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I've got no plans
You're all I want to do today,
and my calendar
is just your name scratched
over every date
like time changed nothing
but the distance
between your skin and mine.
Somehow these days,
6 feet doesn't seem quite so deep.
This was not her ..end,
merely the conclusion
of her ..prelude.
( Sonnet )*

And she so blithely calm,
Perfection amongst nature,
So beauteous, so precious,
Dearer than faint rapture.

How, we new men are lost
Without words, without wit,
Unbeknownst of times' cost
Bearing, bereft, without pill,

Woman in all her temptings,
Hair, longing to be shackle,
Eyes, mirroring dire heavens,
Lips, that drowning fish tackle.

How, to be a man without fear
When all womankind is near?
So here I stand, tearing my heart up in my hands.
Arriving home, I was told, you've got to go.
Shocked was I, standing there with cap in hand.
The love of my life, her red hair a glow, her face redder still.

I asked her why, and she told me such a lie.
Appears I've been seeing another, one that I have no recollection of.
No amount of pleading which I undertook helped my cause.
And then, with a parting kiss, she pushed me out the door...

So here I stand, tearing up my heart in my hands.
I can rail at the wind, stand before the sea and spin,
There's one thing I know, and that's that love is finished.
My love is torn, and quite forlorn, and it's about to blow away.

I turn, and think of gristly things, my body washing on the shore.
There are high cliffs here, where I might attempt a lovers leap.
But would she care, would she hold me to her *****.
Would she cry my name, try to pull me back.

Then should our love rekindle in the way it was.
I have some doubt in that moment as I think upon my death...
Suddenly up that very beach, walks a girl.
And she is very fair, her blonde hair twisting in the breeze.

I stand entranced, I stand with silly smile, my blues eyes full of love.
And as she passes, she flirts me cruelly with her skirt..
Her own eyes are taunting me, and so I seek to follow.
The sands are nearly ended, and already I have another love.

We walk now hand in hand, and in the streets of our town.
We meet another pretty girl with such red hair, I look and frown.
Somehow I feel I should know her, but there, it's gone just like that frown....
I caught you browsing books
like you could ever be caught
for I would dangle my hook
but the line was too short.

A salmon swimming down river
such a beautiful fish
you said you were a singer
to catch you would be my wish.

But I would throw you back
because you don't belong with me
it's great to admire beauty
but all fish belong to the sea.
I wish she had spoken to me one last time
to tell me everything will be just fine
and hadn't forgotten how much I cared
or all the moments that we shared
even though she was with someone else
and life had robbed her of her health
she still thought of me as fondly
that I was more than just a probably
if only the river ran a different course
or that I'd given a little more pause.

Whats meant to be is meant to be
for all rivers run to the sea
one day you will be with me
when the waves reach eternity.

She told me she would be gone a while
that she had already reconciled
and as she closed her sullen eyes
I leaned in close to say goodbye
but she never heard me say
for she was already on her way
because dreamers never really leave
they just drift off down the stream
where we will meet on some distant shore
and time and pain will be no more.
I believe in love at first sight
and not giving up on that fight
I believe in fairy tales
and true love that prevails
I believe in romance
and taking her hand for the slow dance
I believe in fate
and good things come to those that wait
I believe in simple pleasures
and also making grand gestures
I believe in the ultimate sacrifice
and not needing to think about it twice
I believe in dreams
and clouds bursting at the seams
I believe what you do gets done in return
and that some people will never learn
I believe real beauty comes from within
and never judging because we all have sin
I believe in God above
and the fact that God is love
I believe in miracles
and sticking to your principles
I believe in honesty
trust, virtue and integrity
I believe in innocence
and old fashioned sentiments
but most of all I believe in you
and everything that you do
so to you my heart I am sending
as I believe in happy endings.
Something sappy I wrote on 21/7/14
I keep pushing myself to the extreme
keep indulging in the obscene
trying to break my mask
all this reality is just a dream
a dream about the past
I pinch myself so I will wake
a pinch of salt is all I take
a glimpse into the unknown
so I can escape this dream
this tapestry I have sown
for every illusion has a seam
where time and reality is stitched
but there are no maps
no one knows where or which
just a maybe or perhaps
so pushing boundaries is all I have
hoping something snaps
on to silence I try to grab
but echos are all I hear
a voice from my childhood
a little boy transfixed with fear
I don't know if I should
follow the yellow brick road
follow it all the way home
a pinch of salt to blind the witch
I pinch myself but still don't flinch
maybe Oz is all there is
maybe it was and still is
maybe because I willed it
if I designed it I can **** it
there's no more reason to pretend
take a knife to my imaginary friend
take his life so my dream can end.
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