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Jade C Nov 2020
los nubes
azul y en desesperado

he plays violin with such
that it bruises his neck
nubes cobalto, granate

tears patter on the strings
a folk melody
musical impression
cobalto impresión
a poem about a friend i adore
Jade C Nov 2020
betwixt and between
girl and boy and woman and person

suspended in a web of myself
queer rebel
unable to distinguish the lines
that separate me from Her and Them

dancing in an eclipse
a lapse in time
a sphere between night and day
They/ She is illuminated by pure
but still projected against deep
bottomless darkness

purple liquid
a porous entity that penetrates
and breaks
binary being

non binary
or, as I rather like to think of it
complete and overflowing even
not a fraction of a person
an angel in human skin

a series of complex, spiraling
galaxies pouring from my lips
as I break the chains of She
dispose the gaze of He

finally confident enough
as star woman
ocean god
queer siren
to sit in the thrown of Me
a work in progress, still playing with these ancient concepts of gender and my lucid experience of self
Jade C Nov 2020
little moons
spilled from her eyes

a pouring out
that made her
belly feel full

little rocks
crumbled from her hands
and gave the Earth

little seeds fell from
the shake of her hair
life was born
full and blue
Jade C Nov 2020
i cannot keep folding in
on myself

i contort
attempts to evaporate my self
my flesh

father said to be a pretty girl
a straight girl
a binary girl

there are thrashing waves in
my chest
pockets of foam and salt
my true self bubbling out

shaky hips and soft arms
a howling coyote inside
pleading for release
bending and making a

new life new self
(unbound and reborn)
new state new friends

i cannot fit into the skin of my old
self anymore
i cannot pull her over my head
and zip in like i used to

and that tears me to pieces
makes me human
allows me to live
a rough topic in very rough form
  Oct 2020 Jade C
arthur samuel papa
I am poetry;
Sonata composed in fourteen lines;
Woven in a dilating sonnet.
I am poetry,
Anaphora riding on iamb's saddle
Echoing free verses n
From line to line
And singing metaphor's
ever-living  hymns;
Of then and now,
Dawn and rise.
I walked  in rhymes
Till my feet strikes the gleaming Volta
And sends me back
To gloomy Arden.
I am poetry.
Dedicated to all poets who inspired me during ma difficult moments. Dr lim, rose, Ayesha, Jay, Empire and a host of others. Thank u
Jade C Oct 2020
the man at the gas station is a poet
he cannot afford the 10K it costs
to become known, published.

as human beings we are unraveling.

i woke up this morning bathed in
blue darkness
a tear spilled down my cheek.

as creatures of Earth we are unraveling.

my dear friend sits next to me
and i wish i could fossilize our time together
time keeps splitting open.

a cracked goede-- i am cracking,

Patti sings of ***** of jade dropping
the sky falling
i get her face tattooed on my bicep.

Permanence and the Great Unraveling
flirt and dance,
twirling and challenging one another.

my love
eternal and momentary.
Jade C Oct 2020
I’m swallowed by a busy schedule
Too crowded to text back
The overflow of my task list
Suffocating and

If I’m busy I don’t notice the numbness of my toes
Or the ache in my back that’s directly behind my heart

I avoid activities of embodiment
Intimacy of the self

I walk to the sound of morning hush
Squirrels prancing and collecting
Oregon pines folding

the wind calls me into myself
the calamity of my bones
the calm of my skin

I collapse into a collection of
Acorn shells and tops
A seed of myself
That’s waiting for rain

I race for the life / death / life cycle
I swallow myself
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