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Nov 2018 · 298
Amber (centered)
JL Nov 2018
I am not but dust  
Yet this I do know:
You are a brass bone
In the most ancient of gods
A fiery point of light in
This novel machine
Regurgitating bruise- colored
& Novel universes
@ a whim

If life were true
I would build eleven marble cities
For you
And gilded spires
Twisting to
Knife the rose horizon
Would be my poetry unto you
Aug 2018 · 2.2k
Heroin is my heroin
JL Aug 2018
In brief: scalpel words so cheap
Misanthropic cold compress
Jaded and hard in denial
Heavely Medicated without

Mute Pain
Guilt soaked peace
Once more
At least
On this rock
I’ve built my church
And drunk of this poisoned cup

Salted sigh the spike
Do not resuscitate
For the bones of it
Are a pistol cool pressed
To a temple

Sleep without rest
Please, one more breath
Vein or scar
Blood loss
And the cost:
The cracks and lines from where you gave up, they make an easy man to read
Apr 2018 · 334
JL Apr 2018
I bathe
In the moon-soaked
Ocean of you  
Soul to soul

pretend that you are
Sleeping next to me
Breathing next to me
multiplied and added powers
By the gleam of your laugh
Feb 2018 · 393
JL Feb 2018
If ye are the white page
I shall be that black mark
Senseless confusion abides
I thy center
Cloudless sky
Or single bird be ye:
I die a million lives
Within thee
Reincarnated eternal
If it gives but a single breath
To your song
Negative Event
Jan 2018 · 363
I Would Paint Her
JL Jan 2018
With Grays and Blues
Awake before the grayscale
Is abolished by morning sun
Leaning naked in the doorway
Watching snow slip
In that silence before birdsong

walking crooked fenceline
The steam of horses
Nostrils flaring kiss her
As the dogs dance behind
snow still now on the hillside

She reads alone
Laughing spilled wine
words she drinks
Content to leave
The kitchen light on

curled again
Linen sheets and quilt
cool skin
She swims
In dreams
Of gray and blue
JL Mar 2017
You are the forty 7 sided polygon that I do not presume to understand. You exist in dimensions above my own.
You exist on planes beneath.
I beg

Beg to be a fly
Just to crawl upon you

the Sistene chapel of you

To kiss my antenna
Against your skin
And test the scent  of your solitude

How the fates have spun
Eleven threads that did not cross
But once

Our fibers touched-
And I lowly spun

When once our threads did touch
Jan 2017 · 456
JL Jan 2017
Oct 2016 · 841
The Hitchhiker
JL Oct 2016
With silence he is crowned
And eyes which spilt eternities
The future he thinks
To hold the leash
And the past he covets

Beside the fire
It is his desire
To think of it
There is no sleep

And when the sun
Slits the horizon
the wound gushing on pale sky  
He squints bloodshot eyes
And he is alone
There is no sleep
Oct 2016 · 800
JL Oct 2016
Sinking ever
The needle of the mind
Devine &
Over the novel concept
Of you
Sep 2016 · 534
JL Sep 2016
I was dust before
But then I knew
I was a brass bone
In the most ancient god
A point of light in
The machine twisting
Mandala regurgitating
Novel universes
@ whim

If life were true
I would build eleven cities
For you
And golden spires; minarets
Twisting to
Knife the pink horizon
Would be my poetry
Sep 2016 · 1.1k
Rose Aquarius
JL Sep 2016
We are twins
Finite & infinite
I'd like to direct
Your attention
To our souls
Three Sisters
In bitter cold

I bathe in the dark
Of hair locked
In stare at jade
Soul sewn
Skin to skin

pretend that you are
Sleeping next to me
Breathing next to me
multiplied and added powers
By the gleam of your laugh
Aug 2016 · 621
JL Aug 2016
You are the direction I am moving in
One pine needle
Broken glass to thumbprint
Just wanting to bleed
For you
JL Jul 2016
Your body is eleven temples and at the cold jade alter the incense swirls

You are the inky crescent tying
Knots to the tide

Riddling me again

A well placed storm
Tears me from your port

And the fog of you settles over me
Frigid among the waves
Jun 2016 · 517
Epistemic Closure
JL Jun 2016
I drempt that I flew
And then I knew I'd die young
Above emerald seas I did soar

