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Aug 2018 · 168
Undelivered Letters
Irlomak Aug 2018
I was making letters for my friends and I wanted to make one for you. I wanted to write down all the things I adore about you but I stopped and think would you even care? Would it still even matter to you? Would you still pay any attention to it now that you have the love of your life in your arms? So never mind, I should keep these words I have to myself for who am I to you? Just another person. Just another human you met in college and I will never be anything more than that to you.
Made: 22/09/2017
Aug 2018 · 465
Lost Temptation
Irlomak Aug 2018
we met unexpectedly
not hoping for anything vast
just the usual friendship
but we accidentally crossed the line
even though another already
grabbed your attention and affection
you still came to me,
surprisingly, you've let me mark you
why did you do that?
why did you ask for it?
and why did i give in?
i was the one who marked you yet
it feels like the opposite
the taste of your skin
still attached to my lips
your skin marked my lips
the sound of your moans
still ringing melodically into my ears
and the caress of your lips against mine, god, the things i'd do just to feel it again, one last time
because more than a month has passed,
and here i am
still foolishly thinking of you
when you probably threw me out of your mind a long time ago
do i need help? no.
i miss you more than you will ever know. you're the one who proved to me how much i can badly miss a person.
but i think this is where i draw the line for i can only do nothing but miss you.
the time wasn't in our favor when we met and all i wish for is,
one day, if our paths ever cross each other again, it will give us a chance. the chance that i would take without any hesitation.
until then, i will remove you out of my mind. i will stop looking left and right for your familiar sight. i will know nothing of you, but do know that my heart will always recognize you.
Made: 22/09/2017
Aug 2018 · 263
Happy Tears
Irlomak Aug 2018
I’ve had a very good day
my night has ended well
we’ve said our goodnights
all I feel is contentment.
For once in many years,
I felt so satisfied with my life
I couldn’t ask for anything better
and as I write this,
tears are streaming down my face
for this happiness that I’m feeling
is too overwhelming for me to take
but if this is the reason for my tears
every single day, i wouldn’t mind shedding more.
Made: 07/10/2017
Irlomak Jul 2018
I used to be so excited for sleep
to get on the bed
and slip myself inside the warmth of my blankets
but as unbelievable as it is, it changed.

For this time,
going to sleep means I have to part ways with you
but you know how everything has a positive side?

Let me tell you, for all the years I have lived
never in my life have I ever been so excited to wake up every morning knowing that I'd be spending a new day with you.
Irlomak Jul 2018
Giving him her all
is what she does best
so fearless, so selfless
she is, for him.

Wouldn't you flaunt her
if she was yours?
wouldn't you be proud
to tell everyone that
she's yours?
I would.

Too bad the person who owns her
is not too appreciative of what he has
Too busy focusing on the affection everyone else is giving him
that he probably forgets to tell them that
he's taken and is being loved by an exquisite person.
Jul 2018 · 155
Come Back.
Irlomak Jul 2018
Like a human blowing a candle
you were the candle,
I was the human who blew the light of the candle,
making you disappear
all the light you once provided
the warmth you once emanated
the goodness you've sweetly dispensed me with
a single trace of your scent
nowhere to be found.
Months have passed,
head still turning left and right
back and front
always hoping to see a familiar sight
only to realize that
even hoping too much
won't ever bring you back to me.
Jul 2018 · 211
Irlomak Jul 2018
You were there in my dreams, holding me
I woke up minutes later,  not knowing if I should be happy or not
facing the reality of,
you being a hundred miles away from me,
nowhere to be seen, nowhere to be touched
o, heavens
will the day of being with him ever come?
will I ever get to see his beautiful facade up close?
will I ever get to know what it feels like to hold him?

The answer is No.
Jul 2018 · 85
Irlomak Jul 2018
I dreamt about you today
I cherished every single moment of it
for it's the only dimension that I can be with you
it's the only place where
I could feel your touch and warmth
I wanted my time with you to be longer
nothing but a mere harsh slap of reality jolt me awake.

