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Aug 2019 · 183
Immolation in the Forest
a dark, dreary dream it seems-
no fog thicker than it's haze
this land is real, it exists-
this place has a sign with its name
no map on earth has inked
to draw the arrows to this maze
a garden of eternity,
where the rabbits, feral and wolves, tame

this place is cloudy,
but each whispy haze weighs a metric tonne
the crown on each tree
and their boughs so far up their trunks
they form a cloak, impenetrable
that paints it sable against the sun
and what little sunlight dies-
in the ebon sea, its flare had sunk

there is no light here,
save for an oil-less lamp yet to be lit
an ashless bonfire-
wood yet to be gathered and be burnt
these pixies have no home
other than the cage one carries them in it
these fireflies have no light,
save for what is suffered and learnt

the forest makes pub ******
of those who lose themselves there
leches of those thirsty
who drink from its streams and creeks
they fail and falter and fall on the forest floor,
and the bushes wake back to life and stare
these are the sentinels of the forest,
and it is your surrender they seek

skulls and rib cages decorate
and hang from the boughs in this forest
the beaten trail there is paved
with the bones of the pleasant and their tales
the lamps are candles stuffed in the skulls
of the truthful and honest
you walk on these and where the bones stop,
you stand on where the last of them failed

the night here is neverending,
according to whom have endured
when it actually ends,
all memory of its trees and creeks cease
each and every soul that stands,
has left footprints here for sure
no telling which are the footprints of those,
living, lived, or recently deceased

this place is cold,
the clement light drowned out eons ago
it's cruel too,
this brumal darkness too tame to **** you
it keeps your heart-beating,
pounding down on you with layers of snow
it makes you forget the clement light,
makes you forget the warmth your breath once drew

how you get there nobody knows,
one wrong step- the forest eats you
from the sidewalk, from school to home, into the alleyway,
the forest eats you
the door between your room and the living room's screams,
the forest eats you
from the covers of your sheet into the noise of the streets,
the forest eats you

from the street to an inn, back to the street again,
the forest eats you
from the light of screen into the darkness of bed,
the forest eats you
from the concave stomachs and a mountain of debt,
the forest eats you
the stool between you and a knotted rope,
the forest sill eats you

and then, skin hard and frozen cold
since wandering this grove of a thousand broken lights
the crown of the trees recede
and the boughs begin to thin towards the opposite pole
there is no sun here, other than the immolated torch
of your flesh burning bright
there is no sun here,
other than the immolated phlogiston
that combusts at the end of

the dark night of the soul
Aug 2019 · 77
lamp of the desert
the first spark sparks

in the wastes of Shabsheer
his bread and water, that of niter
where he would spend nights here
worked as dawn neared

his flame soon to burn a million
harshness and saltpeter
his nickname was 'Paidarion'
his future more bitter

ⲇⲉⲁⲑ took a paid lover
and soon, mother and father
no home, no lamp for his feet

as the Egyptian sun began to blister
under the shade of one's beard
he sought an elder

"watch- for you are awake
you are seeing
you are knowing

watch- the baker as he bakes
the thieves fleeing
and the farmer sowing

"starve- we'll eat later
now we ponder
the hunger of  the beggar

the next we pass one
dont let him wonder
invite him to share our supper

"know to rise above
and to go under
to pass through-
and asunder

for He weaves
our lives together
we hold each other

in the pattern of our souls

He weaves us together
that we may hold one another
from the cradle to the casket

humanity woven well
holds on to much more
like a good basket
Aug 2019 · 62
crucem zmaragdinae

it hurts thine eyes
it forces thy mouth open
to sing!

sing towards it
sing towards Him

sing in the night
sing in the day

forget not-
the emerald light
see in your heart
crucem  zmaragdinae
Aug 2019 · 81
an enemy i don't have
look at
who ponder
life and see
no meaning

i look
at them
and wonder
if its God they're
only memeing

but if they think
it's stupid to seek
in this world-
some meaning

it's even stupider
to think and wonder
why this world
has no meaning


no one saw
no one heard
no one knows

the Big Bang

none can see
none can tell
none can testify

the island with
only one man

to its meaning
blind to its

would i bother
crying over
i cant understand

the abyss might be deep
the abyss might be shallow

jump into and find out

i can't lose-
for thou not a sin

can't gain-
neither is it a win

you can't lose or win-
crumble or withstand

can't lose or win-
to an enemy I cant understand

can't raise a sword or staff
to an enemy i don't have
stop this existential,
Rick and Morty,

it ain't deep
to assume
if you don't know

(an none of us ever will)

the true depth of the abyss
Aug 2019 · 88
blinded by clouds
if you want
to see a Higher
a higher than
-any other

forget what It is
forget Its name
you'll know not why
you'll not know not how

for what It is
is all but the same
you'll know when you die
not while you live now

to know while alive
and not yet dead
what is known only
when one is dead

is to think without life
to think with no pulse
think like a light
that dies when turned off

but the mercury still glows
however faint and dark

contemplate on that glow
to know after death
as to know in life
and to forget all design

