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Jaclyn Arencibia Jun 2017

it used to be
now it's she and me
who have rings

can't facilitate learning
when forgetting is easier
when memories refuse
to be left in a capsule

her capsule
there are several
there are none
that work to alleviate

all feel the sameness
every day
every way
she can't remember her name

so it's me who says "please"
Lord, on both knees

let it ring
let the ring be him
bowed and begging of the queen
the queen whose sin was being
whose sin was ending with him
whose suffering is ours

let it ring
loud and high enough for all to see
that this little boy can't be ruthless

can't be evil
can't be a son without a Father
can't be a brother without a mother

let it ring
let it ring
ring, ring
Jaclyn Arencibia May 2017
once made soothe
and seamless
now makes swollen diseases
from tiny bits of mortifications

hiding beneath the wood
insignificant for a naked eye
that ultimately forgot
how to lie

awake all night with ideas,
strains of unidentified ideas
none of which explain
where to place this blame?

cinched at the waist
and it brought no fame
all it ever did was linger
on and never fall down

on bended and broken knees
as it should be,
as it was before
scratches like that could bleed

became scars
no one can see
images that underneath
eyes make blood blue and

forget who said
love yourself without a dream
remind yourself who
held, embraced, and lingered

as duties were told,
lost in the present,
stored in past secrets,
without a re-entrance

kept in a capsule
where insulation
was predestined
swallowed whole

where measures cease
meters and feet extinguished
toleration no longer exhibited
******* left as a witness

scratches like that
without looking back
and pleading for mercy
there is no home, in fact
Jaclyn Arencibia Jan 2017
Here, as I look at you I gravitate away
I hold on to the idea of a you
That could have been \
Through and through
Now there's just this man left
no kid
no child at heart
just a soul who wanders
with directions held in place
the nomadic in me
just can't bear to see
the kidd
who could have been
the one who it took
took to love took to sing
took to run
took to act
took to play
now is left responsible for a family all his own
all his **** old soul
where's the kidd in that?
no there
so here
here, looking at you,
man oh MAN
Jaclyn Arencibia Jan 2017
and you've met him
never analyzed him
but thought to provoke him
and you got some flirtations
and you got some remarks
but never the even-- a downfall

then zen comes in wet and dripping water
and you've got nothing to say
except you do say
hi-- and come near
let's grab a treat
lend each other those ears
and zen agrees

all the rest is left to history

may it repeat and never leave

zen me some more
Jaclyn Arencibia Dec 2016
and you can't even dare
take a drink without him near
take a lick without his ear
want to drum a set without his
beating heart in a nearby place
to remind you that
everything will be not okay
it will all stay the same
and our love will remain
put past the fame
and the glories
and the reign
and remind me that your voice once a year
is enough more than enough
to gain the power
from the sun
and the breeze
from the sea
and the movement
from the trees
and the imgination
that came to be
when your eyes met me
and your lips moved me
and you and you and all of you became
a little b
a little bit
a little bit of little old lady me
and before we could even break a beat there you
were deep inside of me
on every side of me
and it came to be
that i knew and you knew
that we would always have we
and we is e
enough for me.
Jaclyn Arencibia Nov 2016
is ours to hold
carry forth
by nature
carry forth
by force
know that time
comes and it goes
on and beyond
the truths being told
the lies being told
the moments being lived and forgotten

sins of our fathers
sins of our mothers
remind us our sins don't wipe clean
we are filthy
covered in salt
blemished with Sun's burnt rays
as they fal fal fal fallllllll
to the ground

and down the river you see a second's remorse
where the body lay covered in ashes of those
who walked astray
left us to filter out all that hate
left us to fight for our dead fathers
and mothers

truth be
trust was
lost to the voices who cried
who shouted and begged
that our forefathers remain instead
that are foremothers rise up again

let time tell the story of a woman
who can run past the election
run past the noise
past the podium
with a palm held open
with a clean palm held open and left
to be closed by that of a child's blessed kiss

before we All lose sight of this
Lord let it pour
let it rain
all the way down Memory Lane.
Jaclyn Arencibia Oct 2016
That you came here in search
Of a girl you once saw
Had a crush
Nothing More
Stayed for fun
That's for sure
Came around
Heard a sound
Let it pound
Pounce me
Oh, **** it
There is no destiny
Just you and I
Willing to try
And take our days
To a high rise
In the cloud of dust
Fairies Rise
Lions Roar
Birds Fly
We couldn't pretend to be any little itty bitty thing
But we're us
I was you
You were I
Both unwind
And form a circle
That's all right
Ring on finger?
That's the dinger
That's the game
You really want to play?
Say my name
Don't forget
You met me with a fret
And now you know all that you need
So make a choice
My mind is free
Baby please
Don't let me leave

What are you telling me?
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