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 Jan 2016 Jacob Stanton
J B Moore
Is it indubitably unsuitable
to be suitably incommunicable
on the undeducible deduction
dubitably deduced
to be immovably unmovable
or doably undoable?

Or can a crazy conundrum communicate
the incommunicable indubitabilty
of the undeducibly suitable deduction?

Simply said,
such is doably suitable,
or indubitably deducible
if the doably communicable deduction

deduces down
to the suitably suitable,
Movably reducible reduction
that's indubitably doable.
 Jul 2015 Jacob Stanton
I had my dinner just now
It was the chocolate
You left on the chair somehow.
 Jul 2015 Jacob Stanton
 Jul 2015 Jacob Stanton
"Oh, how I love the rain,"* she mutters to herself, feeling the rain trickle from her face down to her feet.

Most people loves the sun,
she prefers the clouds.

She loves the rain,
for it keeps her sane.

It keeps her safe,
and serves as her escape.
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