I dream and I slither
Among razor obsidian
And on the ash I feast
I am alone
Watching sun slip
Scarlet fury splitting
Old & cyclic
May 2016 · 739
JL May 2016
Cloud scuttle the sky of blue
An eye of blue catch  
The rue of loneliness dwells
Drink not from that well
For those thoughts become
Traced out lines of it in all
I will go west
May 2016 · 678
JL May 2016
There is a deeper run of color
More raw scarlet and burgundy hues
Eying pitiless
 edgewise mouth spangled with tobbacco
Hindsight plays into the corner
barred tooth
wounded & scrabbling at the wood
Without purchase
Come now
Look at you
So pitiful and gorgeous
May 2016 · 632
All is vanity
JL May 2016
I've integrated until I am now pure bird song
And I roll ever fog-like down hillsides  
At last I am something or not
Rain plus vapor
So quiet now that the sound of my own voice
Startles me
Apr 2016 · 416
JL Apr 2016
6:53 a.m
and the sky is smeared in red
Sailors take warning
A heavy drop of rain on my skullcap
then another and another
I stand with pewter cup in hand
Full of rain water and instant coffee
6:54 am
Apr 2016 · 737
JL Apr 2016
Worthy of a hospital waiting room
Your contact leaves my skin blistered

I didn't say it to be romantic
But informative disconnected emotionless your retaliation is the
Balled fist a hand I've studied
I know how the skin lays over that knuckle
Scarless you cross two legs I have known with my hands and my mouth
You turn away as if you didn't hear
Apr 2016 · 632
The Killing Jar
JL Apr 2016
The wings on my back
Are cut away
By kitchen knife
Veins of royal blue
      ink of you
Are an
I sleep
Walking again like a deer through the Orange groves
And on the banks of C-24
Wandering in dark
Knowing not time's ache
Down old paths
Beneath all stars
I go alone drunk on soil scent
Twenty three as I should be
I run and don't know why
Carrying a burden I do not understand
Apr 2016 · 669
One Count Battery
JL Apr 2016
Finite or not time presses ever downward
Three seconds or nine from now
You'll empty the magazine
Words more violent
At the speaking

Blink and saturate again the sting
Sleepless nights end to end
Cyclic systems self-contained
Between day and dream
Rent the seam

Tenderly now
******* alone the wound
Gentle licks of blood trickle in wake
Sweat and hair unbroken stare
Silently reeling through the space of it
Pictures bare feet and lamplight all
Aching for not
Mar 2016 · 508
JL Mar 2016
Aye, I was alone
Am alone
Rabbit eyed watching
From bramble

Roadside &
Fireside abiding

Roaming theif
Of leaf you

Come in supplanter
Wrye smiling eerie
As fog

Winding while
You level your willow wand
At my face
Mar 2016 · 825
JL Mar 2016
I thought it
A carousel spinning
Music and light

It a blade of grass
Or shadow bent by
**** form

Maybe the strand of silk hair
Ribbon disrupted from a high place
To fall on cheek

But I am wrong
This single:

True love
Is but
Raw pain unmingled
Mar 2016 · 336
JL Mar 2016
Fifty anchors in his chest
In the stomach coffee &
Two eggs
Revolver heavy in hand
God could stop him
But stands
Mar 2016 · 1.5k
JL Mar 2016
I have drempt:
Lucidly, she dyes the edges clay-colored  
Eyeing eye she aligns her body with the North Star
She shivers without notice
        Ocher eyes alive
she speaks in new forms of divination
And the weather is in her palm
Trick of light    trick of eye
Her sigh awakens 9 Ravens
     without thought
            She is
    Caught in the spider web
Autumnal ghost
Beneath Harvest moon
    swoons at the bark of the dire wolf
Without care
making eye contact
Running fingers through the silver fur
  Paying close attention to scars
Letting him drink
From lips of pink
The milk of first-kiss
And leads him home  
To a palace of bone
Humming tunes that only dogs know
Her head is light on his chest
She listens to his heart beat
Beating Eagles wing
In time
In rhyme
A tune
Of runes
Smooth Aquarius
Flowing through the toes
Of purple mountains
Spilling waterfalls and
Filling frigid
Black pools rimmed
By moss caked stone

