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insanewriter Feb 6
Sometimes you have all of it in your head,
But your feelings are just too sad
That your thoughts drown
With everything else
And you can’t find
The right way to
Say things that
You’re feeling;
insanewriter Feb 6
Words can ****
When those words form a poem;
insanewriter Feb 6
Why does this sound like our
last goodbye;
insanewriter Feb 6
I won’t lose those bruises that you left
insanewriter Feb 4
he was something i couldn't explain
and something you wouldn't understand ;
insanewriter Dec 2019
I’ve always liked you a lot
I was clouded by your sweet and the good side
And today I can’t accept that you have an other side at all;
insanewriter Dec 2019
I don’t want to end up in trouble,
But I always end up with you;
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