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Isha Kumar Oct 2017
Some days are
a little better,
a little brighter
than the one before,
a little worse,
a little darker,
a little sadder.
And that makes
the world
Jul 2017 · 600
The Greatest Weapon
Isha Kumar Jul 2017
they cut deeper
than steel,
make you bleed more
than a bullet,
etch themselves
into your skin,
ring in your ears
and ache,
and ache,
and ache
and ****.
Jul 2017 · 446
Isha Kumar Jul 2017
It is too soon,
too early
we are too young
too wild
too innocent
to be
this broken.
Jul 2017 · 479
How Do You Do It?
Isha Kumar Jul 2017
"How do you do it?
How do you
and laugh
with everyone
and not hate anyone?"
I smiled
and laughed
and said
"I am filled with
but I have known
That is enough."
Apr 2017 · 716
Isha Kumar Apr 2017
I don’t know where to begin,
where to start,
or where to end
and where to stop.

I don’t know how to tell you what’s on my mind.
There are so many words missing, words I can’t find.
Because my mind is a warzone, it is a battlefield.
And my shield is broken and my weapons are blunt.
There’s nothing and no one to protect me in a war against myself.

I scream and I scream, and my skin, my voice bleed and I hope I wake up and it’ll all just be a dream. But it’s not, it seems.
I feel shunned though I have been told I’m loved, and that those who’re around me, who surround me love me.

But I find it hard to believe it now.

Time flies so fast for me
or does it stand still, I don’t know.
Minutes to hours, hours to days.
And it’s getting difficult for me to see
beyond the fog that clouds my thoughts, my eyes.
So I put on a mask
And do the impossible task
Of waking up every day
as I struggle to put on the play.

But the problem never goes away.

I slowly start shutting myself out from people,
stop going to places that are crowded
all the while enjoying being shrouded in the dark of my room.

I feel doomed.

I don’t like to cook,
I don’t feel like reading a book.
All satisfaction is gone and
I don’t know what’s wrong.

I don’t enjoy the things I used to.

There’s no purpose for me,
I feel.
No motivation.
Everything is just white noise.
Everything is static.

So I stand here now,
tired and weary,
at a path
so dark and dreary
leading to different directions,
all the while thinking

**I don’t want to exist anymore.
Isha Kumar Feb 2017
How do I tell her
that I
lose sleep,
stay up all night,
finding the right words
to say
"Please, don't be mad.
I'm a little sad.
Things are bad.
I want to die."
Feb 2017 · 845
Unrequited Love
Isha Kumar Feb 2017
Why don’t you see
it was never meant to be?
Why don’t you understand
he’ll never see
you on your knees,
he’ll never hear
your silent pleas.
Feb 2017 · 625
Isha Kumar Feb 2017
Hark, O beloved,
for the way
the river flows,
singing a mystical song,
rustling the reeds along,
and the way
the wind caresses
the earth,
stirring the leaves
in an eternal bliss,
and the way
the sun
chases the moon,
that is the way,
O beloved,
that my heart
beats for you,
feels for you
lives for you.
Jan 2017 · 436
Isha Kumar Jan 2017
fixing broken hearts,
chasing farfetched dreams,
playing different parts
burdened by
unshed tears,
I lost
the best years
of my life.
Jan 2017 · 396
Isha Kumar Jan 2017
The littlest actions,
the smallest words,
the shortest sentences
the largest differences.
Jan 2017 · 701
Time Waits For Nobody
Isha Kumar Jan 2017
Time waits for nobody.
So, speak
what your heart
aches to say,
And do
what your heart
pines to do.
Time waits for nobody.
Sep 2016 · 694
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Isha Kumar Sep 2016
you were
a wish come true.
my soul
was a different hue.

you are
poison in my veins.
I'm a storm
of merciless rains.

you'll be
a long lost memory.
I'll forget
what you meant to me.
Jul 2015 · 1.0k
Here's to Those...
Isha Kumar Jul 2015
Here's to those
who seldom sleep.
To those in the shadows
who silently weep.