Leaves scarlet, and hay colored
Float aimlessly on the surface of her

Ears Stung and bit of wind
She listens whole body tensed
bow string
face    Sun stained
swimming in the aphotic
Lake of his soul
He plays the dulcimer of shadow
Next to fire
& the light of her blossom
Through snow mountains
His attention
When she dances languid
Forgetten tunes that only the owl knows
she dances star soaked
Scarlet tulips pressed
Fill every page of her mind
Preserved eternal
You can find her poetry here
Mar 2016 · 730
Wicker Man
JL Mar 2016
Fire catches
Wandering eye
Flick flickering
Chaos complex
Pattern made of
Changing patterns
Marvelous hypnotic  
Ignition by sight
Strange in field
What then shall I steal?
Mask of willow
Mask of bone
All souls
Look behind you
JL Mar 2016
You are the forty 7 sided polygon that I do not presume to understand. You exist in dimensions above my own.
You exist on planes beneath.
I beg

Beg to be a fly
Just to crawl upon you

the Sistene chapel of you

To kiss my antenna
Against your skin
And test the scent  of your solitude

How the fates have spun
Eleven threads that did not cross
But once

Our fibers touched-
And I lowly spun

When once our threads did touch
Mar 2016 · 895
JL Mar 2016
Unhitched feel me now like a blast furnace     Total ****-up   Remeber? the one who was pallbearer & genderless
Neo natal I'm at the rim pitch black coughing up laughter finding **** in the face of it
Cog in the computer
Backward  bell curve
Left skewed
So low
Nobody in particular really
just mashing buttons hoping it's a payoff
Not god just a phantom limb living for the hell of it
ego antipode
Mar 2016 · 528
Android or Incubus
JL Mar 2016
Until the moon is come into portal
I nod exhausted mortal
My skin is pale getting colder
As I fall to sleep on Orion's shoulder

Dimmed light through my eyelids
Hid from the kiss of solar wind
Decompressed by exhale failing  
To escape polar attraction

Scorched matter ashes scatter
Lost eternal in the rings of Saturn
There is memory a sky of blue
The touch that crushed me
Belonged to you
Mar 2016 · 593
Paper Flower Iron Roots
JL Mar 2016
Leaflet or scorpion I care
I am unstoppable
And loved
Looking not to the left or right
Walking straight honest
Fist clenched anarchist
I am true from seed
A Greyhound pure breed
I've caught a scent
Now in chase full speed
Pangs of honesty
Stabbing delicate ego
I stand alone at the
Revolting against this
Modern world
Til my dying breath
Fully bloomed
My life will be
A chrysanthemum
Soaked by dew
Dyed oxblood petals
Sword and pen
Will of lead
Some reggae in head
4 dogs & a laugh
By music I fly
Rebeling with grace
Saving no face
So out of step that
Even the boot on my throat
Gives me hope   
Without gimmick
Love simplistic
Révolte contre le monde moderne
Mar 2016 · 1.0k
Lupus and the Pendulum
JL Mar 2016
I stood on the pill gray surface of a moon with my eyes closed against the pitch. Deafening silence encaptulates me swallowing every cell as I sit cross legged in the stomach of it. I felt her. The pump of her heartbeat colossal in the deep. I dissolve and recoagulate 20 trillion kilometers from her belly. White dwarf her ultraviolet laughter washes over me charring me black. Just beyond the speed of light I fight the cold vacuum spiraling  through fathomless rings of planet sized asteroids she has caught within her gravity. I accelerate through her categorizing every element naming some as I go. Her molten core flows pure silver. Radioactive, attractive in totality, she is stealing my electrons and I'm losing all equilibrium. With reckless abandon I arc through her nitrogen ice eyelashes and lips play supernova melting me again into a pool of shimmering metal reflecting her every facet fractaling in infinitum Eye couldn't capture unable to dilate in time. The mind could not comprehend it driving to madness decompressing time. Switching polarity with her smile I float awhile in her warmth basking in total integration. Resting on the glaciers of her clavicles. I run my lips on the molten surface of her neck, and my hands found the small of her back marble smooth in the bitter black. Hair of plasma on obsidian shoulders cradling me as I reform. Her finger  like Olympus Mans presses into my arm and she says something that I could not reproduce even after infinities of calculation. In this brand new mode she runs like code. Strands of proteins or DNA playing over mine becoming prime. The restorative gravity that brought us pulls atomicly until we are not.
Feb 2016 · 618
The Hyperborean Way
JL Feb 2016
Man, wraps his thin coat tighter, squinting at fine newsprint, smoking a cigarette. Lust thick she says: "Yes, please **** me."
Without grace he paces ***** streets, avoiding eye contact planning what next vice will fill his belly. Without tradition he sits before his television eating. "I am in the mood I think to drink until I become an ape." Without shape he storms about always with a shout. Fueled by rage, jaw clenched, he sniffs at every *****, fists clenched war bent.

