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Nov 15 · 67
do I have to?
Bellpepper Nov 15
It's weird how
despite all these people
worrying about me...

I still don't
care about myself
Nov 15 · 56
When I die
Bellpepper Nov 15
When I die,
You'll see all the things
I couldn't say
Blended into the pigment of my blood

Don't bother worrying about them
Like you didn't bother
when I was alive
Nov 15 · 49
just cry already
Bellpepper Nov 15
My heart feels heavy
I want to cry
But my tears won't come
The insides feel dry
Nov 15 · 202
a second
Bellpepper Nov 15
It only takes a second
for someone to change
and it only takes a second
for someone to die
Nov 8 · 41
i'm tired.
Bellpepper Nov 8
has taken over
my body
I can not move
arousing it
Nov 4 · 35
Bellpepper Nov 4
I just want to cry my heart out
and drown in my tears
4th Nov 2022//06:55 PM
Oct 26 · 42
my fault
Bellpepper Oct 26
Something in me
tells me
that this isn't my fault
this isn't my fault
But there's a voice
that echoes through
it is.
Oct 26 · 125
night time
Bellpepper Oct 26
it is when stars shine
that I'm able
to see you again
I think I saw your reflection in the moon
Oct 13 · 37
Should I go?
Bellpepper Oct 13
it's not love or passion that's holding us
but rather
a sense of loyalty towards it
Oct 1 · 51
Writer's block
Bellpepper Oct 1
I thought I had writers block
I started writing

And one poem was enough to open the floodgates and hurricanes of words and phrases gathered inside of me
Oct 1 · 60
At least listen
Bellpepper Oct 1
You ask me to speak
But then don't listen
Sep 28 · 248
Bellpepper Sep 28
Now that it's been months,
no years,
I can see it for what it was
Sep 28 · 156
Bellpepper Sep 28
What might seem good to you,
may seem bad to others.
Sep 28 · 45
Stop controlling me
Bellpepper Sep 28
Telling you how I felt
meant giving you power
over me

And tell me,
was it wrong,
if I was scared of not being in control
even though
you're already controlling most of me
Sep 28 · 70
Don't read this
Bellpepper Sep 28
This is why I don't tell you my id.

Because if I knew
you were reading this

I know
I wouldn't be able to
write these


about you
Are you still reading?
Sep 19 · 1.1k
True poetry
Bellpepper Sep 19
Poetry isn't about
writing down the moments

It's about
living them instead
Sep 17 · 54
these thoughts
Bellpepper Sep 17
I feel guilty
for having these thoughts

i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry
Sep 14 · 77
Bellpepper Sep 14
look in the mirror
and you'll find beauty
Sep 14 · 221
daily reminder
Bellpepper Sep 14
Your daily reminder
that you're amazing
and beautiful
and lovely
and literally the most awesome
you've ever met
Sep 14 · 67
not for them
Bellpepper Sep 14
Sometimes you post somethings
not knowing whether people
will like it or not
you forget
you're posting it for you
not for them
Sep 13 · 96
Still lost
Bellpepper Sep 13
that one time
was enough
for me to drown

i'm still lost in your eyes
Can't believe I'm posting this
Sep 13 · 524
Bellpepper Sep 13
there are things we say
that we regret
but we can't undo
so all that's left
is to convince them
we didn't mean it
Sep 13 · 77
Red light
Bellpepper Sep 13
Cars fly by
splashing mud on my face

I'm drenched in the rain water
Standing at the sidewalk

Red turns to yellow
Yellow turns to green

And I just stand there
Watching ahead of me

It's like I'm stuck at the red lights
Bellpepper Sep 2
it maybe
too late
to undo everything

it's never
too late
to say sorry
Sep 1 · 281
Still growin'
Bellpepper Sep 1
When I read
my old poetry,
I realize
how much I've grown
Sep 1 · 241
Guess I was wrong
Bellpepper Sep 1
I would think
I'm over everything
You'd come back with flowers

You always came back, didn't you?
Aug 24 · 83
I am
Bellpepper Aug 24
I am
paper cuts and daisies,
lemon juice and maybes,
fairy lights and chains,
dungeons and prisoners in pain.
What are you?
Aug 24 · 671
Bellpepper Aug 24
Life is like a sunset

you stand too long waiting for it
that you miss it when it starts
Aug 24 · 69
do you?
Bellpepper Aug 24
I wonder
if you ever wish
to read my poetry
Aug 22 · 68
Bellpepper Aug 22
nobody tells you
how guilt chips away at your soul
until you're nothing but a skeleton -

dead inside and outside
Aug 22 · 79
Regretting it
Bellpepper Aug 22
You might forget my words
but I'll live my whole life
with the regret of saying them
Aug 22 · 81
the irony
Bellpepper Aug 22
by hurting others
you're hurting yourself
Aug 22 · 229
Pointing fingers
Bellpepper Aug 22
you need to look in the mirror
before looking at anybody else
Aug 22 · 52
Bellpepper Aug 22
I thought you were wrong
But then again
I thought
Aug 4 · 166
Bellpepper Aug 4
i see myself
falling and falling
but it hurts too much to stop
Jul 15 · 60
Off to space
Bellpepper Jul 15
I used to live in my head
But now my head keeps flying away
So I'm flying with it
Jul 14 · 110
Thank you
Bellpepper Jul 14
This good person you see
is a result of endless love and sympathy
Bellpepper Jul 14
A lot of people
don't realize
that behind all these walls I've put up
I'm a human too
Jul 14 · 176
Bellpepper Jul 14
The other day
when we barbecued
I threw in all our memories in the grill
so when the flames came soaring up
you caught fire too
and burned

I saw you in the ashes that scattered afterwards
Jul 12 · 589
Your daily reminder
Bellpepper Jul 12
I think
you've forgotten
how much
worth you have
Jul 3 · 87
People not words
Bellpepper Jul 3
Words never hurt me
It was the one saying them that did
Jul 2 · 92
Bellpepper Jul 2
I have a disturbing feeling
that the you's and your's in my poems
are you
Jul 2 · 247
Bellpepper Jul 2
You're an ocean so deep
I'm drowning already
Jul 2 · 188
Paper cut
Bellpepper Jul 2
You are as delicate as a paper

So when you hurt me,
it stings like a paper cut
Jul 2 · 80
Lies, lies, lies
Bellpepper Jul 2
I tell myself lies
because I don't think
I could ever
face the truth.
Jun 14 · 93
In the woods
Bellpepper Jun 14
took my hand and led me through
Lit up my path and showed me all the wonderful flowers
Threw aside the stones and pushed the branches out of my way
to lock me in your cabin forever
Jun 14 · 86
And I fly
Bellpepper Jun 14
I open my wings to fly
But it seems like your thorns are stuck on it
I flap
And I flap
And I flap
Until all your shards of trouble are gone
And I fly

I won't let your envy stop me from reaching the sky
Jun 11 · 76
Bellpepper Jun 11
All these words I write and speak and type and say
All these actions I do and did and am doing and continue to do
are signs and billboards of my plea for help
Jun 11 · 325
Bellpepper Jun 11
My mind is a cage
The words imprisoned are in a rage

Trying to be let free
but all they cause is misery

Each one squeezed in
Banging on the rods made of tin

They're bursting through the gaps
Electrocuting me and themselves; zip zap
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