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  Apr 2019 Ireland Grace Smith
Isn't that the idea of the ideal? To conflate small with big? To expect every sighted cloud to be, exactly as you see it is? Be it building towards or not in part. The clouds are no more a part of you, than you are a part of whatever dream you see.
And one was seen
Setting sail across the sea
Miles and miles of landscape
One thousand, and one escapes  
to ignite our breeze
With patience,
and altruism...
The gold sustaining in our ebb and flow
The moon enters you in an effort to glow
winter led you here
But in your voice spring appears
nothing more, than to be grateful
for such a jewel in a crown of thorns
Inspired by some of my favorite lines by
M-E, and also by the admiration I have for refugees
am I really
letting go?

six years worth of dreams
a hundred thousand streams
leading to a sea
tears flowing out of me

am I really
moving on?

to let go after this long,
I don't know if it's wrong
or if it's right
to give up this ancient fight
move on into a different light
I kissed your ****** mouth
blood came through veins
as river meeting ocean
leaving behind delta in
memorial poetry that
clothed your body

penultimate breaths
touch golden rays of fire
burn words floating on lips
a voice whispers the last prayer
on the mortal barren existence
enveloping warm blood enters in an ear

Written by
~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~
I spent the night with you last night...
There is something so nice
About spending time without thinking twice
Or speaking about feelings and rules
We forgot the harsh conversations and sang like fools
we let go just for one night
You picked your guitar and I picked a play fight
I showered in close proximity to you
Entertaining thoughts of what you would do
If I walked into the hallway dripping wet
But I put on the pajamas you gave me instead
The oversized t-shirt smelled like you
In your flannel bottoms I slid into the living room
You smiled, said comhere
I draped my legs across your lap
losing all fear
We threw popcorn at the tv
We laughed at each character’s misery
You tucked me in and held me tight
I learned the taste of your skin last night
So what if we aren't in love in the end
All I will ever need is for you to truly be my friend
And keep kissing my mouth
As if it's a wound you can mend
I don't want to be your girl
But I don't want to be just another endeavor
I want you to bury me in your mind
And stay not too close
but not too far
Sometimes it can be simple
  Mar 2019 Ireland Grace Smith
Lick my lips
Cradle my face
Gaze into my eyes
And tell me I'm safe
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