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  Jan 2015 Star
The girl that loved  so hard,
She ended up to be  broken
Yet so loving still
  Jan 2015 Star
Ember Evanescent
Even though you're cut and hurt
Beautiful flowers
Are the ones people choose to cut
and keep
Motivation, I guess.
  Dec 2014 Star
I am...                                                                                            I am but
                                                                                                       a shadow,
of who I was. A broken, grey thing.
                                                                                                     a voiceless
thing, miming lyric and ****** rhyme,
A broken watch that's keeping time
and the watch has hands, but it's
and in the broken wiry strands, I'm
waiting to stop time, and rewind
back to the moment when you shared my misery.
But you broke free,
and now you mock me.
Your laughing life mocks me, leaves me
and vainly                                                                                  hunting
How dare you be a beautiful something,
and leave me behind to be this ugly
When someone else is happy, you're supposed to say "I'm happy that you're happy." But I'm not happy. F*** you for being happy without me.
  Dec 2014 Star
Kollitiki Vradypodes
As sad as I am
I need to keep my head high
It is hope I need
  Dec 2014 Star
I began to swim
stronger in shifting currents
though pools of winter -
meeting poetry
in winds of spring, riding
rails and roadways
into the summer and
running farther than ever
away from my doubts -
until an early
autumn frost began melting
my pride - the same way
I count another  
lap around the sun - again
I begin to swim
  Dec 2014 Star
Fish The Pig
go away
you've caught me at a bad time
not right now
I'm busy
so busy
my head is spinning
I can't hang out today
I'm busy breaking mirrors
I can't party all night long
I have to stain my bed with tears
I'd love to see a movie
But I'd rather see scars on skin
I could celebrate with you
but I'm choking on candy confetti
Why scream at a concert
when I can scream
my own self loathing and frustration
till my throat is raw
go away
I can't come out to play
I'm busy
so busy
dying and dying
and dying
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