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Jack Huang Feb 2016
I once knew a girl with a giant heart
Beautiful, sweet and awful smart
But far too kind and too naive
To give so much, and not receive

She would smile and satisfy
but at night, she would cry
She would sacrifice in secrecy
and weep in secret frequently

But in our eyes, she was blessed
So we didn't see her one request
Her scream of help wasn't heard
And gone, she was like a manakin bird.
I am back again after a week vacation. Where I was reminded of an old friend I lost because of ignorance. A fake smile can hide an ocean of sorrow.
Jack Huang Feb 2016
It's night and I am to wonder
What is this sinister madness?
shocking me like thunder
an unexplainable sadness!
Sadness from sheering silence
Erasing all hope and guidance.

I wonder. But find no reasons
Why this sadness is needed
and like spiritual dry seasons
Wither the joy I once seeded
Drained and bleak, but why?
Sadness and silence, no reply.

Time passes days and weeks
I am still with no explanation
And when the sun finally peaks
I feel this relieved sensation
But why did the sadness go?
why did it come? *I don't know.
Sometimes I just feel sad I don't know why. No warning, no reason just sadness. But I always manage so I just hold tight and wait for better days.
Jack Huang Feb 2016
Your head was on my shoulder
as we spoke about our dreams
to marry when we grew older
as a part of our schemes.

We would laugh and we would smile.
We were the happiest couple for a while.

Were we in love? No doubt.
But we were young and alive.
Our love was like a sprout
that could barely survive.

We wouldn't see the truth, the reality.
We were a couple, weren't we?

But when I left in 7th grade
I left a lot of things behind.
And sorry I was too afraid.
I caged words inside my mind

We parted on the beach. A final goodbye.
We no longer existed. We became you and I.

A young love, a first love.
It felt so true or sort of.
I felt safe, I felt secure.
You and I were too Immature.

And after many years I still wonder why?
you and I accepted that painful goodbye.
If you never met your first love in the past but met them now would it turn out for the better? I think it would for me. Because we were too young to fully understand what it meant to be in love...
Jack Huang Feb 2016
I have sailed the seven seas
on a sturdy ship with sturdy sails
And  felt the ocean breeze
while guided by the whales.

I have fought a giant snake
A killer shark, a one eyed squid
and a monster from a lake
when I was just a little kid

By  my side was  my crew:
An otter, a dinosaur, a  fisher bear.
Sailing across the ocean blue
together  with  joy and care.

But at the end of the day
I would visit my last location
I would put my toys away.
harboring my imagination.
Imagination is probably a kids best "crewmate". I remember as a kid how many adventures I had just by sitting on a carpet or on a chair. Imagining how the carpet was a boat or the chair a spaceship.
Jack Huang Feb 2016
I wander around in the valley of despair
To find the person who might repair
a shattered heart a long time scar
I wonder where you are.

And as I walk deeper into the pit of misery
I lose all my vision and cannot see
the spark of hope and solution
I wonder if love is an illusion.

And as the shadows break my resistance
I see a warm red light in the distance
as you save me and open my chest
I whisper "please, save the rest".

I hear the sound of fixing and engineering
and I feel all the pain disappearing
from my chest and my mind
I feel a love that's kind

I thank you, but suddenly I look and realize
what you did for me, that sacrifice.
In the silence of pounding hearts
I look at your missing parts.

To return the favor I hold you dear and tight
and I truly love you with all my might.
Merging both our hearts with care
to leave the valley of despair.
Love can truly put you in a sorrowful position, but at the same time lift your spirit up above the sky! :)
Jack Huang Feb 2016
A shooting star shot me
with a 50. caliber of beauty
while I was standing guard
in the middle of my duty.

There I stood in silence
in the middle of the night.
Reminded of your smile
that is brighter than light.

Dreaming of those eyes
that illuminates my heart
and banish the gloom
that once tore me apart.

And as the shining sun rose
blooming beautifully slowly.
I thanked you once again
For not keeping me lonely.
I think most people have that one person who can keep them company even though they are not physically present.
Jack Huang Feb 2016
When my best friend died
I was left with almost nothing
My loving words were dried.
and my heart wouldn't sing

We held a speech his sister and I
and we praised him to the skies
there was told not a single lie
in this ocean of silent cries

My words and his ears never met
A lot of kind and unspoken words
I held in my heart of regret
like a nest full of newborn birds

But I woke up in my bed
More lucky than glad
Because my friend was not dead
It was just a nightmare I had

I called him on the phone
And I opened up my chest
To let the truth be known
That truly he is the best.
It takes a lot of bravery to tell the people you love that you love them, but make sure you do! It brings more happiness to tell them while they are alive instead of at their funeral.
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