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Sep 11 · 113
Jasmin Sep 11
An eloquence in silence I have mastered
Wet monsoon cannot compete with me
Even the passerines as they chitter get flustered
For I am fluent in speaking hushed misery.
Sep 8 · 300
soulmate: unlocked
Jasmin Sep 8
soul opened still fine
though the key wasn’t a match
the heart is, perhaps
Sep 6 · 344
Bronze Medal
Jasmin Sep 6
You had her
yet you asked for more
perhaps a silver diamond
or a golden stone
what was she, you scorned
'a bronze medal
you didn’t want to display'
a gem,
fragmented and astray
a treasure,
that she has always been
and later realized on her way
a prize,
who you wish stayed.
do not allow them to hide you, shine on your own.
Aug 9 · 836
Coffee Stains
Jasmin Aug 9
Sitting still with eyes that wander
The mind is sane yet lost in a wonder
"Coffee spilled from a broken mug
Though the stains remained to fog
It is now bared from a steamy hug."

Sitting still with rested eyes
The mind was unclear but now is wise
"No need for a mug, need not to hide
A coffee so precious must be spilled
To tame the wild."
Jasmin Dec 2018
my tongue is craving for alcohol;
my esophagus is getting dry from all these cryings.
my liver concurs;
don’t worry about cirrhosis, it says,
you’re already gone before it occurs.
Nov 2018 · 418
i belong to me
Jasmin Nov 2018
the feeling of belongingness is not always found
in the things we thought would be our solace;
it’s important to bring our truest selves
so we wouldn’t be out of place.
Nov 2018 · 3.0k
Jasmin Nov 2018
hayaang makawala ang emosyon
na ikinulong sa mahabang panahon
pagbigyan ang sarili
na maging totoo kahit sa sandali.
let thy emotions breathe free
it has been concealed for too long.
let thyself stay true,
though awhile.
Nov 2018 · 261
lying to thyself
Jasmin Nov 2018
catch me professing
the solitude crawling
all over my body,
insist to me
that everything will be alright,
force into me
the perception of getting by.
why don’t you advise
all the lies
you have incessantly
been telling to yourself?
Nov 2018 · 796
not a poem
Jasmin Nov 2018
please give me something to write about...
Oct 2018 · 4.7k
Live, Bravely
Jasmin Oct 2018
petal of a withered flower
you dance with such grace
though the wind carried you away,
away from your roots
far from what you’ve traced.
Oct 2018 · 971
I Hope, Sincerely
Jasmin Oct 2018
I hope
that when our paths cross once more
you won’t notice my hands
reaching out to touch yours
I hope
you divert your gaze
and never look back,
continue your journey
without holding still the remorse
of a failed love story
I hope, sincerely,
for you to live life fully
without having once cross your mind
the thought that we were not born in this lifetime
to be one another’s burner in times of storm.
Jun 2018 · 949
Parallel Universe
Jasmin Jun 2018
The ocean carries me as I lay my back to stay afloat
The tranquility, the emptiness, the cold embraced me
Oh dear, it was as if I am held tightly yet freely
As my hands undulate back and forth making silent noises
I heard the wind murmured to my ears, commanded me
To open my eyes and see the unbelievably majestic view
Of the clouds forming a figure akin to mine
Suddenly, the gloomy, dark ambiance magically shines
“Is this real?” It was.
happened to me, for real.

i don't believe much in parallel universe, but it doesn't hurt to write about one.
Jun 2018 · 607
withered... not
Jasmin Jun 2018
i plant seeds of solitude
water them at 12 noon
it sprouts every midnight
dies when you’re around.
but you were never around, were you? || it's my fault to depend on you
Jasmin Oct 2017
The clock keeps ticking but it remains in one place
My mind keeps running yet stays in its old phase
I'm pacing back and forth but my feet never chase
My soul never got out, yet I am out of trace.
Sep 2017 · 242
10:25 o'clock
Jasmin Sep 2017
ten twenty-five of the clock,
in the evening of September,
there were still gentle drizzles
but the heavy rain, the foggy sight
had vanished from the view
of my broken jalousie window

ten twenty-five o'clock,
in the morning of May,
i could hear the birds chirping,
singing, perhaps, their favorite song.
i gazed upon my sliding window
and saw the mesmerizing swirling
and falling of leaves,
dancing gracefully, beautifully.

