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Jacquie H Sep 2018
Heaven is when you smile at me
so brightly that I melt.
Heaven is when you look into my eyes
and say that they twinkle like stars.
Heaven is when your arms hold me tight
keeping me safe and warm.
Heaven is you throwing  your head back
from laughter at some dumb joke.
Heaven is when you notice someone in need
and immediately go to help.
Heaven is your big, gentle hands
wiping away a child's tears.
Heaven is when you tell me "I love you"
for the first time.
Heaven is saying "I do."
I'm not married or getting married. This is just what I've seen with many happy couples.
Jacquie H Sep 2018
The only time I’ve ever
felt brave in my
black combat boots,
and it was in those
black laced combat boots
When I was truly
It was a Thursday,
or at least I think it was
when I came up to him
hand twisting together
in my scuffed black boots
and started my first
conversation with him.
He smiled at me that day.
I wonder if he remembers. I do.
As our friendship grew
I found myself not wearing
those black combat boots
quite as often.
He made me feel safe,
like I didn’t have to be brave
or have to have courage.
As If I could tell him
anything and everything
and he wouldn’t judge me
But then one day I knew
I’d need my black boots again.
It would be the day that
I would finally tell him.
The day I would tell him
“I love you.”
  Sep 2018 Jacquie H
Nupur Chowdhury
Collided with you on my way to work,
No, it wasn’t a sign, wasn’t destiny’s quirk.
A swollen temple and a bruised nose
Do not herald a date, a wedding, or even a rose.

Dropped my books on my way to class,
Our fingers brushed when you knelt on the grass
Music blasting from the dorm on the second floor
I nodded my thanks and walked through the door.

I know they say it’s divine intervention,
But it’s more just my lack of hand-eye coordination.
I know you believe we were meant to be
But I need spectacles more than a relationship.

Now my scarf’s stuck to your wrist watch,
My hem’s ripped, your buckle’s botched.
I knew I shouldn’t have bought the lace
Oh ****! Did you think this was decreed by fate?

Spilled my coffee on your shirt front
****! Was it Ralph Lauren? Peter England?
Here’s a coupon for a dry-cleaning discount
Just tell me you don’t think this counts.

Look, I’m not saying you’re reading too much into this,
Though that might be an accurate analysis.
All I’m saying is our future looks accident prone
So maybe invest in an insurance plan before a wedding loan.
Jacquie H Sep 2018
I want to be your
first kiss,
first love,
first home
I want to be your
last kiss,
last love,
last home.
I suppose that's selfish of me
to want so much of you.
I know I'm not your
first kiss,
first love,
first home.
At least I'll be your
last kiss,
last love,
last home.
I'll be your last adventure
in life.
I hope that's ok to be
your last dance.
  Mar 2018 Jacquie H
Madisen Kuhn
my mind is filled
with beautiful snapshots
as numerous as the stars,
thousands of which
have illuminated my darkest skies
and lulled me to rest
on restless nights

i have seen
lengths of sorrow quenched
by duvets of summer rain,
oceans of love
poured into empty hearts
and the hope of a new dawn

all i have seen,
all the grace i have held
in my undeserving hands,
all the contagious grins,
all the precious little moments
and moments that have moved mountains,
all the miracles, all the love, all the joy

all of these,
all of the bright colors
that have painted my path thus far,
pale in comparison
to the sun that will rise
above tomorrow’s horizon
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