I'd wait for more than a century just to enter the same dimension with you again.
Jul 2018 · 392
Oh Sehun.
Irlomak Jul 2018

One day
ill grow older
ill become busier
to the point where i won't have any time
to update myself about you
and ill be looking back at this very day
amazed and amused
you have served me such happiness
have given so much joy
and motivation in my life
i would look at a picture of you
with a genuine smile on my face
and would knowing nothing
but gratefulness
for all the positivity, motivation and happiness
that you've given me and
will constantly bring into my life
thank you for being there for me
always and forever
you're always in my heart
i will always be thankful
thank you for existing.
Jul 2018 · 301
Never Enough.
Irlomak Jul 2018
All these things I'm trying to do will never be enough to show how important you are to me.
all these things I'm trying to do will never be enough for me to express all the things you make me feel
and lastly,
all these things I'm trying to do, you deserve more than any of this
I'm sorry.
Jul 2018 · 210
Irlomak Jul 2018
He used to be fine with the fact that he's not an expressive person
it's often hard for him to find the right words to say
he is fond of keeping things to himself
but right now,
the things he would do just to be able to let his sense of expression rise from the bottom of a dark abyss.

His mind is yearning for him to convey his bottled-up frustration of thoughts.

"He needs to tell her how much he loves her  
how much he appreciates her  
how much she means to him
how blessed he is to have her
how beautiful she makes his life
he needs to tell her all these things, but how."

She will never  know.
Jul 2018 · 355
Note to self.
Irlomak Jul 2018
Words aren't enough to tell you how much I am proud of you,
for your accomplishments, achievements and hard work
you made it this far and you're gonna go even further
don't stop, never
don't settle
just continue
you're going to make yourself even more proud in the future.

It's time to stop caring about what other people think
think of what your future self will think of you when she looks back,
you should only care about what you think, of yourself.
that's the only thing that matters.
what you think about yourself is solely the important thing you should be giving much attention to.
so, make yourself proud.
be confident.
be comfortable in your own skin.
own it.
Irlomak Jul 2018
wishing for him to care about her as much as she does for him, hopelessly dreaming that he'd notice her feeble attempt of affection for him.

expecting for something that is impossible to happen,  a habit she's grown accustomed to.

this should be stopped.
Dec 2016 · 529
Irlomak Dec 2016
She's not like all the other people out there. She has no one but herself. She has many friends but she doesn't have that one bestfriend that would always stay by her side. Indeed, she gets sad about this.

Then she realized,
Maybe she is meant to be independent.
To depend on no one but only, herself.

And this realization has helped her build herself better. Now, she is ready to face and conquer every obstacle by herself.
Dec 2016 · 920
All I Have
Irlomak Dec 2016
I need to be reminded that it's okay to be alone. Well, I am not exactly alone for I have myself and that should be enough. At the end of the day, the one person who's going to be there for me, is myself.
Oct 2016 · 344
Not Just a Dream
Irlomak Oct 2016
I had a dream. I was finally able to get a hold of my world and then I woke up grasping your hand. Seems like one of my dreams has come true.
Oct 2016 · 250
Irlomak Oct 2016
They said,
you take the one you love to Paris
hence the name, "City of Love"

But how do you take the one you love
if he's already happy in the arms of someone else?
Sep 2016 · 219
Irlomak Sep 2016
I wanted to write something about you but some sense knocked into me and said;

”Time is precious, it should not be wasted.”
Sep 2016 · 204
Irlomak Sep 2016
For 10 seconds, our skin touched
it was a striking moment for me
but a mundane seconds for you
Aug 2016 · 1.4k
Irlomak Aug 2016
they said you write a poem about someone you love and so she started writing one for herself
Jul 2016 · 562
Cloud 9
Irlomak Jul 2016
I saw a beauty,
so ethereal, so unearthly
and all of a sudden,
I've crossed the path to
another universe.
Jul 2016 · 624
His Existence
Irlomak Jul 2016
every time i try to write a poem
every sheet of paper gone to waste
for the words that I keep on conceiving are unjust to describe the gift of the world that is you.
May 2016 · 231
Don't be
Irlomak May 2016
she's not afraid of getting hurt
she's afraid of how much pain she will endure
she's uncertain of how she will handle it
she only hopes that when the affliction comes, she doesn't break apart
May 2016 · 307
Out of Inspiration
Irlomak May 2016
Oh why don't you fill my mind with
the aesthetic stain of your soul
for  my brain is as blank as an unused paper
Apr 2016 · 368
Irlomak Apr 2016
My mind is often clouded with negative thoughts
but when I turn to look at you
all the pessimistic notion were exanimated.

Out of nowhere
every sanguine reverie comes rushing in.