He sleeps. He is lowered down into the belly of stone into a world of his own creation. He dreams of loading the magazine of his pistol and craves the hook of his finger on the trigger. His dreams are gray, barely lit through the smog. He reels through the pornographic cinema of his heart until a passing train wakes him. "****."

Man, wrestles with his son, laughing at the end of a hard day. Beneath his nails, black soil, wanting not but for her.
She loves him because he could be no better. He treats his dog like his brother, no man above or below him. Peaceful, green hills and cloud in a shroud of birdsong. Leaning on the sickle like a mountainside he smiles, straight-backed, sun tanned. He watches a silver-chest buck forrage at the tree line the fawn nearby still sniffing at the doe. The man's kiss is like a flower and his voice like a lyre,
Forearms of stone and legs that rarely tire. At night they lie around the fire. He acts, he sings, and tells them again the stories of their ancestors, unforgotten. He says "There are heroes still if you look for them."

He dreams and sunlight fills his core. He stands upon a hill watching clouds roll. She kisses his brow, and the small warm arms of the boy wrap around his thigh.
Feb 2016 · 2.2k
JL Feb 2016
I retreat into myself
Into the corridors of me
I lounge on the well worn flagstones
Gazing on the marble columns
Arranging tapestries and paintings in
A more perfect order
I stalk down old hallways and explore unnamed galleries with a
Single candle to push back the deep
Sometimes rooms are filled with old Furniture
Sometimes entirely empty
Once feeling brave I held onto
The threshold of such a room and
Stretching out I hold the candle aloft in the chasm. Nothingness, darkness complete the light puddles at my feet pitiful.
When I recall that yawning abyss the silence of
It persists.
In ballrooms I play Chopin's waltzs' for no one  in particular
Yet I take my bow and my place at the head of a table set for a score of kings
I lay on marble steps trying to guess the riddles that my echo whispers
I climb the  towers and the spires to dizzying heights and many weeks I was lost in the labyrinth of cellars of basements of tombs beneath
I have seen strange things lately: a chair upturned or
Bed unmade, quills still wet, and doors open and shut of their own volition in the inky black
I swear I have seen before
A tall figure in a hooded cloak dart
Into the shadows, and it did not seem
Altogether human

I read for years inside my library  
And have spoken at length to Shakespeare and Plato
I have seen Yggdrasil and the seven hells
And sped through time with
H.G Wells. Of death and moon, of birds and galaxies I am enamored.
Tea with Julius Ceaser, chess with Captain Hook.
Breakfast with The Buddah
Coffee with The Christ
Did you know that Captain Ahab takes His water with a squeeze of lime? No Ice. Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain know me by my first name, I have fenced with the Gods of Olympus and of Asgard and I remain undefeated. The divine crowd my hearth and many nights have been passed here in quiet conversation, with Confucius, with Archimedes, with Epictetus, Davinci, and the brothers Grimm
I have lived ten thousand lives and Will live another ten

-Without a single thought of you-

I wander
To my garden
Gently lit by paper lanterns
The path is smooth and heady
The amber blossoms
And weathered sculptures
Make my eyelids heavy
Monuments with fists clenched beat my
Ego ******
New flowers sprout from the ivy throat
Always things are grown but never overgrowing
I steal through the hedge maze that only I know
To the secret center where no plant grows
Pavilion and pond
Where no bird sings year long
In that quiet I endeavor
To look without fear
Into the pupil of forever
Some say writing is a good outlet
Some say writting is a good inlet
Feb 2016 · 1.4k
Dies Natalis
JL Feb 2016
We met beneath the mushroom
And drank dew drops from great-
grandfather's horn. Drunk we swoon
Lips of purple berry parted.

