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I see a creature, fierce and unrestrained
A hazardous raging fire, and yet I reach out towards her flame
The darkness from her depths, guiding me into her soul
Drawing me into her wasteland… into her world.
From the movie "wasteland"
  Dec 2015 It'sTheTroubadour
I am in love
With the freckles
In your right eye
The islands
That keep me from drowning
In your depths
And ground me to reality

I am in love
With the scars
Across your shoulders
That have no story
And might be burns
Familiar to my fingertips
At a single touch

I am in love
With the blue ink
Across the right of your chest
A quote from some film
About an existential crisis
Printed on skin
You're my favourite book

I am in love
With your love
For clichéd things
Like pictures of moons
And quotes that are lame
But most of all your thoughts
Of moonlit oceans and love

I am in love
With the way
You give without regret
Of the loss of money
Or time spent
Without ever expecting
Anything back

I am in love
With the mess
That you're always in
Your creased clothes
And your car
And the chaos that is
Your daily routine

I am in love
With the curls
In your ***** blonde hair
I like when its short
And looks tidy and good
But I love when its long
So I can run my fingers though it

I am in love
With the smile
You have just for me
The slightest little curve
Of your lips to the left
That makes me smile
Whether I want to or not

I am in love
With the way
That you see me as someone
That I'd like to be
As someone worthy
Of the love
You've given me

I am in love
With your hands
And how they fit every inch
Of my body just right
Like a piece of me
Just wasn't there

I am in love
With your promise
That bloomed out of silver
That you'll stay for a while
Like a drop in the ocean
Caught in a hand that might
Be able to hold onto it

I am in love
With you
Your chaos
Your flaws
Your promise
Your love
my life is a perfect blank canvas
for you to draw your lies on
© S.H
you're my home that burned down
No matter how many times
I try to rebuild it
It will never be the same
It misses your ghost
Too much
© S.H
Never knew you'd hurt this good
He sits at the table
Everyone watching him.
It's another year to be older,
So he blows out the candle.

When they take pictures
Now that he has taken his wish
It's scary what his smile hides,
Him thinking he's another year older and ready to die.
I fight for you
My bones are caving in
I'm inside out
Sweetheart i love you

I give my all
My broken heart
I would give more
Body and soul

Dear Lover
Your stare alone
Is enough to enslave me
I'd **** forever

But darling you went away
Leaving me with your ghosts
That linger forever
to watch me die everyday

Sweet beloved
hope you come back
Wake me from this hell
That messes up my head
© S.H
For you
Whose eyes
I wanna get lost into
without ever being found

Hush love
don't ask me why
Let me just rest my head
On your shoulder

Stay here
With your caring arms
Wrapped around me
While i sleep
© S.H
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