Here's to those
who feel all alone.
To those whose company
are the thoughts they own.

Here's to those
who sing of silence.
To those who are
sick of violence.

Here's to those
whose world is a stage.
To those who hide
their sorrow and rage.

Here's to those
who toss and turn.
To those who watch
their dreams crash and burn.

Here's to those
who starve for affection.
To those who face
merciless rejection.

Here's to those
who hide their past.
To those who think
love never lasts.

Here's to those
who wait for a letter
to tell them that in time
it all gets better.
Note to self : Keep that chin up, buddy! You are loved.
Jul 2015 · 927
The Thing About Life
Isha Kumar Jul 2015
It is difficult to laugh
than to cry.
It is difficult to live
than to die.

It is easy to do wrong
than to put something right.
It is easy to forfeit,
all without a fight.

It is easy to yarn
than to share.
It is easy to be indifferent
than to show that you care.

It is difficult to sit
and to patiently wait.
It is difficult to love
rather than to hate.
Jul 2015 · 1.0k
A Letter to My Mum and Dad
Isha Kumar Jul 2015
Mum, I have dreams
that I wish would come true.
That doesn't mean I neglect
the ones dreamt by you.

Dad, I have wishes
that I dream at night.
That doesn't mean I feel
that yours aren't worth a fight.

Mum, I know I am difficult
and that I nag and whinge.
But your words are sometimes painful
and often make me cringe.

Dad, I know I am different
and that I prefer being on my own.
But, you always misunderstand, thinking
that I like being alone.

Mum, I am sad
and I always hide my tears
because I am unable to fathom
what is it that I fear.

Dad, I am frightened
of something I don't know.
It mortifies me so much
that I find it hard to show.

I do love you both
and I know I rarely say it
because I feel I'm born in a world
where I shall never fit.
Jul 2015 · 1.2k
Behind These Walls
Isha Kumar Jul 2015
There are things about me
that nobody knows.
Which can't be said
through a poem or a prose.

The wars I have fought
and the ones I still fight
behind these walls
never see the light.

I have lost my life
many a time
and have been brought back
through reason and rhyme.

It is cold and harsh
in the battlefield.
Words are my weapons
and my shield.

Everyday is a battle
behind these walls.
Silence is the response
to my cries and calls.

I am lonely
and I am scared.
I remind myself that
nobody cared.

The trick is not
to let anyone know.
To hide your emotions.
Don't let them show.

It hurts so much.
But I am brave
and I remind myself
love is all I crave.

Yet, it never ends,
the war behind these walls.
Not unless, of course,
one of us falls.

The wounds and scars,
they never heal.
Misery is all
I ever feel.

It tears me down,
part by part
until there's nothing left
of my weary heart.

It shatters my spirit
but no one shall know.
The war behind these walls
shall never show.
I think I need help.
Jun 2015 · 576
Love Not Those
Isha Kumar Jun 2015
Love not those
with shifty eyes
nor those
who utter lies.

Love not those
in disguise
nor those
who chastise.

Never love those
with a crooked smile
nor those whose heart
is a barren isle.

Never love those
who overlook your cries
nor those
who pretend they're wise.

Instead, love those
who put you first
and those who quench
your undying thirst.

Love those who
correct your mistakes
and those who mend
the words they break.

Always love those
who see the real you,
who not only hear
but listen too.

Always love those
who love you right
for they are the ones
who are worth a fight.
Jun 2015 · 1.2k
Isha Kumar Jun 2015
Bring me a rope
and tie a noose.
From the high ceiling
hang it loose.

Grasp the loop,
stand 'top a chair.
Throw it around
my neck if you dare.

I close my eyes
and say a prayer.
One final push,
I hang in the air.

The noose tightens,
stopping my breath
as I fall into
the arms of Death.
Please don't ask me why I wrote this. I just did. :|
May 2015 · 648
She Wished
Isha Kumar May 2015
She wished his company,
admiring from far,
while leaving the door
to her heart ajar.

She wished to hear
the words he spoke
as she glanced at him,
that mysterious bloke.

