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I crave words the way our bodies crave life, the way our hands crave to create, the way our minds crave knowledge. With words I am whole.... I am alive.
I was myself but I wasn't me
Just a scared little girl in a dark fantasy
Screaming for help, no way to be free
A sailor tied, drowning at sea

I was myself but I wasn't me
A desperate sinner holding the Devil's key
No God to hear my  desperate plea
Praying to Him to set me free

I was myself but I'd never be me
An insanity with no close reality
Freedom came with too high a fee
The smile on my face, a hyperbole

I was myself but I'd never be alive
A gasping soul that couldn't thrive
A yearning spirit that couldn't survive
A girl so far gone, she couldn't revive

She is gone, I'm all that's left
An empty shell, and hope bereft
A faint light slips through a crack in her almost sound darkness
It is not piercing, but rather taunting
It lures her from her solitude, and whispers of promises that may not be kept
Yet it entices her unending curiosity
For it is not the allurement of kept promises that causes such a stirring of wonderment within her,
*but rather the exhilaration of failure that seduces her courage to abandon the black hole she had created for herself
It sneaks up on you quite calmly
Never demanding your full attention
Until it grabs you by the chest
And forces you to breathe it in
It speaks to you of loneliness
and promises you a companion
For everyone needs someone
To help them walk through the darkness
Thousands of tiny mirrors. Each beautifully replicating the next. Light came to each as though it was an envious dance partner waiting to be invited to serenade the crowd, moving from one to the next in an intricate pattern. Creating life like streams of images and color. It entranced those who were patient enough to observe, and went unnoticed by those who could not imagine it.
Her smile hid what she was unable to speak,
*her fears
He was the devil that held you down
The angel that tried to steal the crown
He tempted you into his nature of sin
Stealing your heart he knew he could win
One day the fog lifted from your eyes
For your redemption came as a surprise
You broke through the gates of Hell, And didn’t cry
*For you were now an angel that knew how to fly
How hard it would be for him to say goodbye
To the sparkle that use to be in her eye
My mind is my captor
*And I willingly fall prey
She never saw it within herself, never even realized it was there
How beautiful her imagination was when it ran wild, how rare
She was an impeccable mirage of creativity and ordinary looks
Yet blindly she drew them in, while her thoughts created books
It wasn't a pretty face that forced their intense stares of wanting
It was the fear they would never be able read her thoughts that was haunting
She always held a distant stare, as though she was in some secret place
In her mind she designed a world filled with words in every open space
She wasn't a poet, nor was she a writer by any means
But she imagined everyone in words and laid out in scenes
In her mind she wrote down thoughts about who they were
They came to life in chapters, all separated by her
Each held their own place within her heart
The first time she’d meet them a new page would start
A glorious book her imagination would be
Strings of words coming together like waves in the sea
They wanted to read the stories birthed in her mind
But one look in her eyes left their minds dark and blind
She was beautiful in a way that she would never know
An imagination blessed with literature, a soul from long ago
Her face never told a word of what she could see
A concealed world full of creativity where she could be free
A cage couldn’t captivate the things that she thought
Her imagination was intangible, a book that couldn’t be bought
She was her own and her own she would be
Until the day she could no longer look at them and see
She would be devoured by the thoughts that roamed in her soul
A book that had reached its finish, but would never be whole
For you see no one ends their stories quite the way they want
Life is just a game, the enemy is fate of whom you must taunt
It takes hold of you before you can make a perfect ending chapter
It takes away your means of writing, it becomes your soul’s captor
Rows of gravestones will be lined up marking who we once were
The one that holds an image of a book will be marked:* HER
She wasn’t forgotten,
Just lost.
She looked up and saw all that was beautiful, never realizing it was her own *reflection
How my mind drifts when I cannot sleep
Tumbling through memories hidden so deep
It changes details, thinking I won’t notice
Unfolding new stories, like a blooming lotus
It hops through memories, like a child through a puddle
Yet it makes them unclear, each becomes muddle  
It protects from what has often hurt me
Fogging the bad so I am unable to see
My mind has become my knight gallantly dressed
In order to keep my pain suppressed
It injects in memories, a sort of false gleam
That locks away the horror that would make me scream
It is my mind and not just my brain
*That keeps me alive, keeps me sane
Her strength was measured in all of the tears she never cried
He desired a movie that would catch his eye
*So she became a book that wouldn’t comply
How could she hold up the world, when she can't even lift her own spirits?
If you are unable to put someone into words
That is either the most sincere form of flattery
Or the deepest insult
Welcome all, prepare to be entertained
It is time for the extraordinary to be explained
What I present to you may seem scary at first
But I promise you that no one here is cursed
No they may not seem just like who you are
And at first they may seem quite bizarre
But they are more like you than they may appear
I’ll go into more detail, I’ll make it more clear