I guess I'm grateful that you exist
for you're the only one who can turn my cynical head
into a promising one.
Mar 2016 · 245
Irlomak Mar 2016
How funny it is when people think that just because you left them means you never cared about them. Oh please darling, I cared about you so much more than the people I'm supposed to care about but you are too greedy to even appreciate it.
Mar 2016 · 441
Irlomak Mar 2016
don't make the right poem for the wrong person
Feb 2016 · 17.9k
Irlomak Feb 2016
parang pag mamahal ko sayo
walang "end point"
hindi ko alam kung bakit pero kailangan **** gumawa ng kababalaghan para magkaroon ng end point
ang bilog kong pagmamahal sayo
bakit? hindi pa ba sapat sayo ang tapat at buo kong pagmamahal?
hindi pa ba sapat ang walang end point kong pagmamahal para sayo kaya mo nagawang mag sinungaling sakin?
katulad mo,
pagod na din ako
pagod na akong umintindi
kahit gusto kong pilitin, ayoko na sayangin oras ko
dahil binigyan kita ng second chance pero hindi mo pinahalagahan
oo, life is full of second chances pero hindi ako yung tipong tao na sobrang bait na mas pipiliin bigyan ng isa pang pagkakataon ang ibang tao para lang mapasaya sila sa punto na alam naman niya na hindi siya masaya sa magiging desisyon niya

simula palang ng relasyon natin,
ikaw inuna ko lagi isipin bago sarili ko
kahit may mga oras na gusto ko bumitaw,
inisip ko muna mararamdaman mo
kahit nahihirapan na ako intindihin ka
pero may faith at tiwala ako sayo na magbabago ka,
na magiging tapat ka sakin,
na ang ibibigay mo lamang sakin ay wala kundi ang katotohanan
pero nagkamali ako
nagkamali ako na pinagkatiwalaan kita
nagkamali ako na nagkaroon pa ako ng faith sayo
lagi ko tinatanong sa sarili ko nun
"dapat pa ba kitang pagkatiwalaan?"
sagot ko laging oo,
dahil ang pagmamahal ko sayo ay lamang sa mga pagkakamali mo pero pinatunayan mo na mali ang sagot ko  
kahit alam ko pagkatao mo, binigay ko sayo buo kong tiwala
pero sinira mo
wasak na wasak sa landas na hindi na kita kayang balikan dahil ayoko pumasok sa isang relasyon kung wala akong tiwala sa isang tao

pagod ka na? mas pagod ako
nasaktan ka? mas nasaktan ako

binigay ko sayo buong puso ko pero binalik mo ng durog


salamat sa pag pasok sa buhay ko at nag silbi kang isang aral sakin

salamat sa masasayang araw natin
na parang kaya ko pa bilangin sa aking mga daliri.
Feb 2016 · 274
Irlomak Feb 2016
dimples on your cheek so deep
just like the mysteries you keep
Feb 2016 · 207
Irlomak Feb 2016
Two lost souls have found each other
it would take time for the both of them
to realize that the missing piece
they have been trying to find
is already in front of them
Feb 2016 · 184
First and Great Love
Irlomak Feb 2016
You said
I was your first love
and it was a great pleasure
but it would be exquisite
if I could be your great love too
sad to say
*not all wishes come true
Feb 2016 · 195
Time Machine
Irlomak Feb 2016
If only I could rewind time and cherish you the way you deserve
what I'd do to take back what we had
your love is something I can never get back
I shouldn't have taken advantage of you
naive and stupid, I was
if only I could've been a little smarter
as I am now
regrettably, I am just a lost memory
and I will never have the privilege
to love someone like you
but if I ever get the chance to be with you again,
I wouldn't take it,
someone else deserves that place more than I do.
Feb 2016 · 241
Never Take Advantage
Irlomak Feb 2016
You only see someone's worth when it's already too late
and when you come to realize their true value
rejection comes slapping at your face
you would just want to scream at yourself;

