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I hold no more faith
In the demons I’ve faced
Or the ones that I’ve danced with,
It’s true

I’ve held on to my morals
In spite of our quarrels
And the darkness
That’s in me and you

I’m not the girl you want
But the woman you need
And I’m sorry
It makes you so blue

But I thought I should tell you
That if it compels you
I would do
What you wanted me to

I draw up conclusions
Built on these delusions
That perhaps
You could love me back

Could you please tell me
How to indulge you
I promise
I’m not all that bad

I can’t build a nest
With a heart made of stone
But I’m giving it
All that I have

And it may not be easy
To have a life with me
But I’d like to be
Your other half
I hear a chorus within you
Percussions and woodwinds
That hold no answers
I read these lyrics within me
And none of these words can help us

I’ve seen the eyes that are empty
And the past that is filled with my envy
I have discovered my darkest enemy
And I regret to find that it is me

I’ve touched the heart that is hollow
In search of a better tomorrow
With hope that sings songs of such sorrow
And your time which I don’t dare to borrow  

I’ve crossed the land wide and narrow
In search of what you can’t seem to feel
I’ve touched all the sand and the water
And I still cannot tell what is real

I’ve cried out to ears that don’t listen
No sound would come out of my mouth
I’ve begged for you to forget me
But that’s not what this poem’s about

I’ve rocked the cradle that holds her
The will that flows through my veins
I twisted the strands made of soft gold
I watch as she waxes and wanes

I’ve kissed the lips of true evil
And braved through what I see in my dreams
I’ve built up the courage to love again
But this time I’ll use it on me
In my heart
A caged bird sings
It lives alone
With broken wings
She tells a story
Of what love brings
It’s an open window
Shut with golden rings
Oh self righteous
Smooth woman
Fierce and full of fire
You wonder why
You burn everyone
That comes close
Anyone that dares to
Touch your flames
And feel your wrath

Even on you worse days
You simmer like a low
Rolling boil
No one
Can put you out

What have you been waiting for?
To show yourself your worth
It’s been engraved in
Every decision you’ve made
You’ve broken your own heart
For the greater good
You have found pieces to give
When you had nothing left for yourself
You burn yourself out
To keep others going
And yet you doubt yourself

No, it is not that
You are unlovable
It’s just that
You can’t expect others
To stare into your sun
You are too bright
To feel so dark

You are on a mission
And when you’ve got
Your sights fixed
Ain’t nothing can stop you

Holy woman
Look into yourself and find
What is nobody else’s
******* business
Find it for you
Because she is there
And she is calling
He speaks to me
In poems
I write about him
In dreams
I drift and dance
Aimlessly and enamored
Aside an amassed
Illusion of what
Should be there
It’s you
Impossibly palpable
Tauntingly tangible
It’s you
The rolling rumble
Of a gifted cannonade
I wear his words
And take shelter in his voice
He is a sweeping, blood red sunset
I soak him in
With a smile on my face
When others cannot look
I cannot look away
When I am hell fire
I rain into him
And he
Swallows me up effortlessly like
The calmest, deepest sea
We are bound
By what cannot
Be broken
In what we share
And words left unspoken

If it should be
An ambient glow or
A scorched earth
I burn for him

And if it should be
A soft summer breeze or
A godless gale force wind
He feeds my flames
He feeds these flames
I set a blaze
To all the things
I tease and taste
Like twisted snakes
We coil around
Each breath we take
With the love we give
And the love we make
So you seize
And so I shake
Watch me bend
And make me break

It doesn’t count
If I don’t ache
What is it
That separates you and I
A line
A galactic divide
I study it
With covered eyes
Sometimes narrow
But mostly wide
It is filled with flaws
That you can’t hide

And I know
It is hard
To accept that
The demons you
Carry inside of you
All share your DNA
Your face, your name
Yes, hope is buried
By sorrow and shame

Are we so different?
We point all the blame
At our reflections
Every day

It is time to
Break the mirror
It’s okay
To walk away
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