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You are sand in my throat
You are sweat in my eyes

I don't crave your dusty planes anymore
No cactus juice can fill the well you have dug

You missed your chance
And now I am Wolf Woman

My ribcage rattles with long howls
Rattle snakes weave between each vertebrae

I have grown a thick coat for winter
It is unlikely you will see me in springtime again
ya messed up
We kissed the sun into the ocean
The gold rays painted your cheeks like shiny tears
The shadows of clouds passed across your shoulder blades which looked as if they were carved from marble

We kissed under a crescent moon
Two waves rolling into each other
We enveloped each other and each breath became a gust of wind propelling us deeper

We kissed in my car and then in the park
We kissed under the stars until they became shy and dispersed
Your eyes were bright against the dark-- like amber, they were on fire, in love

We kissed until our lips were raw
You said
"I'll see you again tomorrow,
When the sky shifts from pink to black (a peach gone rotten)
And your lips turn red like an apple from the cold"

There is something abrupt about this union
Like the slam of a door at midnight
Or the hush of the snow (whilst it packs us in so aggressively)
Yet it is so suddenly beautiful like ice crackling on a windshield as we blast the heater
Or rub our hands together until they are sweaty

I wish I wouldn't idealize you like this
Here is some poetry to disguise the fear (the cold air that pinches my spine)
Let's keep kissing, boiling noodles to share, and not thinking.
Uh, so rumor has it I have caught a feel.
We are cyclic beings
Living under our cyclic mother
We howl to her and she turns red
Our cheeks and finger tips blush
Like a cherry
Like blood
Like a fire with a heart
We become her
We bleed, we ovulate, we phase
In an infinity loop
(Mirror images, round, fertile energies)
Becoming and unbecoming
The wind is battering
Battling the trees

The sheer curtains are still
But the wolves are howling
The mice are hiding

The storm god is stirring the atmospheric cauldron

A dash of twigs
A splash of salty water
A pinch of upheaved dirt

The fire of the heart is not dampened by the rain

The walls creak
The pages of my book fold and dance
Ambient light from a candle wick heats this articulate space

The spirit spins without petty obligation in every gust of air

I pray to you, storm god
God of washed up logs
God of rocky, tumultuous shores
It’s storming
I’ll keep writing poems
Keep stacking up weathered books
Keep fishing for love by the sea
(A gamble of **** and fish hooks)

I’m just a sailor boy wrapped in sea foam
Eyes made of sea glass
Pressure points
(Please use sea stones)

I’ll ride the tides until I die
Sand in my throat
I’ve got a lucky penny on my side
When the sun rose
I fell

Salty succulents layered over mossy rock faces
The waves a pulsating heart
A booming earth rhythm

Whale bones and cracked shells like broken skulls
Guarded by pelicans with neatly combed feathers and small, beady eyes

We sleep within a rib cage of atmosphere

Birds rule the sea
Jewels in their beaks
I’m writing more and loving more
Jade Charlotte Dec 2018
Today I have scratched two decades
Today I am reborn upside down
Skeleton woman

At 17 I was an open wound
Every word thrown carelessly in my direction
A sweeping wave of salt

At 18 I pierced the other side of my nose
And my belly button
I had a lot of empty ***

At 19  no one cared because I wasn't there
The wind didn't even shudder congratulations
I paid for dinner

At 20 my eyes are swelling with gratitude
Every trip or chatter has guided me
To pure love

I wear stars in my ears,
around my neck and
sea foam glistens in my hair

Happy happy
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