*“"Why didn't I treat him better?!”
Feb 2016 · 350
daily problem
Irlomak Feb 2016
im trying to write a poem but my thoughts are tangled up on my mind
Feb 2016 · 215
You're not even mine
Irlomak Feb 2016
I miss you more than I am allowed to
Feb 2016 · 266
Farewell, negativity
Irlomak Feb 2016
Oh little dove
you know what you are capable of
your fears are just getting in the way
if only you could take a second to step back from the negativity
and start trusting and believing in yourself more
your fright will stop existing
you will start to live
a positive and peaceful life
so let go of all the things
that's preventing you to achieve happiness
let go of all the pessimistic thoughts consuming your mind
for it would not give you a healthy sanity
*let confidence and optimistic ideas devour into your pneuma
for it would give you a vigorous, congenial fate.
Irlomak Feb 2016
Dear beloved
I hope whoever you fall in love with will
treat you right
appreciate your existence
be honest and loyal to you
see your flaws and imperfection as a gifted pulchritude
make your alluring smile appear every now and then
tell you every loving words and mean it
keep every promise she makes
always make time and effort for you
always listen to every story you tell her
be there at your best and even, at the worst times
never leave your side when everything else is ****** up
never break your trust
show you how much you are loved
show you how much you mean not only to her but to this planet
give you the happiness you deserve
most importantly,
i hope she will sincerely love you for who you truly are,
with every beat of her heart,
every vein of her soul
give you her whole world for you deserve nothing less
but every little piece of joy and love this entire sphere has to offer
Feb 2016 · 258
Irlomak Feb 2016
I could give you my world
It would still not be enough
You deserve the entire universe
and not just a small planetary.
Feb 2016 · 1.4k
Excluded Sway
Irlomak Feb 2016
You were the last dance I never had
for we only found each other
when the song have already ended.
Feb 2016 · 204
One of a Kind
Irlomak Feb 2016
"My heart is soft"
he said.
and I laughed at how apparent that statement is
from the start, I already knew that
in fact, everyone is well aware of it and that's what made me fall for you
I fell in love with your heart
I wished for it to see mine
Sadly your heart is too devoted to the beating heart of hers
to notice my lonely one.
Feb 2016 · 264
Irlomak Feb 2016
She planted a tree
she knew it would grow
but what she never saw coming was
the tree
arising into a tall, healthy one
unexpected hale roots have shown
and so, from then on,
she took good care of it
making sure it is strong and unbreakable...
She can assure you about one thing,
the tree will never vanish
it helped her realize that
for someone who has an iron heart,
she can still take care of something important to her.
Feb 2016 · 308
Irlomak Feb 2016
I long for your heed
I long for your touch
I long for your love
I long for you, all of You.

But all that, is nothing.
For I, don’t exist in your world
Same sphere, same generation
Yet, to you; I’m completely unknown.
Feb 2016 · 236
Heal The Burn
Irlomak Feb 2016
You kept on throwing flames at me and I kept on absorbing it
yet when I got burnt,
you didn’t bother to lavish
even just a little bit of water
to soothe my fervent soul
Feb 2016 · 176
Irlomak Feb 2016
You were the predator
I was your prey
I was a stupid willing victim
and I have let you ****** the life out of me
leaving me with nothing but a dying heartbeat.
Feb 2016 · 186
into pieces
Irlomak Feb 2016
I gave you my heart
and you gave it back
annihilated, broken, shattered
....*and that's how i became heartless
Feb 2016 · 347
Irlomak Feb 2016
Her thoughts are her treasured feelings
words that run deep-rooted through her soul, which she can never say out loud.

So she wrote letters for him

He said;
”**** all the letters you gave me.”
it felt like a bullet slowly struck through her chest
then suddenly went deeply fast into her beating heart

How painful it is,
no one will ever know.
How dumb of him
to think that her letters, her cherished thoughts of him rather, were *******.

She doesn't always share her feelings
especially not with someone whom she dedicates her thoughts into
but when she does,
regret is what she always gets back in return.
Feb 2016 · 168
Irlomak Feb 2016
She thought it was happiness
She believed it was joy
She tried to convince herself that she was happy
But deep inside,
She always knew that she wasn't really happy
The feelings she thought were still there,
had been gone far too long.
She tried to find it, every second of the day
She looked for it, every corner of the room.
She desperately wanted to find happiness
She found the key,
*And set herself free
Feb 2016 · 792
Irlomak Feb 2016
if I die protecting you, please know that I died happily.
Feb 2016 · 149
Irlomak Feb 2016
There she is,
standing at the center of the planet
busy people surrounding her
she has no idea where to go
she doesn't know which step to take
all she knows is
faith, hope and trust
will never let her down.
Feb 2016 · 600
Irlomak Feb 2016
You are the forest
that I'm willing to explore even at the most dangerous and darkest area.

Just to discover
your beauteous mysteries.
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