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My words became
A paragraph,
a sword.
And when I
my first speech,
the room
  7d graham
Thomas Wan
Love is like taxis
They're everywhere when you don't need it
But nowhere to be found when you do
  7d graham
Luna Wrenn
you’ve stolen so much of my soul,
i’m still trying to remember who i was
  May 4 graham
just breathe
take a hit
sleep on it
my chest is on fire
graham May 2
the world isnt out to get you.  
it will not swallow you into everlasting darkness if you take a break.
rest my love
remember to breath
  May 2 graham
Madison Wright
I guess I’ll never understand
      Why you cry yourself to sleep

Why you look in the mirror
      To see one missing piece

What must I do to help you
      Sleep sound
            When I’m not around...

You are complex, hard to read


You are


to me.
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