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Isabelle Rose B Jun 2015
Your eyes laugh
     as loud as
           Your love,
                                                           ­        So I can't
                                                           ­              hear anything
                                                        ­                        else.
                                   ­                                                                 ­ I'm deaf.

Your whispers overcome
     screaming colours, slogans, labels.
                                                   ­                 Worthless, hopeless,
                                                       ­                   impossible, hurting,
                                                        ­                        fallen, broken.

"Courage, dear heart",
       You only ever expected me.


                    ­                Everything beautiful I ever saw,
                               *was preparation for the beauty of You.
And it's all in Your eyes.

Just a collage of revelations I've been having, jumbled into this. :)
Isabelle Rose B Feb 2015
she loved the
in their field,

she loved the
in its light,

she loved the
after the rain,

she loved the
playing with her hair,

she loved to
as if she could fly.

she loved that
she had no cage.

**And so she loved with all her might.
She loved that she could be a great, big, colourful mess and He would love her even still.
Isabelle Rose B Feb 2015
she longed for Love,
but looked
in all the
wrong places.

love wasn't enough
to fill the
He's the completer, comforter, best lover. He fulfils and loves beyond warrant.
Isabelle Rose B Jan 2015
is life but learning the meaning of love,
so we can better understand Love itself?
we love for He first loved us.

all the joy. all the heartbreak. the coming home. completeness.
Isabelle Rose B Jan 2015
If the depth of this love,
Matched the tone of my song,
*The whole world would be deaf.
yet I'll sing louder still.
Isabelle Rose B Feb 2014
Don't let my words
             speak, 'nothing',

Because nothing
             compares to Your love,

And Your love,

                   *is all I need
Isabelle Rose B Dec 2013
This whole world could turn

                                                       upside down

                                                          ­                         and I would still be sitting here, watching rays of
                                                                ­                   sunlight hitting the horizon, dreaming of roses and
                                                             ­                                              the romantic notions of golden carriages.
Haha. I guess we all have such moments... :)
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