Jack Chicago Oct 6
We were *******
she nodded out

I ****** off on her eyelids

the next day her boyfriend
to pick her

"looks like the sandman paid you
a visit"
he exclaimed as he helped her
pry her eyelids
Jack Chicago Jul 25
hold your head high
right now's all you got
blow a kiss to forever
close the bars
don't get caught
i used to leave this poem on the back page of every book i read in lockup
Jack Chicago Jul 25
Her **** would be
If it wasn't so
This is for my wife. 3 years. We both so crazy i'll be surprised if it gets boring. Even when we both et boring, truth and non-fiction come together to boil the ***. I love you Jenny!
Jack Chicago Jul 25
She picked me up
A little surprised

You know i could write
a book about your eyes
I'd rather whisper poems
between your thighs
Jack Chicago Jul 25
"Juan Carlos Windycock",
they say to me
"why must you ****
at your own

"because they are in the way
of my ****".

Best if spoken aloud with a spanish accent. Just a dumb joke.
Jack Chicago Jul 25
we were *******
you nodded out

i ****** off
on your

your boyfriend
picked you up
the next morning

"the sandman paid
you a visit"!
as he helped
you pry
your eyes
Jack Chicago Jul 24
A million broken pieces
make up who i am
you have the glue
the hard part is
finding the fragments

Deciding if i should
give them to you
hoping the super glue holds
hoping we can find all the pieces

Fighting the fear
that you may shatter them furthur
Fighting the fear
that your glue
may not hold
them together
Fighting the fear
that the sum of
all my broken fragments
may not be something
you would want to keep
Fighting the fear
that even i
won't want to keep
the finished project
we have spent
so much time and effort
putting back together again
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