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 Nov 2020 Jack Jenkins
slip your fingers
where longing rages
deep between
my undiscovered

 Sep 2020 Jack Jenkins
The Moon
 Sep 2020 Jack Jenkins
Romantics find her flawless
and the mystics find her wise.
The ancients found "The Huntress"
in her sharp and searching eyes.
Italians say "bela luna"
when they look at her and sigh.
The cavemen painted pictures
as they wondered at the sky.
The moon has many faces
and her light's a work of art...
And to the simple poet...
she is tonic for the heart.

 Sep 2020 Jack Jenkins
I’m learning to become adept
at not looking at everything
through a microscope in depth
embracing the moment
when my body sings
the praises of his silken touch
his charms and wicked demands
knowing full well that insomuch
I’m wearing his words as pearls
which is exactly how I like it
 Sep 2020 Jack Jenkins
 Sep 2020 Jack Jenkins
Love's only weakness
Is also its greatest strength:
It defies reason

My thoughts on Valentine’s Day
 Sep 2020 Jack Jenkins

You are my midnight madness
A lover in my dreams
A rewinding case of happenstance
That’s never as it seems

Yet still, such lust soaked visions
Fly free into the night
And I refuse to seek the dawning
Unprepared to meet the light

So lost in moonlit whispers
A forbidden serenade
Where echoes paint the shadows
Like a dream in masquerade

And just as waning slumber
Creeps slow around my door
I resist the rising consciousness
Hungry still, wanting more

I revel in our passion
A frenzy cloaked in black
Such sweet intoxication
No cause for looking back

You are a twilight fancy
A relentless fantasy
A ghost that haunts my stillness
A flame that cannot be

Yet, how I love the falling
How the whispers sweetly stream
You are my Phantom calling
Always in my dreams…

 Sep 2020 Jack Jenkins
A mused thought from gossamer clouds
painted beyond the realm of reveries
of lust, lost in the ecstasy of dreams.
A stolen moment created false memories.

Entwined in labyrinth, I found
fuel of his visions. the sacred place of we.
A captured moment, vaulted deep in mind
only borrowed, like dreams that seep.

Briefly for a time, from whence it smoldered,
a stolen moment never to be ours,
lines confused, shared words, as visions blurred
he disappeared not to linger within the hour.

So short the day, so long the hour
a stolen moment, a heartbeat
unrestrained in erupting desire.
A stolen moment, bittersweet.
Sometimes there is planks and trinkets
Of her that wash up on the shores of my mind.

A collection from the deep sea.

From an abandoned shipwreck
I rowed away from long ago
To be spared the sight of her ghost.
There she is!
I found you!

If I can't come closer
Then I'll stay still.
Hope to God
I don't have to watch you fly away
But if you do,
I will.
I'll always await your return.
I'm just a bird watcher and
The rare bird.

I might dislike the distance but
I like you just as you are
And if I can't come closer,
I'll love you from afar.
 Jun 2020 Jack Jenkins
I have nothing left to say...
My words have been unwritten.

Depression consumes me to the last bits of my insanity.
I live pretentiously like it doesn’t bother me, like it doesn’t hurt, or mean anything.
I live in pain, everyday.

It’s become apart of who I am, of who I am meant to be. Like living without this pain, would be worthless.
I let it consume me, control me.

My anxiety rushes through my veins and the voices and conversation won’t stop.
My mind never stops.
And when I’m alone, which is constantly, the thoughts eat me up alive like a rotting corpse is writhing inside of me.

I’ve learnt to get used to it, living with such intense feelings and a consumable mind never gets better, it only gets worse.
I’ve let the pain become me.
The person I hide.
It’s the only love I let myself embrace.
Pure madness.

I was born to be alone, living in lonesome misery for eternity.
Thoughts get dark, things get deep, and since I’m alone everyday, it gets even darker.

I hate people.
Stupid, fake, and you can’t trust any of them.
But sadly, I need them for mere distractions.
That’s all they are, temporary distractions.
They never stay, I don’t either.

I’ve learnt to keep my emotional distance.
Staying detached keeps you from getting hurt.
But what I long for, I will never find.

Born to be misunderstood and to die alone I shall....
This misery will be the death of me.
So it be.
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