We lie on the warm belly of a hare
And it's heart like a kettle drum
Fills us to the brim with joy
Sunset and moonrise
**** we swim in a puddle
Laughing pale as newborn babes

I oft' recall the music of that laughter
When I am alone, but I am old now
And you have long since become stone
Feb 2016 · 541
Hector's Last Stand
JL Feb 2016
Prince before gate
Without haste
Death is my laurel
Like stone I stand
Sword still in hand defiant
Ten billion eyes watch
Silent as I enter hell
Then laughter swells
When I spit out
Charon's Obol
Feb 2016 · 738
Complex Yoga
JL Feb 2016
I drop my spear
To better hold the pen
The compass spins
Without rest
A sun born in my chest

I am mad or I am a young god
I wonder at the hands
At the eyes of blue
This temple
Is my favorite toy
Enthralled by sinew
Muscle twitches
Beneath tanned skin
Discharging nerves send
A chill up the spine

Brother and Son
I have stood in senate
And no man stood with me
I have spent mornings in bed
Watching light dance
On a naked back

My mind
Is like unto an ocean
Or a lone galaxy
Nameless ships
Lonely drift
Upon boundless waves
Dead planets and
Blue comets spin
Without aim
It likes to play
In disarray
Ancient in scope

Do you think you have plumbed its depths
When even I have never touched its borders?  
Without effort
It is a tangle of paradoxes
A cluster of non sequiturs
Yet somehow they web
I am mad or I am a young god
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
JL Feb 2016
There is one who is sunlit
  Potent as the jade-green sea
    Inhaling blissfull birdsong
     Exhaling ancient threnodies        
      Years of headlights, rainsoaked
       Highways: miles under desert
        Sun. copper-skinned she's spells 
          To sing with lips love letter soft
           She writes cataclysmic sonnets
           Without using words.
            Unabridged Resolute
             Her asthetic purely Lunar
             He tries to match her
             Inhale to inhale
            Exhale to exhale
           But he is a corpse
          Buried in black soil
        Roots to wrap and swallow him
      Crushing the soul from his bones
     Cursed then to wander mountains
   And watch her rest weary legs as she
  Drinks deeply from Aquarius
Feb 2016 · 974
The Insomniacs Daydream
JL Feb 2016
In the wake of the moon
All my world is sadness
The crescent hung night
Under whose cover
I drink fire

Hidden from the gods
Hidden from the eyes

Fleeting in the first moment of morning light

I wish to be alone
Staring out from an empty field
I want to see God
Bend down and blow out the sun
Then I would lie down in the ice
And spin through dark eternities
JL Feb 2016
February 12, 2016

