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  3d Eli
when you hold me in your arms,
i feel untouchable.
  3d Eli
fire on my skin
your touch ignites me
the way your fingers trail down my side
the way your lips capture mine
the way your arms wrap around me

  3d Eli
they tell you to follow your dreams
then they **** your imagination
with the realness of life.

they tell you to believe in things
then they **** your imagination.

they say you can do it
but they point out what you cant

whats wrong with you?
theyll sure tell you.

you dont know something?
theyll call you stupid.

you want to wear a shirt that falls different?
they wont let you.

theyre supposed to teach you life skills?
all they do is make me wanna end mine.
this is a rant ig idk lol
  4d Eli
Please stop the time dear
I wanna get off right here
  4d Eli
I never asked to be born
Eli 4d
we used to fight over who loved the other more,
i guess theres one fight i did win.
Eli 4d
youre my sun on the cloudy days.
the chill on a springs breeze.
the flowers lining my house.
youre the beat in my favorite songs.
the birds in the early morning.
youre the beauty in the world.
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