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Ivy Leigh Jun 11
I want change.
Ivy Leigh Apr 30
It has been a bad day.
I took a nap in the morning
and was on my phone all day
I kept hitting on the pen
and avoided food in every way,
I did everything to keep quiet
sleeping helped keep hunger at bay.
I didn't do a lick of reading,
but went to an appointment even though I wanted to stay.
The only thing that made me feel better
is when I masturbated in the shower,
but I day-dreamed my ex-boyfriend
and that his **** had super powers.
Ivy Leigh Apr 23
I felt like crying
But I held it back
And I didn't try
Because I thought I'd regret.
I want to feel good
When I'm making "like" to you,
I don't want to test you
And I don't want you to feel blue
There were some things
That I did have on my mind
I was distracted
And could have been unkind.
That does not mean
I don't want to talk to you
No matter the problem
The answers can never be few.
So please just see me
We'll calm each other's minds
And remove the sounds hollow
Eroding the cliff behind
Ivy Leigh Apr 23
I'm depressed
I'm a mess
I'm afraid to send that text
When you said
I could spend
Any moment with you to mend
Oh my heart
Needs to start
After hours spent apart
I miss you
Yes it's true
But I'm looking for a cue
That doesn't have to do
With the constant need to *****
Baby you're all I need
And you even make me scream
But beside all the ***
Where will you take this thing next
So I need a little change
That wherever you go
You will loosen up the reigns
Ivy Leigh Apr 15
Let us see how things are doing
when the world has shut down
and terror waits in an external bound.
Ivy Leigh Apr 15
I didn't knock it over,
although I almost did.
I intended it for another
and I cleaned it to be ready for them.
I used it for my drinking,
but thought it might be nice
to see it in the hand of my lover
to drink water and chew the ice.
Ivy Leigh Feb 27
I deny myself
with the excuse
of ****** motivation
that comes out
like a drippy faucet,
plucking away
at the expense
of resources
to be lost
for 30 minutes,
and wake up
heavy, and dragging,
and complaining
that I work too much,
The things I wanted done
I put off and things,
as they do,
happen to prevent
the expected and the obvious.
I walk around the words
that expose the scuffs
on my shoes
but not the bleeding
wounds, recently picked
by anxious fingers
desperate to tell truth,
but afraid of the loneliness
that always lingers.
Do you ever wonder if emotional preparedness can become damaging?
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