ten twenty-five o'clock,
i fell but it wasn't a sight to look at,
i crashed and so do my sliding window...

spring season isn't near enough,
my jalousie window still has some of its part
but maybe in the morning of May,
i will be gazing again to see the dancing leaves
through my altogether broken jalousie window.
change, maybe then you will be less facile to break.
Jul 2017 · 305
The Downpour of Emotions
Jasmin Jul 2017
She felt like nothing but a vast empty land
with cracks on every part of its soil,
wished for some drizzles,
yet the clouds let a downpour—
the spaces, the gaps, were filled
by the huge and rapid drops of rain.
It was overwhelming to see,
it happened so suddenly.
With enough courage, bravery,
she let out the emotions, slowly, achingly.
The clouds rained on the wrong person; it was not for me.
Jasmin Jun 2017
i cry out for freedom,
not from the government or
from the society or from
any other thing that holds
absurd rights of caging
one believed free spirit;
i cry out for freedom
from the only thing i
cannot escape,
from the only thing
that has all the rights
to embrace me,
i cry out for freedom from
my body, my mind, my heart.
May 2017 · 1.8k
behind the silence
Jasmin May 2017
i never knew silence that much
until that very afternoon
when i tried so much
to hold my teardrops
and hide the sobs
that were exploding inside
my weary body
and my wrecked soul

i wonder,
if i was found dead that day,
would they think 'twas suicide
or would the police say,
"she was slain by the silence
that was enclasped within her solitude"?
"she didn't want to take her life, she was murdered by the messes life threw at her." the police added
Mar 2017 · 2.3k
Wandering, Wondering
Jasmin Mar 2017
Her life is a constant wonder
with soul incessantly wandering
the blues of the deepest voids,
oblivious of the turquoise-blue
it could've found in the shallow of the sea.

She has a mind that seems recondite,
abysmal and profound
she still searches for the meaning of each word
for, to her, it doesn't seem much wrong
maybe the reason she is not understood by many
is because she is not trying to be.

Life can be hard to decipher sometimes
one won't be certain of living
with the absence of existence
yet the other one is certain of existing
even without living.
Nov 2016 · 523
Jasmin Nov 2016
a skeptic and a believer
in one cracked soul;
a not so lover of words
and a poet in one beating heart;
a grotesque and a beauty
in one complex mind;

it’s a person against the world
and a human against himself.
Nov 2016 · 524
Jasmin Nov 2016
it’s the silent murmur of the breeze
and the gentle enclasp of the cold
around the frozen heart she holds.
Apr 2016 · 643
Somewhere Where Love Flows
Jasmin Apr 2016
Don’t we all hear the same sound
of a raging stream
Don’t we all feel the cold breeze
of September’s wind
Don’t we all see the stars shining bright
when it dims
Don’t we all smell that flower’s scent
when it’s spring?

The sound of a flowing water wants us to know that
we still have its melody when we hear nothing
but bones breaking
The touch of zephyr wants us to know that
we still have its warm hug when we need
to feel a thing
The view from above wants us to know that
we still have its solace when everything
our hearts see is darkness
The scent of the flower we hold in our hands wants us to know that
we still have its beauty even when we feel like
everyone’s stabbing us with its torn, cutting our flesh.

We are alive even if we don’t feel like we are.
Love still flows even if we live from afar.
Apr 2016 · 1.1k
Stars At Dawn
Jasmin Apr 2016
as i sat on a soft
and mowed lawn,
i saw the morning light
of the becoming dawn.

as i closed my eyes
to make a wish,
i remembered you as my star,
gone but alive in my mind at least.
Jasmin Apr 2016
If what we write is what we say
then maybe my words could make you sway
If what we write is what we say
then maybe you would stay.

