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Jacqueline Grace Aug 2017
Everything moves slower underwater
Have you ever noticed?

Limbs floating aimlessly
Gliding through the current
Each strand of hair suspended
Following the tug of your scalp

No matter how fast you dance with the waves
Time stands still
Keeping you under
Hypnotizing you
Romanticizing your every motion

You’re so bewitched
It’s too late to notice you’re drowning.
Jacqueline Grace Aug 2017
Every day with you felt like summer
But we all forgot August is hurricane season.
Jacqueline Grace Aug 2017
You broke my heart
We broke the bed
One support at a time
But it all came crashing down eventually.
Jacqueline Grace Aug 2017
You were the sweet poison infecting my veins
But I didn’t care.
Jacqueline Grace Aug 2017
Pieces shattered on the ground surround me
Not glass
Not scraps
Not microscopic fragments
Because then I would have walked away
What would have been the use?

Left to become dust 
Swept away

But no
These broken pieces were sturdy
Or so I thought

Each time I thought I had collected all the pieces in my arms
One would appear
Out of the blue

The final remnant
Let me collect this
Then I could be whole again

Only, this heavy piece sent
The pile I had been cradling
Crashing to the ground

And so, I start again
One by one
As if nothing had ever happened.
Jacqueline Grace Aug 2017
On again
Off again
On again
Off again
I flipped a switch
The same switch
The same room


As if something else would happen
Anything else

But all we were was 
On again
Off again.
Jacqueline Grace Aug 2017
I wanted you
I needed you
I used you and you used me
Because I’m a cheap trick who keeps pressing repeat
When I should just find a new song.
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