for in the clouds above
you are

lame and

In Heaven
a place
without pain
a place
out of line

we are all

lame and
Aug 2019 · 190
walk around- all around
see their eyes
these eyes upon you

see around, all abound
in truth and lies that
suddenly drown you

you are not a you-
you are a you-
that you made

what you call you
are bits and bobs
of other people
that you like

what you call you,
is the result
of what you see
in all there eyes


if you want to see
you- the you
and not you- the other

you'll have to see
the you that's seen
by all the many others

look in their eyes
look without fear or terror
stare into their eyes
for they are merely mirrors

the you that you see
through them
is the you that you are
there and then
Aug 2019 · 103
i ship em
it blooms
the effervescent
flower of aphrodite
in our midst
its petals unravel
tis' love
Apr 2019 · 171
Emile, day-dreaming
yet she's so nice-
one struggles not to dream
for she's so nice-
yet not as cruel as it seems

hard to imagine-
imagining that she thinks alike
never, don't be stupid-
not in a million years, alright

but then a tap comes to greet me,
on my back not discretely
I swear I jumped slightly-
when she sat right beside me
she came to see him!
Apr 2019 · 138
Emile, the student
I can bear the weight of tests
I can bear the weight of books
so long as I catch, so long as I catch
just one more pretty look

I can stomach a lecture
I can withstand hunger
under heat and rain
all this- still I wonder

does she notice my stares?
does she notice my glares?
Does she notice that I follow her
- from here to there?

if she does, is truly the end of me,
I'm quite sure
for I he less dandy-looking,
not one with allure
he's the shy prepubescent teenage boy inside all of us
Apr 2019 · 96
Emile to Estelle
Seeing you as mine
my disclosure- though I try
otherwise- a lie
a response from Emile to Estelle
Apr 2019 · 135
Estelle to Emille
I want you as mine
your impetus- why not I?
make me, love- your prize
a love letter from Estelle to Emille
for all trade, a tariff- for all debt, a war
in my hand, the future and a **** to its door

under my hand, dear empress,
now you must understand
under my will, this nation
under my will- this land

a strongman's ire
to those who oppose
tear down the bulwarks
- who dare arose

Orwell, dear prophet
your tales of future design:

"you delusional *******..."

This nation, a reign of infamy,
this nation of mine

for you, dear empress-
costs any you dare
for your comfort, o empress
no expense to spare
this is how Imelda Marcos got 3000 shoes
vicious monsters of eldritch deep
in suites, suitcases and handsome physiques
from pitchfork to podiums- fire to the campaign
of hearts to win, to blindly usher in their reign
Apr 2019 · 247
prayer against vices
Dear Lord,

I know their earthly bodies find comfort in its smog,
in the brine, and in the actions that keep them sane

and I ask you, Lord, who is the pinnacle of comfort
to ease their minds and souls and lift them out of pain

in Your mercy, by Your light, by Your loving holy light
so they may never need to smoke or drink again

...Should your friend or loved one be ensnared in the trap of vice
Apr 2019 · 124
prayer against sadness
Dear Lord,

my earthly woes are but a drop of sweat
on your face,
when You carried Your cross to Carmel
I pray that this tonight, I do not go yet
in Your arms,
to help me and my loved ones feel well

I pray that You lift up my sorrows
like You did Your cross- and our sins
I pray for a thousand tomorrows
or just one- for Your heart beats within

I pray that others escape this vice
that wraps around one leg and crushes the other
I pray this prayer more than twice-
for Your intercession and Our Heavenly Mother

and for those who do not and cannot feel
Your warming light and presence
give them clothing, warmth, and meals
Your love unlimited- effervescent!

Oh Lord, Your guidance, Your warmth, and Your smile
makes my life, my love, my prayers- worth the while

a prayer for if you feel sad, know someone who is sad or against sadness altogether
the noblest thing
a friend can do,
the most honest thing
that will be true

to let your blind friend trip

so when you hold
their hand again
they'll know to trust you
there and then
Let them know to trust you as soon as the world betrays them
Apr 2019 · 120
the whitewall
unlike other poets
the cool wind and trees distract me
I'm the kind of poet
who hears songbirds and feel misery

I write not in the woods and trees
nor do I write in the silence of nature
unlike poets who're poets unlike me
I prefer silence- in a room with a computer
in other woirds- i like stress
it keeps on my toes
and away from hoes-
on the spot
and away from thots
Apr 2019 · 399
learn to be lonely
when you remember you were lonely
when you were first found,
even in winters -
you'll feel safe and sound

sometimes your own presence
is the only embrace you need
and in other's absence
you'll again never seek
for someone else
when you have yourself
Apr 2019 · 154
that old celluloid
to remember lost items
is to tempt yourself to find them again
- and to look at old pictures,
is to remind yourself of when...
of the times you hold dear
of the time you held fear

of the times you never
thought you would remember
but remember anyway
Apr 2019 · 559
dear little princess-
may I ask your name?
to go and never know it
would be such a shame

little heart, little fighter
can you share your dreams?
a world of pastel color
or so it seems