She wished to walk,
matching his stride,
while in her mind,
her thoughts she did hide.

She wished for a friend,
for someone like him,
who was not fickle,
who didn't change by the whim.

The boon was granted
and he walked in.
Her heart, her mind,
her all he did win

He made her grateful
for the wish she wished
as by fate and by luck
she had been kissed.
This took a lot of guts. You better cherish it for the rest of your life!
Jan 2015 · 968
The World's End
Isha Kumar Jan 2015
When the sky
refuses to roar.
When love walks
out the door.

When the flowers
refuse to bloom.
When the leaves
fall to their doom.

When the trees
refuse to be strong.
When the birds
cease their song.

When the bells
refuse to chime.
When a poem
loses its rhyme.

When a child
refuses to be bold.
When a hand
let goes its hold.

When the smile
refuses its charm.
When the life
is put to harm.

Then, we shall
know, my friend.
The world has come
to its end.
Jan 2015 · 1.3k
Portrait of a Soldier
Isha Kumar Jan 2015
An axe.
A sword.
The horse
He rode.

A bow.
An arrow.
His heart
of sorrow.

His armour
and shield
in the

That loss of
His comrade's

Weapons did
Decisions were

Heavy was His
with all the

Years were
till the war's

He returned finally
to his love.
Looked towards the sky
there flew a dove.
Jan 2015 · 1.4k
Isha Kumar Jan 2015
The tears
that cascaded
down her
were enough
to make
a mighty
Jan 2015 · 3.7k
Isha Kumar Jan 2015
How will a little child
open his eyes
in a world
that is filled with
Where unheard go
a mother's,
a wife's,
a daughter's
Jan 2015 · 17.8k
Isha Kumar Jan 2015
The eyes lost
as the sun began
to dim.
They became less
because of God's
Jan 2015 · 1.3k
Isha Kumar Jan 2015
The way
you smile,
your teeth,
it makes
you look
like a


You make me lose
Makes a chill run down my spine, that guy. Brr...
Jan 2015 · 5.3k
Isha Kumar Jan 2015
I haven't seen
you in a
Have I
told you
I love your
Tanya! Here you go!
Jan 2015 · 1.9k
Isha Kumar Jan 2015
You are like fire,
If the truth
should suffice,
would you be
For the bipolar guy who sits next to me in class.
Jan 2015 · 4.1k
Isha Kumar Jan 2015
He hit
me hard
His big head.
My lip
turned red
it bled.
All the credit to my dear little annoying brother for the big bruise on my lower lip. It still hurts, thanks for asking
Jan 2015 · 2.3k
Isha Kumar Jan 2015
We stay up all night
to find words that rhyme.
We scribble. We write,
losing track of time.

We stare into space,
deep in thought.
From a child's fairy-tale
to the wars fought.

We can't stay still.
Our fingers, they itch.
With no path to follow,
in dreams we are rich.

We dance and fly
but crash to the floor.
We laugh and cry
with our emotions galore.

Smiling while judging,
we scribble. We write.
From petty love stories
to the furious fights.

Over incomplete lines,
we again lose sleep.
Muttering new words
as we silently weep.

We see the world
the way no one would.
We break the rules
the way no one could.

A new day begins
with all new themes.
"Which one to choose?"
Our minds scream.

We scribble. We write
with bees in our bonnets.
From epic ballads
to the melancholic sonnets.

With passion in our blood,
and a calloused hand,
we are poets.
Together we stand.
Dec 2014 · 2.0k
Oh, Voiceless Cry
Isha Kumar Dec 2014
A voiceless cry
shivers, trembles,
struggles and falters.
A result-less try.

Break free and escape
from this corrupt world.
This life is yours
and yours to shape.

Spread your wings
and take the flight.
Be free and see
what joy it brings.

Rewrite you fate,
oh voiceless cry!
This life is yours
and yours to create.

Spin your way
out the web of lies.
Escape the void
to a new day.

The world is yours,
oh voiceless cry!
It is up to you
to open the doors.

