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Amber Waddy Jul 25
Soon I will peak the pinnacle
of my ever convalescent soul,
and dance to the rhythm of
Mother Earth's warming glow.

Soon I shall defy the odds
and make conviction my home,
bidding well to former vices
and write my glory in stone.

Soon I can commit myself
to forgiveness, love and faith
and take your inviting hand
to a luring, otherworldly place.

But for now I take the toll,
hold the weight and persevere.
For now I brace sullen the fog
until my fated path is clear.
Amber Waddy Jul 20
We always look out before in,
comparing pineapples to apricots,
and praying the grass gets greener.

We hold our demeanour to others
and adapt to the vast hoards of
endless perfection and empire.

We tire ourselves for a taste
of the so called 'high life' of gods,
knowing we may never collide.

But the reality is what lay inside
has the power to fuel a million stars.
Something better than fine art.

To tame this unrivalled force takes
time, skill, desire and pain but it's
bounty is prosperous and rare.

So before seeking a golden glare,
be sure to ask your heart and soul
what jewels your humble being holds.
Amber Waddy Jul 17
When I was but fledgling sparrow,
I saw a girl with a fire in her belly,
ready to face the edge of tomorrow
carrying passion as a deadly weapon.

With hopes big and dreams narrow
she kept her eager mind steady
baring chaotic vision of where to go
and a hunch that fate would reckon.

Over years she witnessed the truth
of the treachery she never saw coming.
The mangled voices of torpid shadows
and rose tinted glasses of sins.

Her guise was not preserved by youth;
the strain became replaced with numbing.
She would not learn and just suppose,
igniting crusades she'd never win.

When I stare into that mirror now,
I witness her empty, baron gaze.
She eternally hunts the absent spark,
awaiting her sense of affinity.

But of late I decreed but one vow,
to free the sparrow from an endless maze
and silence the malicious remarks
to reignite her merciless divinity.
Amber Waddy Jul 15
Some of us want pearls and gold,
or a legacy the wise foretold,
or maybe just a passing glance at fame.

Others wish to rule the world,
or sit and watch humanity unfurl,
or kiss the feet of those of high acclaim.

Many choose to speculate,
or venture through the hands of fate,
or even let the others do the work.

But the things that really fuel my heart
are love and hope and words and art,
cause being simple really has its perks.
Amber Waddy Jul 14
Like a star in the night's sky you allure me.
Your illustrious aurora reels my soul in
and I yearn deeply for the precious nectar
that fuels the fibre of your very being.

With reckless abandon I forego the danger
of the peril I am seeing and move closer.
The colours drain as I make my approach
but I am lost in the comfort of your glow.

I brace the thorns and serpent's tongue,
laying waste to the scrutiny of the old.
No mortal dare tread the same path yet
I embrace the aftermath and reach forth.

I feel your soft flesh on my skin.
I take a sip and let your poison sink in.
I sealed my fate when I saw your spark,
and knew the dangers I would unleash.

I embarked on this quest with open eyes.
Aware of the struggles and the pain,
knowing what I would gain was fleeting,
but that drop of utopia kept my heart beating.
Amber Waddy Jul 13
I've been known to share dank memes,
press F in the chat and Pog for sick plays.
I can even AYAYA when the mood takes me.

I'll tell me friends I'm malding when I mess up,
even ree down the mic at my pepega team,
or Alt + F4 when lag forsakes me.

I hang with the 'fellow kids' like a Chad,
But some days I'm not feeling hypers,
FeelsGoodMan or even pepeD.

Sometimes I want more. More articulation,
more pontification and eloquence.
Let my deeper thoughts run free.

For now I'll just 'same' and 'big mood'.
But just know that I am more,
cause saying WeirdChamp irl is pretty XD.
Amber Waddy May 2018
I am always on the go.
Where I'll end up I never know,
I just keep searching for a sign that I am home.

Never still I duck and dive.
Treading paths both bold and wise,
I never quite fulfil my endless need to roam.

I make friends and I make foes,
Feel the weight in all my toes,
Throw my shackles to the curb and stand my ground.

Tossing coins and closing doors,
knowing life holds so much more.
I'm not lost but I'm not close to being found.
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