it's very much easy to say
that today is the day
wherein you no longer
have feelings that grows fonder
for him— who you loved freely
but indeed so genuinely.

but your challenge
is to look at his every edge
and the way he laughs and smile
without asking for a while
if you still love him for real;
you should then infer
that you are now happier
without him— to whom you gave your all,
though from him you only got a downfall.
daily poems! ♡
margàrita Nov 2018
hindi sa lahat ng panahon
ang mga bagay ay naaayon
sa kung paano natin gusto;
ㅡ at 'di lahat ay agad na natatamo.

ito ay ang aking napagtanto
nung nalaman kong may iba kang gusto,
at ayaw ko namang ipilit sa iyo
ang mga bagay na ayaw mo.

oo, mahal na mahal pa rin kita
puso ko'y walang sinisigaw na iba.
ngunit ikaw ba, aking sinta,
ay siya ring nadarama?
talagang hindi yata.

ako ma'y nahihirapan
na tanggapin at maunawaan
na tayo'y hanggang dito na lamang
pero aking hirang,
damdamin mo'y aking igagalang.
ㅡ inilalaan para kay p.m.f.
margàrita Oct 2018
to the girl
whose golden heart
was never tarnished
despite the afflictions
the world allowed her
to experience somehow;
♡ — i hope your heart stays the same
and will always be aflame
for the things you love doing
because dear, you are amazing.

to the girl
whose illustrious mind
was never obscured
even if she was aching;
♡ — i hope you realize
that you are impressively splendid
more than any could ever poetize
and that your feelings are valid.

to the girl
whose beautiful soul
never stopped blooming
like flowers in the spring
despite the adversities
she has encountered;
♡ — everything you do
is always appreciated;
and your existence
is a tremendous blessing
and adds vibrance
to this somber world.
for issa, who in spite of all the woes,
still chose to disseminate love and kindness out into this world— you are so majestic and you are capable of doing the exceptional. i am proud of you, i believe in you and i love you. ♡
margàrita Sep 2018
you'd sacrifice even your happiness
for that someone to feel blissfulness.
you'd endure all the unfair,
just for the person not to be in despair.

you are willing to conquer the world,
and you will be unimaginably bold.
you wouldn't know that you, girl,
could actually be dauntless in a whirl.

when you love someone,
you'd choose the person over anyone;
everything they do is just fulfilling,
and their mere existence would be gratifying.
ㅡ for my brave best friend who loved so selflessly.
margàrita Aug 2018
kaligayahan mo'y akin pa ring dalangin,
kahit iyon man ay wala sa akin.
kung sakali'y ikaw ay luluha,
sana'y ikaw ay mapapatahan niya.

ang magandang ngiti
sa iyong mga labi ay sana'y mamalagi;
ang kintab sa iyong mga mata,
ay sana'y laging makikita;
pagsinta niyo'y sana'y pang habang buhay,
at higit pa sa kung anong kaya kong ibigay.

kung sakaling umibig ka sa iba,
sana'y ang tunay na ikaw ay sapat sa kanya;
hangad ko sa inyo'y magagandang bagay,
at sana'y bawat araw niyo ay makulay.
sana'y ikaw ay makatamasa
ng pag-ibig na wagas galing sa kanya,
o aking sinta.
margàrita Aug 2018
the things that are amazing
for you are surely coming;
darling you are sublime,
and you're never worth just a dime.

you deserve all the magnificent
that fills your heart's content;
all that you are is very enchanted,
and you don't deserve to be wasted.

all the beautiful things
to you that life brings,
won't swiftly come right away;
so please, hang on and stay.
to whoever reading this, you have what it takes to be wonderful. go ahead and be a blessing to the world. you are worth beyond mere words could ever explain. please, never lose your trust in yourself. you are beautiful, and you are loved & appreciated. ♡
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