If what we write is what we say
then maybe I’d no longer think of you as I lay
If what we write is what we say
then maybe I’m no longer writing you this way.
Oct 2015 · 851
the other world;
Jasmin Oct 2015
it is not the poetry perse
that we depend upon as an escape
it's  the words that we use
to keep our aloof soul safe.
Oct 2015 · 969
Jasmin Oct 2015
we are the visible boundaries
between our hearts.
Oct 2015 · 652
Misplaced Postcard
Jasmin Oct 2015
"If you could only hear my genuine feelings within these locutions,
If I was only good at expressing my exact emotions,
Then maybe I wouldn't be giving you these mixed signals
And maybe I wasn't left with the segmented petals."

I wonder how many times the owner tried to find this letter,
I wonder how much effort was made before he gave up
Or did he even find time to look for this? Did he even read this?
I wonder how he felt.

I wanted to tell him, "Don't give up!"
Don't we all show confused emotions?
I wanted to tell the person who wrote the letter, "Take the risk!"
Aren't we all eager to know the after-possibilities?

Yet, I can't.
There are reasons behind every action.
She's perchance too hurt to give her whole soul,
He's perhaps too tired to have another heartache.
Sep 2015 · 719
Dead End
Jasmin Sep 2015
Most things are transient
We will never know when this one ends,
Defy the rules to create memories
Forget the world, build your own wish.

Paint the walls, scream your thoughts
Dreams may not come true, at least you fought
Cover the red ink with a cloth
It’ll stain, they would know if they sought.

Don’t close your eyes until dawn
We still have time, we’ll reach it soon
Enjoy the night, dance to the tune
When it’s over, let it be known.
Sep 2015 · 2.4k
Panibagong Yugto
Jasmin Sep 2015
'Wag **** sabihing mahal mo ako
Kung noong mga panahong hinahanap ko ang yakap mo
Ako'y tinalikuran mo't iniwang nakalutang
Sa pag-asang ako'y iyong babalikan.

'Wag **** sabihing mahal mo ako
Kung ang pagsuyo mo ay mas malamig pa sa yelo,
Ang ulan ma'y bumubuhos
Ang damdamin ko'y nauubos.

Tama na ang paikot-ikot na laro
Wakasan na ang ugnayan na dati'y kay lago
Hiling ko lamang, nawa'y ang ating luha ay matuyo
Sa lakas ng hangin dala ng ating pagtayo.
Sep 2015 · 874
Here's to all of us
Jasmin Sep 2015
Here’s to the father
who did his best for his daughter to feel secured,
who shielded her from the bad guys in her night terrors,
who worked hard everyday,
only to get shouted at for ‘excessively' asking
about the man in her life.

Here’s to the mother
who cooked the food her son loved,
who did the laundry every Wednesday,
who guided the steps he made,
who loved without asking for anything but to love her back,
only to get shut off of his life because he says,
“You care too much. I’m a man now!”

Here’s to the lady
who cries herself to sleep
for feeling guilty of what she did.
Here’s to you
who want her father to feel loved
but timid to speak the words
and to show him the truth,
so you yelled at him instead.

Here’s to the man
who stops his car to calm himself
who thinks of coming back to his mother
and tell her, “I’m a man now, but every man needs a woman, and it’s you my mom.”

Here’s to all the parents in the world
who freed and comforted us from the fiends
of our nightmare,
of our youth,
of our life.

Here’s to the young ones (or even not)
who think they are better off alone,
who think they are old enough to be on their own.
Here’s to all of us
who have been wronged.
(pendingletters // jl)
Aug 2015 · 553
Jasmin Aug 2015
he was always misunderstood
no one tried to be with him for good
if you’d ask him what he likes
look at his eyes, notice the sparkling lights.

don’t leave when he says he wants to be alone
hear his voice, its sound, the tone
he was always misunderstood
hold his arms, hug him tight, i wish you could
because if i were you, i would.
a message from someone whose love came from afar //

(I also blogged this)
Aug 2015 · 596
Heaven's Call
Jasmin Aug 2015
I stare at the night sky, hoping I can catch a shooting star
Wishing it would grant my wish to hold your scars
The pain of yours I regret not touching whilst I still can
If I could only bring back the time,
I’d hold your hands much longer than the ink of a pen.

