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honey suckle runs through my veins.

i am adrift,
she approaches me,
brightness glowing around her.

her arms reach out,
touching my brittle ***** body,
replenishing the strength i never had.

i cry tears of joy;
redemption is here.
the light has been restored.

i am renewed.
there are so many reasons as to why i wrote this poem - and there are several different meaning to it that i genuinely can't decide on. i am beginning to love myself after having dealt with mental illness for the better portion of my life. as all people do, i have slip ups, but that comes along with recovery.
to anyone battling mental illnesses, i would like to be the first to tell you that it is possible to recover. it may not seem like it right now, but trust me, the pain will subside. you will learn to love life again regardless of the (possible) dreadful life you've been living.

it is possible, and inevitable, as long as you try.


(if you need someone to talk to, i'm here. i will be that friend to lean on if you have none). <3
Hurricanes erupted in my lungs
when the tips of your fingers
touched my jittering skin
and I am still sorry
that I wear my father’s disappointment
in the expensive black lingerie
you’ve seen me in,
cold and bare
with goosebumps blooming
on my brittle skin like braille,
and as you touch me
I start apologizing
for the broken home in my eyes.
words verse prose
so many lines just to say i feel
abandoned and alone

was there ever a time
when emotional self disclosure
didn't feel wrong?

I happen to remember
sharing a diary with a
kindred soul.
in fact i remember how friendship
was holding hands once

and self searching,
like a forest in a greenhouse
building trust
  May 1 Leyya Sauna
So many poems
and stories
have gone unwritten
due to fear of not being good enough
  May 1 Leyya Sauna
"je t'aime à la folie,"

that's what you told me;
and honestly

it's stuck with me,
tell me it is just platonic
or else
I might develop

that shouldn't be
for you
Life is a long lesson
Made up of small lessons
Some small lessons are big lessons
Big lessons are lifelong lessons
Learning you hold your heart
Time is quite hard
The earlier you learnt
Lifelong lessons
The better it's
It's my confession
It's easier to learn
Long lesson of life
Life often teaches lessons of shorter durations. But we either don't learn them or forget them easily until something serious happens. Serious happenings give us lifelong lessons which make us understand and appreciate life better. We become careful, attentive and knowledgeable to perceive warning signs with ease in future preventing disastrous consequences. Small lesson here means a lesson over short period. Big lesson means lesson of high degree of importance.
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