little angel- don't fret
visions of nightmares and regret

just look and reach for love beyond the stars
oh bless her heart- a child's prayer against war
oh hear our prayers from afar
Apr 2019 · 126
thou were not made
to weather the rain
thou were not made
to handle the pain

thou are just
an empty bowl,
to carry and test
the human soul
your body is the mech armor
made for the true warrior within
onyx hair, with eyes to match
-silver tongue and cast iron wit
wielded by one no other can match
deserving of the throne she sits
this mistress is a cruel one
Apr 2019 · 127
tell it to them
Deceptions can become obvious.
at first, seeming to you oblivious

but later showing the jest
they take you as- the receiver

Play along long enough to test
and you'll reveal your deceiver

most of the time
they reveal themselves.
the rest of the time,
you end up dead
in a thick forest so dark and lonely
one can rely on glimmer if he can only

differentiate, true sunlight from the light of fireflies
for miles, he trecked twilight, guided by the glimmer of fireflies

he followed their luminescent pathways
and found he had from his own path- depart
by their mystic light was lead astray
the story of foolishly giving up one's heart
don't be an idiot
love wisely
or don't at all
Apr 2019 · 60
old friends
the chapel- where we once ate
from class end
to class start again
from here to there- always late

far better times then

a comic where we would all feature
storyboarding as our own heroes
traveling our universe- yonder to hitherto
these are the times I truly treasure

you all seem to have forgotten though
don't worry- I'll hold down the fort

the last of the star squad stands
even as the island reduces to sands
of the memories past
-prayers of the last
Nov 2018 · 454
is that kind of thing
that creeps down your spine
and invisibly molests you
whispers are all it takes
to break
your sweet innocence
Nov 2018 · 147
the aric endre show
in times of
and utter ruin

the image that
runs laps
around my head

is that of:

eric andre
into nothingness

and hannibal buress
for help
this show
is not comedy

it is the psyche
in a sitcom
Nov 2018 · 124
titani sol
the titanium sun
never ceases to rise

in the realm were
everything is
but your eyes

and when you
seem to fail and falter

in a static realm
reality can alter
and in here
you're never
the wiser
Nov 2018 · 196
only idiots gaze
into the abyss
when facing
existential crisis

only idiots surrender
to the abyss
when you can just
walk around it

sadness stays
when you insist
that you cannot be
without it
and it will leave you
as you walk
never again will you be
behind it
Nov 2018 · 290
this is what cowards,
and philosophasters do

seeing suffering as
a fur coat
to hide into,
to dodge the rain of daggers
we all must endure

come out cowards!
come out
and dull these daggers with me!

throw yourselves
out of melancholy's embrace
into the steel rain
and know the pneumonic chill
of reality
the perspective will change you
and mere problems shall flutter
like maya birds in the summer

and the soone enough,
the daggers shall be
as light as feathers
Nov 2018 · 207
I.V. Composition #1
whenever you find yourself
wandering to far
just sit and remember
to look at the stars

and they'll guide you
back home

often storm casts upon a spell
broken, unfed;
and these travelers' wishes,
and dream of instead

a sweet memory of home
your life built up on stone

and we sail the seas
roaring high
the demons asleep,
sneak above o'er their heads
brave blue oceans, so deep

and you'll find your way home
and you wont be alone

and when storms blow against you
raindrops on your head
keep it up above o'er the clouds
think of your bed

for you're never alone
let God guide you back home
Song for the lost, wandering, blind and directionless. Suggested use: once every morning, once every night
Nov 2018 · 245
polemics flies
and lands messily
on both sides

the drone of speech
and rhetoric
never worth the while

what use is this discord
when we refuse to shoulder

part of our weight in
pushing the titan's boulder?
should he fail
our bickering
will be crushed
along with us
Nov 2018 · 137
'look at that madman'
says the ***** and her victim

'look at that madman'
says the intellectual in debt

'look at that madman'
says the activist with rigor

'look at that ******* madman'
i screamed with them
as i looked into the mirror
'you ******* madman;
persist and never wither!'
Nov 2018 · 124
I'll never again
admit that I can

feel the free wind
knowing what I am:

not of rank
nor standard

without charm
or face

you need not lie
I know it far too well

I own a mirror too;
with my bruises,
can't you tell?

the sickly dog
that I am

best you can do
is take me out

and "take me out"
as fast as you can
then the both of us can rest
Nov 2018 · 617
Hall of the Troll King
this filthy

of its rank

reigning over
your temper

holding your patience
at point blank

so why bother
heckling the crows

when their claws
are deep inside you

none can stand firm

or come close

In the hall of
the king of trolls
in the hall
of the
troll king
Nov 2018 · 221
It doesn't
mind you,
the concept
looks great on paper

but when you persist
to insist
that eternity

let go
and accept,
you'll thank me later
Let go of the fantasy
And see the danger

That Eros is just
A childish wager
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
Red paint
And you ask me,
Dear friend

Why I have painted
The world red

And I would have said:

Mind you I did not
Paint this world red

Someone just threw paint over my eyes once

And I haven't gotten it off yet
Hatred never stays one sided
And those who condemn others
For having it
Are the worst kind of hypocrite

— The End —