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Jasmin Sep 11
An eloquence in silence I have mastered
Wet monsoon cannot compete with me
Even the passerines as they chitter get flustered
For I am fluent in speaking hushed misery.
Jasmin Sep 8
soul opened still fine
though the key wasn’t a match
the heart is, perhaps
Jasmin Sep 6
You had her
yet you asked for more
perhaps a silver diamond
or a golden stone
what was she, you scorned
'a bronze medal
you didn’t want to display'
a gem,
fragmented and astray
a treasure,
that she has always been
and later realized on her way
a prize,
who you wish stayed.
do not allow them to hide you, shine on your own.
Jasmin Aug 9
Sitting still with eyes that wander
The mind is sane yet lost in a wonder
"Coffee spilled from a broken mug
Though the stains remained to fog
It is now bared from a steamy hug."

Sitting still with rested eyes
The mind was unclear but now is wise
"No need for a mug, need not to hide
A coffee so precious must be spilled
To tame the wild."
Jasmin Dec 2018
my tongue is craving for alcohol;
my esophagus is getting dry from all these cryings.
my liver concurs;
don’t worry about cirrhosis, it says,
you’re already gone before it occurs.
Jasmin Nov 2018
the feeling of belongingness is not always found
in the things we thought would be our solace;
it’s important to bring our truest selves
so we wouldn’t be out of place.
Jasmin Nov 2018
hayaang makawala ang emosyon
na ikinulong sa mahabang panahon
pagbigyan ang sarili
na maging totoo kahit sa sandali.
let thy emotions breathe free
it has been concealed for too long.
let thyself stay true,
though awhile.
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