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Jack Smith Aug 2018
It's a scary feeling, meeting someone good
You waited so long and pictured the day
That they'd come along and take you away

But it's not like the movies, nothing is clear
On where we'll be this time next year

Maybe waking up, in my arms
Or walking down the aisle; in that barn
Perhaps driving down the road
In another random country, we want to go

Or time apart leads us down seperate paths
Things go wrong all the time
But you've given me something i've not had for a while


It is sad that you're moving so soon
But for you i'd travel to the furthest moon

A feeling has been planted
It's started to grow
A dream has begun
Lets see where this goes.
Hopefully around the world
Jack Smith Feb 2018
Do not tell me words don't matter
I know im skinny, i ******* look flatter
I try to gain weight, i want to look fatter

Once in school a girl called me goofy
I never realised i was overly toothy
A feeling of being judged by a jury

And in 2 weeks time im getting surgery

Words are stronger, than you might think
My jaw will be broken in four places
Knocked out cold unable to blink

Please take caution when ready to speak
Professionals, they feel forced to seek
It's unfortunate now but the decision is done
However i've seen less damage being fired from a gun
Once a girl called me goofy, 4 years down the line ive been wearing braces for 2 years and will be getting my jaw broken in 4 places and titanium plates put in to fix an overbite. One word can make a difference.
Jack Smith Oct 2017
Life is so horrible, ugly and cruel
There is so much death, destruction and disaster
With the worst humans chosen to rule

There are so many reasons to give up and stop moving
I am growing up
But nothing is soothing

I am confused and scared
How can so much bad be in this world
I cannot comprehend human actions

We are giving only seconds to live our lives
In it we are knocked down and crushed
We are petrified and everything is rushed

Sometimes you will sit in an empty room and wonder why you bother

I will tell you why

Remember your first kiss? That feeling of belonging

That time you laughed so hard you forgot how to breathe? Happiness like no other

When you watched a film with your parents and felt so loved!

The moment you accomplished something you never thought you could? Don't be modest, think harder!

What about when you felt so depressed and lonely, you thought happiness would never show their face again

But they did

This world is an ocean rapid, we are only but a fish

We can map it how we choose and do what we want

You will fail
You may fail a thousand times, but you will get up!
Because you only ever fail when you give up

This is not exactly a poem but i just want everyone to see the beauty in the ugly. Bad things happen, but if you accept life for as harsh as it can become. You can then understand how to be happy and thats why were all here. Keep going, never give up and never look back.
Jack Smith Mar 2016
Do not tell me to be fine
Do not ask why i have given up!
look around you, surrounded by currents of evil
I am not talking about ghosts and demons
The only enemy known in these lives are ourselves
Humans create destruction, chaos and pain...
Born into a world of work hard then worker harder!

Maybe i want to be free, free from this imprisonment we call society...
I want to be out of the reaches from money making politicians and children craving men, why should that even be a problem?

Do not dare ever call someone a coward for taking their own lives!
Do not make someone feel bad for wanting more...
Life is the cruelest gift anyone can receive, so ****** remember to live because nothing is worse than laying on your deathbed and your final thought being regret.
Never settle for a life given to you, make your life your own x
Jack Smith Mar 2016
Love is not simple, love is not easy...
Emotions are frustrating and turn you crazy!
Love has many forms, there's more than one figure.
Love is intimate, a passion with a trigger.
Love is no tale, Princess to Queen.
So do not believe everything you have seen...

Love is no word for happiness make no mistake, but without it we are sillouettes, no emotions, so fake!

Love won't come easy, so try real hard...
Because losing your lover will shatter your heart to shards!
Don't think twice when making an effort.
For when you're on that knee and hoping for that yes, nothing will **** more than not have tried your best...

Love is a choice, a decision and answer!
Never be shy, become a chancer x
i love you x
Jack Smith Nov 2015
Design your own happiness
Remember to live, not survive
Every life is worth living
Always take the dive
Map the final thoughts YOU will have on your death bed because nothing is worse than regretting.

Live life like a DREAM
If you are unhappy, tell someone. But if you are happy, let the whole world know!
Jack Smith Feb 2015
Put on a smile and pretend you're okay,
Fake your emotions and get by day by day.

Hope and pray you see her soon,
Grab her, hold her, and kiss her under the moon.

Maybe next time she'll stay forever,
Atleast in my dreams were always together.

But for now I'll forget what you have done,
And just be glad we live under the same sun.

I really, really ******* miss you,
All I ever wanted was a 'I love you too'

I'm sorry I fell for those innocent eyes,
I'm just begging for no more Goodbyes.
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