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I never knew that emptiness could feel so heavy
weeks pass like years, I’m afraid that I won’t ever feel whole again.
all I know is that I don't know a single thing.
The mountains, the sea;
Nothing is as far from you as me.
Do not waste a second worrying about the details of every situation. If you let yourself get caught up, you'll miss out on important and definitive moments. Do not waste a second wishing you could change times that have already occurred. The decisions you proceed to make should be your only focus.  Do not waste a second punishing yourself for when you are wrong or when you hurt someone. Forgiving yourself is the first step to living a happier, healthier life. Focus on making yourself better. Do not waste a second getting caught up in the drama that entices and intoxicates every person around you. Do not waste a second being full of insecurities and doubts. Love yourself. Trust yourself. Take the risks you want to take without worrying about the consequences. You will deal with those as they come. You can handle any problem that comes your way. You are powerful and capable.
i hate that i see the good in you and that i let you back into my heart every time.
i hate that i can't love someone who loves me.
i hate that you need me and that i need you.
i hate you for using me and loving me
and using me again.
it's an endless cycle and i hate it.
i hate you because of how much i love you.
i hate you because you don't deserve my love.
i hate that i love you despite all of this,
and i hate being so full of hate.
he told me I am beautiful because I know what the world has to say.

I can tell by the clouds whether She is angry or sad, and I can tell by the sunset if She is disappointed or glad.

I can hear Her whispers in the wind and feel Her pain in every storm.

She is upset with us.

She's screaming, and I am the only one in the world who will listen.
I am a sailor, and you are my red sky.
you are what I hope for every night;
the promise of a better tomorrow.
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