back in a little

    Remnants of honey comb crackle beneath my boots
Honey seeps through my fingers

    The sun rolls across mountains that protrude from the land like gods

Sweet and sticky

    6am Tonatiuh lights his orb by rubbing two sticks together rigorously
The highest of pulsating potencies

    Wrapped tightly in a wool shawl
A coyote at my ankles
    I turn white
        To light
             To air

Everything becomes nothing and if you look closely you'll find anything everywhere.
Nov 2018 · 120
My Own Devices
Jade Charlotte Nov 2018
Encompassed by oak and pine
A heron nestles in a valley of red
She cranks her neck to peer through a diamond frame
The image of the valley below is a kaleidoscope of autumn;
Murky waters,
Dry grass,
A still mountain with snow sliding down its shoulders.
Squirrels with cheeks stuffed full of nuts scurry in a frenzy
The sky is a cold heavy
Ice and bricks
The people are wrapped in fishnets and wool scarves
Candles are lit for the death of long days
Night hugs us tightly with warm hands
The moon
She hums and howls
The trees rumble in the night
You are awakened by a crackle and thump
The pine and oaks have lost limbs to the seasonal wind
Bears of summertime.
Oct 2018 · 1.1k
At night
Jade Charlotte Oct 2018
At night you fall to your knees
You beg for my worn out and stained forgiveness

You smother me with kisses and a spider suspends her body above my head
Black and long and attentive

A pen punctures a hole in my bag and ink bleeds all over my quilt and carpet
Blotches of dark blue distract me from the heat escaping your mouth
You whisper I love you as if trying to convince yourself that you do

The sky is foggy and the full moon lingers like a ghost
She is full and radiant and all-knowing

The spider and the moon humm me to sleep
You grasp desperately for me
I turn to dust

It’s at night when I rub the forgiveness out of my tear ducts
No more sacrifices
Sep 2018 · 240
Orgasm of Death
Jade Charlotte Sep 2018
Through the eyes of the Forest
I witness the ****** of death

Leaves crackle in preparation for their great fall
An act of surrender and sacrifice

The black bear rests her head
In a bed of moss for a deep slumber

Cafeteria lights flicker at dawn
While the sky is still quiet and purple

Seasonal decay
Sweeping across pumpkin patches
The smell of hay stacks looming like a low fog

Pools of maple syrup glide and swell across piles of pancakes
You say "good morning"
and steam escapes your lips
Fall is here and I can feel parts of myself dying to make room for new growth.
Sep 2018 · 200
New love full moon
Jade Charlotte Sep 2018
New love
Full moon
The night fades white
I rest under a fig tree
The fruit falls ripe, bangs against my knee
I love you,
Do you love me?
I tuck my shirt into my jeans
Fall falls shedding autumn leaves
The full moon fertility
The newness of all there is to see
New lovers, new friends, new corners that bend and bend
Sprouts bursting out of cracks in concrete
I’ll wait for you at the end of class
Wait until our eyes meet
Tender figs gush like jam
Juice d r i p p i n g sweet
Sep 2018 · 713
Moon woman
Jade Charlotte Sep 2018
Like the moon
I am ever shifting between light and dark
When the sky is black I look for a flicker, a spark
I find beneath the layers of my chest
A pumping heart
They say that to be in love is to find simplicity
To be in love is multifaceted
To be in love is agony  
To be in love is the blackest night
To be in love is a flamboyant sky at dusk
To be in love is to be challenged
To be in love is beautiful and heartbreaking and breathtaking and so **** fluid
I ride these tides one more time
I ride until the moon reels me back to the mountains
Where I can fold back into the earth
My spine a cliff
My lips a steep ravine
You can find me at the edge of a plateau
I’ll be in the bay
Worshiping the moon
Woman in the raw
Cat of the night
i don’t know who I am right now but I will know as soon as the moon shifts to reveal a new way of being
Jade Charlotte Sep 2018
I am broken-hearted
Torn from these pages
I’ve loved you so long
It’s been many ages
The ***** coffee press in my room
Where are you?
Gone so soon.
My bed specked with lint
Cheeks are imprinted
By rivers of tears
I hold you dear.
I’ll hold you, my dear.
Come back to my chest
When you need to rest
The story doesn’t end
It just becomes depressed  
Like a still swan on a lake
I pray to find clarity
When you and I wake
Call to me, love
Send your message by a dove
Thoughts of ink mix with water on paper
I want to scream out:
“Talk to me now,
Not later.”
Oct 2017 · 859
Sad Sailor
Jade Charlotte Oct 2017
I'm worn to a nub --
From harbouring feelings beneath this doc.
I drown in the high tide --
When the waves tuck in the sand
And sing starry lullabies.
I weep emptily --
A dehydrated wallow --
When the sea goes off to work in the early morning.
The same seaweed and tide pool soup for breakfast.
When will the moon return to its home
Within my rib cage?
Jade Charlotte Feb 2017
When he drinks his face turns to lava
Hot rocks crumble from his glossy eyes
Heat steams from his porous,
Red cheeks

He is burning himself
His ***** gasoline
His temple a torch

Cold air
Fresh and excruciating
Bites his chin

The towering man
Shrinks small
He sinks into a deep sleep

— The End —