Don't look so wry,
oh voiceless one!
Get up again,
and again, you try.
Dec 2014 · 1.4k
The Answer to My Prayer
Isha Kumar Dec 2014
Through whimpers and sobs
all night I did pray
for someone who could
sit next to me and stay.

Waiting for a miracle,
I woke up one day
only to find you,
who crossed my way.

I let out a gasp
and a shriek of joy.
You were the one who
didn't treat me like a broken toy.

You came into my life
like an answer to my prayer.
I had searched for a person
like you, everywhere.

Sitting next to me,
you smiled and understood.
You were the only one
to see under my hood.

Though you had problems
and difficulties of your own,
never did you once let
me feel cold and alone.

You were the answer
that I had never found.
Lending a helping hand,
you pulled me off the ground.

You made me laugh.
You made me smile.
You knew me the best
though it had been a little while.

Nobody knew the
relief you bought.
Through pain or gain,
it was you I sought.

Words are all I have,
so I'm writing it here.
You are the miraculous
answer to my prayer.
@riyasinghrathore : Weeeell....This isn't much...but dil se likha hai. ^_^
Dec 2014 · 1.3k
Unbent, Unbound, Unbroken.
Isha Kumar Dec 2014
I am energy,
not heaven sent.
I carry the world.
I stand unbent.

I am power,
of silence and sound.
I am no puppet.
I stand unbound.

I am universal,
where truth is spoken.
Night turns to morn.
I stand unbroken
Nov 2014 · 4.6k
Things Left Unsaid
Isha Kumar Nov 2014
It lingers between small talks,
things best left unsaid.
All that remains
is the silence, so dead.

Nervous, little peeks
when the eyes refuse to meet.
That lump in your throat
at every heartfelt greet.

Staring into empty space
like you lost your muse.
Why was the courage hidden
if it was of no use?

The mind begins to burn
and the smoke grows thick.
It creeps into the heart
and makes you sick.

The silence then grows
with each passing moment.
Memories cloud your eyes
and make you repent.

The tongue begins to sting.
So much to be said.
Yet, all that ever remains
is the silence, so dead.

Things remain unsaid
when words begin to fail.
That excuse you make
is just another tall-tale.

That tension in the air
when you pass each other by.
That lump in your throat
stays, and you wonder why.

Dodging the questions
for there are no answers.
Wishing for things to go back
to the way they were.

They still linger between small talks,
things which were left unsaid.
All that will ever remain
is the silence lying dead.
Nov 2014 · 968
Isha Kumar Nov 2014
Words are like music,
a melody to your ears.
They provide you comfort
and relieve your fears.

Words are like knives,
straight through your heart.
They are like scissors,
cutting you apart.

Words are like puzzle pieces,
complicated and tough.
They are small and jumbled
with edges, rough.

Words are like the oceans
with their timeless age.
Yet they are of turbulent waves
and of fickle rage.

Words are like needle and thread,
sewing up the seams
of the torn bonds,
making the rips unseen.

Words are like rays of sun.
Shedding light when dark.
Spreading warmth when cold,
then disappearing without a mark.

Words are heard.
Words are spoken.
Some, they mend.
Some leave us broken.
Nov 2014 · 1.3k
I am Yet a Child
Isha Kumar Nov 2014
I am yet a child.
To me, the prettiest creature
will always be my mother.
Her dimples, a beautiful feature.

I am yet a child.
To me, my daddy is strong.
He is the smartest
and is never wrong.

I am yet a child.
To me, it is my little brother
who is my heart, my life
and still, a bother.

Though I'm growing up,
I'm still a child.
Unleashing my dreams
and letting them run wild.

But the dreams hit a wall
and I soon realize,
the world hurled at me
a shocking surprise.

The days become a terror.
The nights, even worse.
Such times made me think
everything's a curse.

I observe and wish
to stay the same.
To not grow up and
see everything as a game.

But lives are dynamic.
Everything shall age.
My eyes begin to open
and I calm my rage.

It is unfair,
the world we live in.
You neither lose
nor do you ever win.

