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its late

my chest grows cold
where your head used to rest

time fades on
as my heart follows suit to my skin

I've almost forgotten your lips
and the way that you taste

curious what can happen during a single waxing and waning of the moon

for fear of empty words I stay silent

waiting on you

though I miss you dearly
I understand fully

hurry home my love

this bed is meant to be shared
her smile

her faith

her heart

words dance and stumble around my head

to capture in whole who you are to me
words would never satiate the reality

the unyielding passion
your hand on my chest

your breath on my neck

the still of the night that we share with closed eyes

beyond what is written
you are my once in a lifetime

ever waiting on a forever with you
in its solitude
a rose silently wilts

with ostensible vision
the skulls watch with lifeless eyes

the paper on which they both decay pays no mind

ever stead fast they become something they never anticipated
that being
dead and lifeless to the ones they left behind

begging a curious eyes attention to the direction of their new story

peering introspectively at their fragile
yet striking forms

they question to no truth

the rose will darken a heart and rot
as its their nature

the skull will turn a blind eye and to dust
as is its nature

and the paper will still pay no mind

because in that moment of its weakness
the history of their decaying shells are wiped from its canvas

immortalized in forgotten words
a morning away from me

my eyes search for your delicate silhouette

the figments of my mind
for a brief moment
become a reality to my dreary witness

upon the flickering light

tears fill as I look at a sun you have already seen

soft wooden panels warm my feet
blue walls occupy my peripheral
blurry hills dot the horizon

yet my gaze lies stead fast on your first words to me

not to be lead astray my forever

you are my greatest adventure
alone I whisper our truth and secret

I love you
a black highway road guides my body as my mind quietly wanders

stepping onto the fragile
and pondering what lies beneath

allowing the shackles of restraint to fall free from my heart
inviting a relentless mercy

I am yours
you are mine

allowing the pain of doubt to melt away  

my king
I kneel before

allowing the truth of love to permeate

my staggered faith
and burns for him

chasing the creator is no monetary venture

weak still I lean on you

blessed to wander under your hand
broken fears sat tasteless on my tongue

inspiring fear filled words
and pain inducing thoughts

through the best sides
and the worst sides of me

her compassion is unyielding

her love has proven to have no true boundaries

her words have broken my heart as a result of my actions
but no matter the context of the words
they have always been the remedy I was searching for

she is my once in a lifetime

my intended one and only

slow dancing in the rain
while laughing late into the night

my good morning kiss
my late night lover

my forever
Jacob Rosenberg Dec 2018
blatant disregard for the accepted norm

challenging the negativity thats been allowed to become cyclical

loving shamelessly and fearlessly in the face of a depreciating statement

I wake up and ask God if I deserve a heart as true as yours

you have become my secret keeper

my confidant

my good morning
and good night

my tears

and my I love you

I can see forever in your gaze
and feel passion on your lingering lips

I find myself on my knees
where I stay and thank God for your every blessing

don't forget words like these

because only you will hear them
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