I lie **** on top of my blankets; praying. Praying. Praying. I am fighting waves of nausea and sleepiness. Medicines I feel sprinting through my veins dragging me downward. No.
The rain slow at first but gathering wrath in the warm night.
Lightning and thunder will come I smell it afar off. Ions heavily scented spill through the atmosphere holes in my plexiglassed window.  
Thunder rolls through my chest shaking deeply my whitewashed plaster cocoon. The cries begin to swell, and echo strangely through the sterile corridors. I am not the only light sleeper, I muse.
I doze momentarily even among the screams of the mentally hilarious; I am called into sleep. They must have doubled the sleeping medication; the storm will be worse than I thought.
I start at a sound. Steady. A theta wave vibrating through my room. I pitch to my side in time to see a lightning bolt slash through the sky. I saw something. The bolt plays hell with my night-vision as I sit upright on my bed.
There. Struggling up the plastic surface of the viewport. It cannot fly in the rain; it struggles for purchase on the portal. I study her. Elegant and slender she reaches the airhole and pulls herself through. Far off the screams wax and wane as the storm intensifies.
Her slender thorax and polished, obsidian, exoskeleton strike excitement through me to a cell. A perfect engine of pain and terror. A great black wasp. She reminds me of a thorn as she rests on the windowsill; unmoving in the air conditioning. Giddily, I shake with excitement nearly overwhelmed. Delicately she cleans water droplets from her abdomen and shakes the moisture from the thin membrane of her wings. I slowly move to my shelf and remove the specimen cup from its placement; silently unscrewing the threaded lid from the clear plastic container. Down the hallway a tired groan and a throaty grunt from one of the other patients. The wind now screams through the breezeport that runs to north toward the cafeteria. A shingle is peeled from the roof of a gazebo and cyclones into a bulkhead. I lick my lips, and consciously check my excitement.
I slide a sheet of crisp white paper from my desk. Quickly, I trap the great insect with the jar and slide the paper over the aperture trapping her between jar and paper. She does not struggle, but looks intelligently at the walls of her new prison. Beautiful, and intricate machinery at work; she readjusts her  wings, observing me with with bulbous eyes. Lightning strikes, and there is a deafening pop as a transformer explodes. For a moment it creates an azure sun outside, and casts curious shadows through my room. In the corridor the lamp light is squelched, and then ignites emergency lamps in scarlet hues as the diesel generator sputters to life and idles. A deafening clackson alarm begins to wail.
I am not aware of this at first; obsessing over my catch. Her form is ******, deadly. Something deep within me stirs at the very site of her. Revulsion? Ecstasy? From my reverie I am stirred by the clanging of doors and staccato laughter in the crimson glow of the storm lights. In a moment I am resolved and I slide the paper from the opening and cover it with my hand. Now footsteps. She senses me and reels in instinct. Without hesitation she draws herself tight as a bow string, poised to ****** the hypodermic stinger into the warm pink flesh of my palm. Quicker than thought she strikes piercing, seemingly to the bone she injects poison. Down the ward doors are slid open and the sound of radio chatter plays toward me. I am engrossed, in bliss as my arm begins to numb. Five times then Nine times she spears me with the barb. My heart beating so hard in my chest that I am sure the orderlies must hear it. Then I hear a burst of static and a sing-song reply of phonetic alphabet followed by my room number. I grasp her delicately from the specimen cup with my thumb and forefinger as she stings me with prejudice beneath the nail bed and cuticles. I cast her through the air hole in my window and quickly lie upon my bed before the door is unlocked. A man in white scrubs and a five o'clock shadow opens my door and pierces me with two steel blue eyes. "You should be asleep." "Get some rest, we will have the lights back on in no time." I smile my head swimming with post adrenal bliss. When suddenly I hear the droning of wings. A sea of raging hornets sounding ominously in the small cell. A black cloud pours through the airhole, countless chittering wings encompass the orderly in a poisonous storm cloud. With vengeance they sting, his eyeballs his hands, his throat. All swelling with purple nebulas of poison. In his mouth they crawl and down his throat. Efficiently suffocating him in mere moments. Then they quiet. All at once they flock to me, walking on my pale naked flesh caressing me with millions of antennae. They do not sting, instead they are still. Their crescent shaped bodies vibrating,  like a cat purr against my cold skin. I put my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing hilariously, and I shudder hardly containing the joy. Then I pick up the radio clipped to the orderlies pants, and pull the 18 inch telescoping  steel baton from the holster belted at his waist. I click the PTT and speak into the radio. Epsilon Wing Cell 005 Accounted for, Over Quintar beep followed by a burst of static and a reply. I cover my mouth to suppress another fit of hysterical laugh. I step barefoot over his body and onto the cold tile of the ward; spinning the heavy keyring on my finger
Feb 2016 · 444
Gunmetal Cold
JL Feb 2016
Lioness preying on the dog of me
Your focus palpable as the bone saw
Calling to me from the cracked closet door
Elegant languid a voice like a hundred
Knifings Pawn before queen I'm curled at pale bare feet silent prayers spilling on the marble- hair about your face like a hospital bed curtain your pink lips direct transfer words that turn the thumbscrew in my skull as I watch your shadow undress in the light of the window clothing me in loneliness a taste on my lips still fresh from your nape
Though it has rained a thousand times
And I have swim in one hundred seas
I still smell you on my skin
Nightmares still contain
Your eyes two gouged claw marks with the precision of the firing squad
Terrible beauty swelling in me
as the blind fold is tied
Instantly the stomach knots as your words take my throat
Anaconda coiled in the garden of my dreams scuttling you feel my warmth
Pinprick in the Jacobson gland
Feb 2016 · 824
JL Feb 2016
Laughter (irrational)
as my matter's pulled in directions
Yet to be defined
She envelopes
Me like the rings of Saturn
Spinning remotely
On the
Axis of her fingertip
Partially  eclipsed
I slip from the pupil-black
Shallow breaths as
I arc through sterile atmospheres
I choke on trails of smoke
Turbulence of my laughter
Scattering the silence
Crystallized I cling to passive tense
Rent madly by her gravity
Jan 2016 · 696
JL Jan 2016
Spin-bycicle wheels
As I turn onto Salerno st.
A canal to cross
So I can toss
My backpack into bushes

