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Makenzie Aug 26
rain is a form of nature
its carefree and elegant
yet, has words of many
its words dancing has is flows gently down....
down to where the people live, down to where everything bad and good happens, down to where it is needed the most and most of all down to where people are killing the rest of its kind.
Makenzie May 26
I slowly turn orange.

The stress taking over my body
and letting it become anxious
once more

the feeling of being burnt out
slowly takes over

It takes all my sense
and adds discomfort to them
making anxiousness grow
once more

Everythings orange.
Inspired by the color burnt orange and the idea of always being burnt out.
Makenzie Mar 29
why do the best people always die first?
when you pick flowers you pick the best ones meaning they are the first to die
god likes to do the same
remember that next time you go flower picking
Makenzie Mar 29
trying to fix the past is like
rewatching a movie and expecting a diffent ending
focus on the furture cause that new ending will never come
Makenzie Mar 29
remember that a glowstick has to
break and be twisted
before it can glow
Makenzie Mar 29
Focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase

Focus on getting a grip on the railing instead of falling
Makenzie Mar 29
Hiding feelings has become normal
putting on this mask of a fake smile
crying silently at night into a pillow
always feeling like the issue
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