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Jun 2015 · 1.1k
Jacob Stanton Jun 2015
these are the days that try mens souls
said oliver twist to L'ouverture
and the big crisis is coming
its time to get running!
the british are coming!
"O' quiet ye olde buffoon!"

what's next? I dont know
said gandalf the gold
whose sincere grin forever faded...

he looks outside the kitchen door
the sand men made sure
the sun wont rise any more

it also rises
Jacob Stanton Jun 2015
poem for kids of the 21st century

whose parents and grandparents ****** the earth
in their log cabins worse than those of perth
with their gov bonds
and their atomic bombs
and their ******* math equations
and their earth killing elations.

now we are left with an earth ****'d
and we are truly out of luck
only the poets understand
what the politicans cannot know or understand....
Jun 2015 · 370
poem about nature
Jacob Stanton Jun 2015
trees flutter in the breeze
roots shatter concrete
people are walking along the sidewalk

the men took an axe to the tree to build another ******* chase bank
the dreams of children splintered like the wood.

a generation ****'d.

— The End —