Duct tape
Rubber gloves
This is love-true

Blade or tongue
I've become

Poncho hood
In the wood
Begins to rain

Hammer-I feel
In my chest
Creeping mist
Jan 2016 · 592
Sewn Ugly
JL Jan 2016
Tommorow I will wake up and you will be lying against me. Our scents mingled on the pillow. All the books will be written and I will drink black coffee and look at their spines aligned neatly on our bookshelf. I can watch barefoot the sun rise without the need to move for a more perfect view. My mind will be the ancient cathedral and me its  solitary monk. Peace. Sunlight pouring through the stained glass. Tommorow I will wake up next to you clothed only in sun
Jan 2016 · 477
JL Jan 2016

To feel the cool of your thoughts on my skin

To swim in the pool of memories

And pushing off from the safety of the edge

Dive deeper to the depths of you

Floating in darkness

Unable to tell where your mind stops
And mine begins
Down Periscope
Jan 2016 · 793
JL Jan 2016
The girl in school
Who I think on
    I write her poems
                 hardback textbook
        In between paragraphs
                     I lick my finger
turning the page
If I could only tell you
How the secret pencil marks I leave
                   Make me want to scream
She smells so boss
           Like grape bubblegum
I Wrote her tonight
              Slipped the folded note   into her  pocket
My heart skips
         As she sits in Economics
Paper cut red
When she found and read
                   The wide rule page
Jan 2016 · 462
JL Jan 2016
In my throat you have taken root-
The radical violates my lips
Gouging my smile until teeth are broken
Its humid tendrils drop black soil in the cavity of my lungs
The bark of the ***** startled the rabbit
All this reflected in the eye of a raven

How have I known thee?
Surely it is not our first meeting you and I spring
Come and gone are the lifetimes
Past eternities we have known:
In which we ran naked through the orchards
Sleeping beneath a sky of stars innumerable
A sky still ****** of smoke

I walked in the cool evening
Two dogs at my heels
When we met
I was born and the words were dammed up
The flute of Pan was played as in moonlight we lay
Unafraid Spring and I

Who hath sculpted mountains?
Wind and water are the paint and brush
Stone and flame-Ice and sea
Lightning dancing cloud to cloud
Surely Thor's begun to weld
Upon the anvil of the sky

What is poetry to a flower
A single petal gives justice to a thousand lifetimes
Oh to be
In the vein of a leaf
Or the one running blue o'r your thin wrist

Be still and listen
For a night
For a day
God sings a song of Spring
Love not thyself
Jan 2016 · 524
JL Jan 2016
Fear non to the wild to the gun/
All odds stacked against
Runner for the wind sound
Mountain sea the weeds of my feet
My heart is made winter
Mind sun
Until my eyes/blue of sky
Sound Alert And scent
Reed Unbent  
Will Unbent
Scars of stone
I atone
butterfly/ bus
*try to catch me
Jan 2016 · 293
JL Jan 2016
Jan 2016 · 528
JL Jan 2016
I lie here alone between starched white sheets. This bed is not my own. Flint black darkness holds the molten soul of me. Periodicaly a car will pass the window, and I will think of * again. It is cold. I am cold. The expansion of crossbeams create a symphony in the silence. Photographic and wet are the memories. Sepia toned with Regret Washing over me. In this basin I float unbreathing. I am alone and I know that it is correct. I am in line. Words create an avalanche in the silent room. Pangs of sorrow grow hollow in my bones. I am cold. Trails. Thought patterns electrical as I spin. Among starched sheets among stars I reel. Reaching out....I know not what for. I feel it. spider building web upon my soul and if I move I will disrupt it. About me are the whitewashed walls beyond that are the mountains, tall and smothered in fog.
Jan 2016 · 719
JL Jan 2016
Two boots I know
And a street
Sidewalks damp
Glowing cigarette
A coat against the wind
My old friend
Doors only locked
My heart a bull
My mind the tool
A final pull
The pinwheel flick
In series
In paralell
By streetlamp
I stand listening
My heart a bull
My mind the tool
My soul I know
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