First up, I present this conceited young man
With whitened teeth and a fake orange tan
He tears others down ,to pull himself up
He catcalls girls, winks and says “sup”
His self- worth is reinforced by how many likes he gets
Or by how many basketball records he sets
He doesn’t know Hemmingway, Frost or Poe
When he sees a woman all he thinks is “***”
He’s a man in a mask molded to his liking
Society has told him that it looks striking

What a great start, to this mysterious show
Now I must show you a face that we all know
Hidden behind lies that he swears are the truth
You all chose him in a secretive voting booth
He sold you his politics, his views, his morals
Now he sits in a court and starts political quarrels
He hasn’t completed any tasks he promised he would
Yet he throws you statistics and says he’s been misunderstood
It’s been accepted, and become widely known
That lies have become a Politian’s thrown

Yes I hear the uproar, I know you’re all excited
Now it’s time for your eyes to be delighted
What we have here is an average young girl
Who thinks her hair looks best with a curl
How old would you say this gem may be?
Yes, she’s only twelve, but you may have guessed twenty
She’s dressed in a way that demands attention
When she looks in the mirror there’s not apprehension
She’s been desensitized by the magazines she reads
She can’t tell you the answer to what desire breeds
She’s been convinced that she isn’t pretty enough
She has to be skinny and fit ,but not too buff

Well that was certainly a treat to see
Next up is a man that they call “lazy”
He fought for this country, he served his time
Now his money is withheld, every cent, every dime
He can’t afford this life away from the field
Yet they forget that overseas his fate could have been sealed
He’s retired, older and ready for rest
Yet society has presented him with one final test
Is he helping this society now that he’s old
Or do they turn their backs and leave him in the cold
I’m sorry to end it, but the show is done
So I ask you, have your hearts been won?
Do you see what society has done to us?
It has made our morals superfluous
We hope you take something out of tonight
And hope you are not filled with any fright
For as you can see you share many things
With those who aren’t demons, but lack angel wings
We hope you enjoyed your time, you know
For our first ever showing of the society freak show
Your words were fire
Your promises ice
Yet together the two, would never suffice
How can I both desire to be far away from the world and yet right in its face?
It protects what it has hidden within
A sacred angel who is dying to sin
It holds itself back from self destruction
An invisible force with its own seduction
It tempts its victims and carries them away
Their excuse? " It's my soul that's come out to play"
It's what we hold dear, it's what makes us come alive
It's the air we breathe, it helps us thrive
The soul is a key to the secrets we hide
It plays with our demons that we keep deep inside
It can only be held captive for one critical reason
Finding another to help create treason
To find a soul that is structured the same
To seek a love that creates an alluring flame
It knows what it wants, and won't accept any less
Two demons so beautiful even God would bless
When I feel desperate or sad
It is not a man’s arms I fall into
It’s my own thoughts that catch me
And hold me tight
He wasn’t at all what she had envisioned for herself
And yet that was the very thing she loved most about him
She may have smiled in that moment, but her heart bled.
Your love was a poison and I so willingly drank. How stupid of me.
Poetry ran through her veins, tempted her heart and destroyed her mind. That is its beautiful destruction.
His eyes were the sea,
she willingly drowned.
What she had lost was not something physical
But it caused her physical pain
What she remembered was not a memory
But she remembered it just the same
What she discovered was not a place she could go
But a discovery from within
If  it was a game against herself she would play
She knew she could never win
Falling for you was like drinking a strong liquor, I was instantly drunk on your presence. I didn’t need much convincing that you were the one I was meant to be with. One strong embrace, and I was eternally yours. You gave me your hand, and I gave you my heart, that’s how easily it came for me. I looked in your eyes and saw my future and I felt secure. I felt so safe, the air around you told me so. It whispered of how kind your glance could be, how sweet the corners of your smile would be. It whispered such gentle praises of you. I was mesmerized by the way you held yourself. The instinctive modesty that held itself in your glance. The perpetual sarcasm that came as a quick whip off your tongue. Surely I had loved you deeper than I had loved any before you.

— The End —