Now, I feel grown up.
That I'm no more a child.
Gone are the days
when my dreams ran wild.

Yet, given a choice,
I shall choose no other.
It shall always be me,
my mummy, daddy, and my little brother.

For I may be grown up
but I'm yet a child.
Wise beyond my years
with my dreams, so wild.
Nov 2014 · 839
Harshit Bhardhwaj
Isha Kumar Nov 2014
Your irritating laughter.
Your annoying smirk.
Harshit Bhardwaj,
You’re such a ****.

You always try
To humour and kid.
Harshit Bhardwaj,
You’re so stupid.

You start joking
Without any whim.
Harshit Bhardwaj,
You’re so very dim.

Your music is disruptive,
Disturbing and destructive too.
Harshit Bhardwaj,
I seriously wanna maim you.

Your hairs are like
The feathers of a stork.
Harshit Bhardwaj,
You’re a big dork.

Your eyes are sparkling,
Your laughter is starting.
Harshit Bhardwaj,
Pray, quit your barking.

You’re so spineless.
You can’t go forward.
Harshit Bhardwaj,
You’re such a coward.

Get it in your brains,
That everything’s not a race.
Do you feel that, Harshit Bhardwaj?
I'm punching you in the face!
This is for you, my friend, who is capable of destroying the harmony of our classroom in mere seconds and is yet loved by all.
I wrote this about three years
Oct 2014 · 749
They Always Heal
Isha Kumar Oct 2014
It's like screaming
and wailing so loud.
Then, it's like being trampled
by the oncoming crowd.

It's like feeling
you're better than them all.
Then, you start shrinking
and become so small.

It is like wading
into safe, shallow waters.
Then, it's like drowning
and your breath begins to falter.

It is like wanting
to have all you need.
Then, it's like understanding
what you felt was greed.

It is like transforming,
becoming strong and invincible.
Then, it's like being scared
of turning weak and invisible.

It is like questioning,
asking them all, 'why?'.
Then, it's like realising
in the end, all must die.

The things we know.
The emotions we feel.
Yes, they wound us.
But, in time, they all heal.
Oct 2014 · 1.5k
Run Away
Isha Kumar Oct 2014
Run away now.
Don't ever look back.
They'll burn your world
and advance to attack.

They'll take you freedom
and shackle you to chains.
They'll drain your life
and the blood from your veins.

Run away now
while you still have the chance.
Don't ever look back.
Don't sneak a glance.

Run like the wind.
Don't let them catch you.
For it shall be the day
you will, forever, rue.

They will destroy your hope
and shatter your soul.
They will leave you broken
like the lives they stole.

They won't show you mercy.
They won't let you go.
Run as fast as you can,
as you should've, long ago.
Oct 2014 · 599
Hold On
Isha Kumar Oct 2014
Hold on, oh lass!
It isn't over yet.
The further you go,
The more difficult it'll get.

Breathe, oh beloved!
It shall end soon.
Remember that time
is a curse and a boon.

Like a river, it flows,
waiting for no one.
It cannot be reversed,
a deed once done.

This life shall disappear
in a blink of an eye.
You'll be left to wonder
when did the day die.

Time is a treasure,
guard it with your life.
If misused,
it shall tear you apart.

Keep a firm grip.
You shall be alright.
Yes, you are alone
and yet, you can fight.

Don't take too long
or stand and gaze.
Your time shall run out
and you, it shall raze.

It won't be easy.
Things may go wrong.
But such is life,
winding and long.

And yet, it is short,
this life we  live.
Such is its way that
it'll take what it'll give.

Hold on, oh lass!
It'll end as it should.
For our time is filled
with days, bad and good.
Oct 2014 · 6.0k
The Cold, Iron Throne
Isha Kumar Oct 2014
Battles raged on for
the cold, iron throne.
Kings were slaughtered
of origins, unknown.

Misery and death,
that’s what it bred.
That throne, so cold,
to destruction, it led.

Rebels had risen
to claim the throne
whose kingdom from hatred
had slowly grown.

The hunger for power,
the thirst to rule.
The throne turned
the wisest, into a fool.

