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  Feb 2016 itanola yusuf
uzzi obinna
Ocean water wash up my feet,
Chilly rough sand underneath,
Behind me a torturous pit,
Within me a burning seat;

Onwards i'll be with the stars,
At will visiting venus and mars,
Away from the hurts and scars,
From his cruelty and lies;

I have finally closed the door,
To hurting me anymore,
From now i'll forever soar,
But not dragged on the floor;

I gave my heart, he took it all,
I was rend apart, he made me fall,
But now i run, i will not crawl,
my past i burn, i regain it all;

I have made a solemn choice,
No more silence to my voice,
If i will, i'll make a noice,
And stand in confidence and poice;

I will win and never loose,
Although i suffered hatred and abuse,
I'll put myself to reasonable use,
And watch my achievements reproduce.
This is dedicated to every woman who have suffered one form of abuse or the other and have lost her self esteem as a result.
You can still do great things if you can see the value in you.
Just because you can’t hear me doesn’t mean I’m not there.
Every moment is a waking nightmare
Of anxiety and all I see’s a dangerous path that leads to apathy.
Just because I’m still kicking and breathing and fighting
Doesn’t mean that I’m not struggling
Doesn’t mean that I’m not juggling every single task
With kicking, breathing, and fighting just to stay afloat.
Just to keep from drowning.
Just to keep from shaking and crying and breaking and dying and
Screaming out to the world

I am not okay!

And you know what that’s okay.
Because I don’t have to be okay every single day just to be able to say
Everything is fine.
Everything is not fine.
And when the world comes crashing down around you
And you feel like you’re about to burst because of all the emotions that you aren’t feeling
And when the world starts reeling and spinning under your feet
And you feel like you’re sinning because you don’t feel complete,
Take a moment

To breathe.

Because no matter what you believe
One day you will feel again
You’ll feel the sun on your face, a loved one’s embrace and then
You’ll finally feel
I wrote this because whenever I see stories of depression, I never see one that I can really relate to my story. So, I figured I might as well tell it.
itanola yusuf Feb 2016
My broken heart, your broken life
you trying to cheat nature wasn't
my head ache, you trying to have
the bitter fun wasn't also but the
unbreakable spell of pain you brought me from was my never ending aches .

Now I tell the tales of how your unseen sin had brought me
into being from the realm of pain, of how a song of shame
was chanted in a day of joy
my broken heart has turned red,

cos of your yesterdays ***** acts
You enjoy the bitter fun causing me sweet sorrow,leaving me in illusions of confusions that you cheated time back then wasn't my
heart aches but my heart aches     was the facts thats you made me a victim of your blind mistakes and this is a misery ,

I would deal with for a life time, you forgot that it is only what you do right that makes you right what you do in a wrong way can never make you right and you can never cheat nature .
I will live to rebuild all of my scattered dreams and I will rise to aspire to acquire that desire I once admire and for my heart which as long been broken will taste happiness portion again  though its rain while I came into being so I will live to reign
Notes :it hard to deal with the misery of coming into existence by mistake cos of silly mistakes caused by ones parent once they thirst for lust cos they were lost when
  Jan 2016 itanola yusuf
Paul Lost
Empty heart with no sorrow
Paid a painful tithe
Broken bones of tomorrow  
Journeys without time

Never be they forgotten
Never repeat nor abide
Broken heart filled with sorrow
Empty cast of our lives
itanola yusuf Jan 2016
I really don't care if you
call this a *******,
cos it is written in a sheet
But this is the only way I
want to pen down my feelings
of being away from the one i love

You seem like a rain in my life
washing my pain and drowning my fears and my soul feels alive
each time I watch you you smile.
Your beauty grows by each new moon and your hair seems darker than all the darkness have been through in my entire life

The thought of missing your endless love and care made me realize that a home is never a house when your loved one is gone. When intoxicated with fears,and no one seems to care

you feel my heart with your hot warm love .
The need for a better tomorrow overwhelmed me and just yesterday it dawn on me lately that I would have to leave you
I born tears alive from my eyes
relentlessly rolling down my cheeks

and i have them die on my lips
now amidst love and pain to survive,I would have to leave you.
Though this are words in words but still not enough to show you how much I LOVE YOU.

There lies the mountain
on which the fountain of our
love is buit upon. Till we meet again on the valley of green pastures. Though I have loved you from the very day I set my eyes on you and I will love you till the very day i close them.

I have no better way of dropping
this pen other than saying
from now till the end of the world
I wil always love you. Now remember that must go me one day but must be my love for you always so amidst love and loneliness I DROP MY PEN
  Jan 2016 itanola yusuf
Like the waves in the ocean
That meet the shores and fade away
So did you, with my life
Every single day

Like the snowflakes in winter
That melt when they land
So did your trust
Each time you held my hand

Like the sand in the desert
Once here, then scattered
So were your promises
Leaving my heart shattered

Like a ghost in the darkness
One sees but is unreal
So were your words
And the things you made me feel

Like the glow of a firefly
Now gone, now bright  
So is your love
Goodbye, good night
Goodbye, good night
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