Forgive me for not telling you this for you to hear
These scribbled words are the evidence
That I care for you, had you seen it clear?
The eccentric beating of my heart,
May it reach you and God’s providence.

Your presence may not be in sight,
But the love you left us will continue to fight
We will surely win the battle of life.
You will be missed, lola.
Jul 2015 · 623
This Is Ours
Jasmin Jul 2015
And God made Adam and Eve
their eyes met for the first time
but their hearts collided
even before the stars exploded.
The Lord calls them His creatures,
I prefer calling them humans
who truly loved without wanting anything
but giving each other everything.
This might not be the biblical story,
but this is ours.
Jul 2015 · 953
Jasmin Jul 2015
darling, you may not understand,
but it's more heartbreaking to leave
than to be left behind.
A quote from the prose that I made.
Jasmin Jul 2015
May mga oras na alam **** nasaksaktan ka
Ngunit hindi mo malaman kung bakit ba
Mga emosyong ayaw magpakita
Kahit sa mga mata'y hindi ito madama.

                             May mga araw na ang iyong puso'y nangungulila
                             Sa mga memorya ng ulan na tumila
                             Nagmumuni-muni habang nakahiga sa maliit na kama
                             Hindi malaman, bakit ba nagkaganito na?

May mga gabi na mapapaupo ka sa inyong balkonahe
Mga titig ay nasa mga tala na tila may sinasabi
Ang hiling **** kaytagal nang naisantabi
Ngayon kaya ay mangyayari?

                Oh, aking sarili!
                Minsa'y kailangan mo ring magpahinga
                Sa mga problemang dahilan ng iyong panlulumbay
                Iyong harapin ng positibo ang hiram na buhay.

*There are times that you know you're in pain
Yet you can't figure out the reason you feel lame
Hidden emotions, unclear, unseen
Even the eyes can't give the look of what you're feelin'

                               There are some days when your heart feels empty
                               Yearning for the memory of the downpour that had stopped
                               Meditating while lying on the bed that is tiny
                               Asking yourself, how did this happen, it feels so rough

There's this kind of night when you'd sit outside at the balcony
Gazing at the stars that seem to be saying something
Your wish that was set aside and buried in your mind
Would it be granted now?

                My dear self,
                Sometimes you need to stop and take a rest
                From your problems that sadden you the deepest
               And face the positivity of life; "our lives are borrowed,
                  don't let the eyebrows be furrowed."
Jul 2015 · 1.0k
lost and found
Jasmin Jul 2015
and if i longed for a sense of belonging
i would just lie down, facing the ceiling;
i am my home
here is where i belong.
This is the kind of self-love I/we need.
Jul 2015 · 516
Jasmin Jul 2015
It’s not that tragic to leave;
Books still have words for us to read
Trees still grow when they plant a seed
Humans still walk without you on the lead.

It’s not that tragic to leave;
You will be facing a new life to live
Choose the sad adult or the happy kid
Whatever your decision is, it’s up for you to feed.

It’s not that tragic to leave;
Look at the night sky and you’ll still see the stars
Look at your arms, there are healing scars
Look at the journal and you'll realize that you got much far.
One of my blog posts.
Jul 2015 · 1.3k
; (20 words)
Jasmin Jul 2015
I don't know what is worse:
Happy moments that can't be experienced again, or
The tragic memories we can't forget.
Jul 2015 · 2.2k
Jasmin Jul 2015
We don't hate the world we see,
we only loathe the society where no one can flee.
Ask for a cup of hot tea,
they'd judge you for not drinking a coffee.
Simple things, they'd make it as serious issues;
Serious matters, they'd pretend it doesn't exist.
Unknown people will always be ignored,
everyone knows their hardships, but no one cared enough to end it.
The popular ones have had their sufferings too,
I'm asking, why only them get the sympathy?
Aren't we all pretty?
Jul 2015 · 797
Jasmin Jul 2015
I once knew a kid
who smiles at little things,
who cries for stolen candies.

