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Tyler Skidmore Feb 2019
Wrapped in a cloud, I see everything
Below are hard workers, children at play, everyone going about their day
At my side, love, sunshine,
And as if at the perfect time,
Flowing, blending with the sky and other clouds
Swooping, catching flies before they reach the crowds
It's a city.
The sun moves more naturally, taking me with
A cabin on a country side.
Trees lining the meadows in which we reside
The air, so sweet and fresh
The sun radiating and carrying droplets of life to the plants around
Night falls, the sun slowly touches down in the mountains, and turns into a goddess
The most picturesque lovely woman I ever laid eyes on,
Now joins me in the plush bed
Untill the next day, to venture out again.
Tyler Skidmore Dec 2018
I see
And in all of these I see
The most perfect lips
Betraying a smile as I compare your height to an acorn on the forest floor
Hands laced in mine almost
They don't let go
The very life moving between the cells
So perfectly fit like jigsaw pieces
The warmth transferred like light through an open window on the soft furry coat
Our cat
One of many
Our alone time confidant
Much like our bodies
Under the covers
Tightly bound together with a magnetic force
Our lips locking
The most beautiful flavor
All spoken silently breath by breath
All this I see
In those deep
Tyler Skidmore Dec 2018
A curiosity, an attraction, led to my finding of the smallest, shyest seeming gnome who stood out to me for years.
Each year went by
There you were
Right in front of me
I saw you, but never stopped to look at all the intricate details in your painted face, your
Body carved with the most perfect of craftsman
I saw, each year
The same beautiful art piece
Each year getting new details.
One year
I found you with more detail than ever
I dove in
I had to experience this treasure!
I, a gardener
A prince of the forest
Kissed this gnome
A perfect princess for her prince
My beautiful companion
Tyler Skidmore Nov 2018
Now my light has drowned
I know you think this is better
As long as you are happy
That's all that matters to me.
I know you will do great things
Thank you for all of the great memories
I will always love you
Don't forget me when you are better
I see a future now drowning
My teammate gone away
Forever you are my key
Please don't ever melt away
I wish we made it through the last big battle
A casualty
A piece of me
I hope not forever
I will always be grateful for the impact you had on my life. I will always love you
Tyler Skidmore Nov 2018
Times and trial bring the light
To things that happened
Everything that might
I know in my heart I can be
Everything everyone needs me to be
Darling you helped
To open my eyes
Through the time you have set me free
And when I complete
All my tasks and my dreams
Will you
My love
Stay forever with me?
Tyler Skidmore Oct 2018
Sometimes I wonder if life is worth the pain. She loves me, she wants me, or so she claims.
I haven't seen much evidence as of late, influenced by the fire around me burning with hate.
I moved to this city, should I move to another state?
Would you miss me? Want me? Do what it takes?
These are my worries everyday, should I live through the day, or die and be free from these insecurities?
Tyler Skidmore Oct 2018
In life we learn to fight.
Fight for our dreams, our goals, our wants.
Our minds teach us to fight authority, rules, laws
Everything must have law, balance, order...
When young, we fight that which we dont understand.
Why are we bound by law from the freedom on the other side?
Why must there be restraints?
Balance is the answer.
It was always there,
We fought the bounds that allowed us to see the balance.
Now, at an old age, we fight for balance, law, rules, love
Without restraint, love is lost.
It is chaos.
A constant battle, not for what we think we are fighting for, against without meaning it.
We get lost in the new chaos that is complete freedom.
Yes, this balance, this battle called life, love, safety,
Is nothing if we dont fight for whats best.
To endulge in destructive choice, is to fight against our goals, our dreams, our love.
To be a warrior, we must master faithfulness to the one big battle, love. Fight for whats best, find fun in the simplest pleasures,
Live life to the full. Win the battle for the ultimate freedom; love.
Late night thoughts scrawled out onto an led page
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