The land was soaked
with blood that was shed.
That throne, so cold,
to destruction, it led.

In a kingdom built of hate,
with pillars of lies,
stands the cold, iron throne
as it’s glorious prize.
Game of Thrones, anyone?
Oct 2014 · 1.6k
Isha Kumar Oct 2014
A shadow slips by,
forgotten and lost.
Which turn to take?
Each has its cost.

The silent voice
waiting and wanting,
yearning to be heard.
It is haunting.

The shadow awaits
the break of dawn.
For a new day.
For a new morn.

It is patient.
It can wait.
Alone, it bears
all the hate

It is hope
that keeps it sane.
Hope that one day
it will feel the rain.

For when the shadow feels,
it shall live again.
And all the hope it had
will not be in vain.

The shadow will rise
higher and higher.
Igniting the embers,
starting a mighty fire.

But for now,
the shadow shall wait.
To begin its purpose.
To weave its fate.
Oct 2014 · 2.8k
Thank You for the Memories
Isha Kumar Oct 2014
It was a blur,
the day we met.
Thank you for the memories,
I am forever in you debt.

I never imagined anyone
staying till the end.
Least of all you,
who became my best friend.

Thank you for the memories.
They’re something I shall cherish.
Till the end of time
and until I perish.

You, my friend,
you made me strong.
You stood by my side,
righting my wrong.

You accepted me
without a second thought.
You do not know
the joy you bought.

You were there for me
you always listened.
You were a gem
who always glistened.

It is difficult to imagine
my life without you.
If you weren't there,
who would I turn to?

Thank you for the memories.
My one and only treasure.
Being your friend has been
an honour and a pleasure.

You were there for me
when times were rough.
You were there for me
when times were tough.

You always caught me
each time I fell.
You always saw through me.
How, I can never tell.

You are unique
for you’re one of a kind.
People like you are
very difficult to find.

Thank you for the memories.
They’ll stay with me forever more.
You were the greatest friend
I could ever wish for.
Pari, this one's yours!
I can never find the apt words to appreciate your involvement in my life
Oct 2014 · 1.8k
My Kingdom of Dreams
Isha Kumar Oct 2014
I walk away from
the world of my dreams.
It is just an illusion,
It would seem.

But, what is my dream?
I know not now.
I think it vanished.
I know not how.

How was the world
the one I had dreamt?
The one I built from
the memories I kept.

Was there no sorrow,
No hate nor strife?
The world I wanted,
Was it filled with life?

Was it a world
where wishes came true?
The smallest, the simplest,
and the impossible too?

Where the littlest joy
with everyone, was shared.
Where in the difficult times,
They fought and they dared.

Was it a world
where there was no hate?
A place where we
wove our own fate?

How was my Kingdom
of dreams that I lost?
What was it worth?
What was its cost?
Oct 2014 · 21.6k
The Little, Blind Girl
Isha Kumar Oct 2014
I met her once
a little, blind girl
who had let me
inside her wonderful world.

Yes, she couldn't see,
the girl with eyes bright.
Yet, she loved her world
like she never lost her sight.

She heard the music
of the breeze that blew.
The love for her world,
it only grew.

She acquainted me with
that music she heard,
from the buzz of the bees
to the chirping of the birds.

Yes, she couldn't see
the wonders of life.
Yet, she smiled
without a sign of strife.

She had beautiful eyes
filled with wonder.
I stood speechless and thought
how could God make such a blunder?

She danced and sang
with a graceful twirl.
How she loved her life
the little, blind girl.

She smiled and laughed,
her face filled with joy.
With wonder in her eyes,
she was serene, yet coy.

She felt her world
beneath her tiny fingers
and on me left a mark
that would forever linger.

Yes, she couldn't see
the life that she felt.
Yet, she never showed
the sorrow that she dealt.

Her world was dark.
Yet,  she saw
the Earth's true form
pure and raw.

Yes, she let me in.
But I couldn't overstay.
So, I excused myself politely
and quietly walked away.

