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nothin' catches my attention really
for i 'ave given up a long time ago
i just stay focused remainin' at flows
what life has to offer 'n' brings to me

'tis just those things that come in a way
that my own priorities seem thrown away
therefore i rewait 'till it itself displays
which road to be upon which tiles to lay

for i would never understand it tho
these plans my God, i still 'ave to see
but Thy promise to me that all be shown
thy wishes 'n' bestowings upon me

my dedication to my Creator alone
for You be headin' me to my home always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 02/06/1440
'a freestyle meter / rhymescheme Sonnet'
to all of my children, never were mine
by those exes i 'ave had, in my life
all those promises i 'ave made to ye
all the care 'n' effort put upon ye

nothin' but ev'ry good wished upon ye
'n' all of the times i 'ave shared with ye
never would i want to loose memories
i 'ave shared with ye in all of its truths

for, even when it might be a long time
never could get ye all out of my mind
always be prayin' for ye, all of good
no matter feelin' good or feelin' bad

yes, at times i think.. of those precious days
rememberin' those ways, ye called me 'dad' always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 04/03/1440
'a pentameter / freestyle rhymescheme Sonnet'
people may think that i am pretty harsh
at times like feelin'less to what they say
the sight of indifference be displayed
i am rude, i 'ave no manners to marsh

while people may think in one certain way
those things they do know of, or do deny
like to reality they keep sayin' "why..?"
'n' with those things they be fillin' their days

'tis just that knowin' to me 'tisn't the same
to whatever we be livin' up to
whatever in this life we want to do
oh yes, we all say "i do in God's Name"

that seems to be how we keep remainin'
but ibne Yusuf be contemplatin'... always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 22/02/1440
'..a pentameter / freestyle rhymescheme Sonnet...'
this creed be all there is to see
'n' all i am, be all i wanted to be
to be freed be not that, i seek
rather be for you to think of me, a freak

i 'ave no wishes, for all i want be there
get my portion of what be fair
for diner be serv'd not 'til my Master will
'cause He be all my heart shall fill

there be no Love but His that lives
'n' He be the only One that gives 'n' gives
no endin' in His Promises
His Merciful Blessings that will never cease

'tis Him forever 'n' always Love shall lead
my Creator be all i need always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 17/12/1439
'a (freestyle) Sonnet'
why do i 'ave this feelin' of people disturbin' me
when i am in thoughts talkin' to Thee
why 'tis that others, i cannot see
when all i want to be, in my mind with Thee

Thy Power as Thy Blessin' upon me
right here in my head i can always meet
those very standards that in life should be
to Whom to be turnin' to but to Thee

yes to him, Thy Special Chosen One
his own whether before, or after him be

for if not with Thee, Thy Beloved be
the One i am turnin' to, gettin' closer to Thee
if not with Thee, Thy Beloved Ones be
those examples Thine, sent by Thee always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 29/11/1439
'a (freestyle rhymescheme) Sonnet'
lots of people havin' abilities to be
     blind to the one 'n' only truth
might they know alot, knowin' they do not
     the more they get, the less they understand

most of people learn to be learned
     for the purpose of their very own benefits
now just wait a moment, is it really...?
     or might they just be thinkin' it to be
those excuses 'n' explanations been
     puttin' things to their own hands

beg me pardon, indeed 'tis truly
     the lack of bein' able to recognize

i say, honesty is more to me than life
     this difference in which we do thrive always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 02/09/1439
Most certainly i am not of those
     amongst thee, most pious ones
i just try to stay focused
     'n' remain bein' myself

There would be no reason for
     me to be walkin' proud on this earth
i can neither tear it apart
     nor rival mountain's heights

For there is no understandin'
     within these lives i be livin'
i do not want to play
     do not want to react

Tho 'tis alot of hypocrisy
     i seem to keep knowin' less
i be chasin' after my own lies
     that what suits me best

Would it be truth to behold
     i, if only have listened to the ears bein' told always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 28/08/1439
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