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Not everyone wants a happy ending
Some people
Just want it to end
And that's enough
to make them smile
every poem I write
is me
trying to break free
from the shackles in my mind
  1d Bellpepper
O slaves of Allah Almighty!
When you purify yourselves for Salah with Wudu,
Don't only pay heed to your covers.
Pay heed to the filth hidden deep,
Deep Inside of you.
For Allah, The King of all kings,
purified hearts...
Wudu is the ritual washing to be performed in preparation for prayer and worship. When we take a shower or wash our faces, hands, feet, etc, we get externally cleaned. But don't forget to cleanse your internal selves...✨✨
  1d Bellpepper
i am scared
of what you all think of me
that i am not real poet
that what i create is not good enough
that what i write is not valid
"this is not what you call poetry!
this is just a sad sad tale
called your life"
i dont know where this is all coming from but i just started feeling really insecure in all of my work all of a sudden...
  1d Bellpepper
being beautiful
in sight of my creator
is more fulfilling
than being beautiful
in the eyes of its creation
today was my very first day wearing the hijab and i absolutely loved it
Though you pushed me away,
Cause I saw the chaos in your heart,
And I wanted to help you find peace.
  Dec 2021 Bellpepper
It's not easy to move on,
but sometimes you have to because
you deserve all the best things in the
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