I had met her once
a little girl who couldn't see.
Yes, she was a child
but the happiest there could ever be
Probably one of my best works. I'm pretty proud of it. ^_^
Oct 2014 · 1.4k
Isha Kumar Oct 2014
That December night happened
an act so traumatic.
It proved that humanity
had really turned pathetic.

It was a fatal wound
in the human history.
The fight she braved
will remain for more than a century.

The story of Nirbhaya,
the story of the fearless one.
Such was her fight
that she had ,both, lost and won.

How merciless they were,
those five, cruel villains.
The crime they committed
caused anger in the hearts of billions.

They assaulted.
They attacked.
With their senses drained
her innocence, they hacked.

They left her lying
bare, bleeding and injured.
Her death was certain,
that they had insured.

Her breathing became slow
but she never let it falter.
She decided to challenge fate
and fate she did alter.

She lay in the hospital
fighting for her living.
I can and I will do it,
she kept on believing.

She was an inspiration.
She was a bright light.
She made women vow
for justice they should fight.

The story of Nirbhaya.
The story of the fearless one.
Such was her fight
that she had, both, lost and won.
Oct 2014 · 1.2k
Let My Heart Burn
Isha Kumar Oct 2014
Let my heart burn
a brilliant light.
Let the world see
the fire's golden might.

Let my heart escape
the shallow empty cries.
Let the world watch
my heart soar the skies.

Let my heart feel
the gentle rain of life.
Let the world witness
the end of all strife.

Let my heart burn
a brilliant light.
Let the world see
my heart glowing bright.
I wrote this when I was upset. I'm surprised it turned out this way. Though...there is something missing...isn't there?
Oct 2014 · 1.2k
Be Wary, My Dear
Isha Kumar Oct 2014
Be wary, my dear.
Your world falls apart.
Be wary, my friend,
of your loving heart.

Don't, my dear,
turn hard and cold.
The world is falling,
stand firm and bold.

Don't give up.
Be brave, my dear.
Nobody can hurt you.
Forget that fear.

You are invincible.
Don't fear the dark.
Save the crumbling world
and leave a lasting mark.

Be wary, my dear.
Your world falls apart.
Be wary, my friend,
of your brave heart.

Don't be frightened
If you watch the world fall.
Be wary, my dear,
and yet, stand tall.
Oct 2014 · 10.6k
The Lone Wolf
Isha Kumar Oct 2014
The lone wolf howls
in the dark night,
casting it's shadow
over the pale moonlight.

On the river banks,
his prey, he silently stalks.
Lurking by the trees,
he, so quietly, walks.

The innocent deer
became unknowingly a prey.
Targeted by the wolf,
who lives astray.

Ready to strike,
upon the deer her pounced.
Letting out a growl,
"Beware" he announced.

Alas, he missed
his only chance.
The deer ran away
in a single glance.

The lone wolf whined
on his unlucky loss,
staring at the footprints
on the soft moss.

He retreated back
to his hiding place.
"Rest," he thought,
"Rest for another chase"
Oct 2014 · 2.0k
When the Leaves are Green
Isha Kumar Oct 2014
The day we met,
the leaves were red.
"Nice to meet you"
that's what you said.

Our simple conversations
and you're witty replies.
I made you my friend
because of the twinkle in your eyes.

The day we became closer
the red leaves had vanished.
The barriers surrounding us
they had been vanquished.

Together we laughed,
and I was in awe.
Our meeting was a blessing
that' s all I saw.

The day I called you my sister
the leaves had turned green.
I wondered, all my life,
just where had you been?

We talked and talked
until we could no more.
We could never part
I was so sure.

The leaves turned red
when the sad news crept.
I had to leave
and my heart wept.

Then came the day
when we said goodbye.
Though my lips smiled,
my heart did still cry.

The day I left,
the leaves were dead.
"Please don't go."
That' s what you said.

I promise you this,
we'll meet again someday.
When the leaves are green
and the skies aren't grey.
It's a dedication to one of my very very very very special friend. Thank you for being there for me when I thought I had no one to listen to my cries.

— The End —