I once knew a kid
who cheers for fallen flowers
who jumps for random kindness of strangers.

I once knew a kid
who fights for everyone's right
who stands for people's freedom.

I once knew a kid
who would make others feel happy
who would comfort their solitude before herself.

I once knew a kid
who is afraid to die
who doesn't want to permanently close her eye.

Now, I know this kid
who screams for God's name
begging to keep her away from her mind
and to stop the burning flame.
Growing up is painful.
Jul 2015 · 3.9k
please don't say you love me
Jasmin Jul 2015
forget me
i don’t want you to get attached
to someone like me
i leave people behind
without any words coming out from my mouth
i just act like it is our last day
and a lifetime goodbye.
don’t ask why i left
just forget everything about me,
erase the memories
and continue living life.
i might regret my decision
but you won’t regret your future.
One of my Tumblr posts.
Jul 2015 · 866
Haunting Past
Jasmin Jul 2015
They are not the people who you can trust,
They are the demons of the past.
Day and night, they'll never leave out of your head.
Sharp objects are their favorite things to play.
Little by little, they can deeply stab you in your chest
Until you can no longer breathe,
They will stop, only for a minute.
They wouldn't **** you, they love it when you suffer.
Darling, they are the demons of the past,
Living inside the head of someone who wouldn't last.
“Write a poem about warning/saving someone but also killing them.”
Jul 2015 · 702
freedom; (10w)
Jasmin Jul 2015
we are free
and that's the reason
we experience pain.
Jul 2015 · 488
Burnt Matches
Jasmin Jul 2015
You see me as the match,
and you’re the person
who is going to burn it.
You got me attached to you,
made me want not to sleep
just to talk to your silhouette,
and told me that it is better at night
when we can’t see the light
of something that can’t be ours.
You made me whole, turned to
being sullen so quick.
I burnt,
but it isn’t because of you.
Nothing’s about you,
it is all because of me.
I let myself be burnt,
just to be close to you.
One of my Tumblr posts.
Jul 2015 · 947
Loving A Poet;
Jasmin Jul 2015
He was not difficult to love
but hard to forget.
He would make you fall in love
with the letters
he writes using his soul,
it would tattoo on your bones
and you could never erase it,
for when you try, you’d only get hurt.
The pain of losing him
feels like he’s using your heart as his scratch
and you’d choose to feel another heartache
than to completely destroy the love he built
and be vanished for a lifetime.
You live to hear him.
He loves to write; lives to die.
One of my Tumblr posts.
Jul 2015 · 511
Jasmin Jul 2015
The sky knows
how much I wanted to reach you.
The stars heard
the never ending wishes I had
to hold you through.
The rain saw
the tears I poured
synchronous to its droplets
when I was thinking of us two.
Old photographs have tracked
every gaze I made
before I let go and start anew.
This is the poem I made that I also posted on Tumblr.
Jul 2015 · 11.9k
Her existence
Jasmin Jul 2015
She wanders,
guided by her lost soul.
She spills arts,
coming from her pure heart;
She writes words no one can understand,
yet she speaks it like it was kept in her mind
for so long, just waiting for someone to find it.
She is a masterpiece of her own,
but she has a heart of stone.
Jul 2015 · 571
Abandoned Memories
Jasmin Jul 2015
Words became lethal, hearts became cold
Those who once dug at your soul
Are now the ones who you loathe.
Everyone thought that nothing would change,
Yet in a single blink of an eye,
The chapter was turned into the last page.
And the book that was your favorite
is left at the dark side of the so-called lonely world,
abandoned and cold.

— The End —