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Innocent Aug 2018
your muse
your inspiration, your voice
no longer your choice
left out in the cold
the fidget wasteland of a lonely song
time to let go of the wrong
spread your wings and say so long
Innocent Jun 2018
The soft circle lifts its head to the rising sun as the moon waves goodbye
The hot ball of glorious nourishment releases its magical powers bathing those below in its glory
Innocent Jun 2018
The road was wet from the morning rain.
Rain as sweet smelling as the flowers they fed.
Fed up with the world around her, she dreamed of being free.
Free, they say, is liberating.
Liberated from the chains that bind and fasten tightly.
Tightly she grips the ropes.
Ropes thrown to the sky capturing the stars.
Stars colliding gushing millions of gamma rays.
Rays that light the evening roads.
Roads wet from the morning rain.
  Apr 2018 Innocent
Hank Helman
You can't go back  home, to a home that's unknown,
To a cache of hard memory, constant new treachery,
You can't go back home, to a home all alone,
Each morning's new fear, made me disappear.

I can't go back home, it's my no go zone,
No need for revenge, I just can't comprehend,
Why we hated each other, why we all felt so smothered,
Not one day went by, we weren't living a lie.

I won't go back home, my heart marble and stone,
I cannot forget, I age with regret,
Anger, self-hate, for me it's too late,
My bitter divide, still nowhere to hide.
Many people have happy memories of their childhood home. I don't. Not seeking sympathy as many had it harder than I. Just had to get the feeling out on the page and out of my head. Be kind. It's the only thing we need to do. First be kind.
Innocent Feb 2018
You soothe my mind
Like no other of your kind.
My body floats as my burdens disappear.
With calming thoughts we embark to a time where Lily’s talked and rivers chimed
We spread our wings, flying  to where the
grass dances to the notes on the the wind.
You are my space between the sheets
You are my love
You are my heart
  Jan 2018 Innocent
Hank Helman
Is was a long ride home.

We were sober.
Legal, maybe the best way to describe it.

But a 185 kilometer drive,
The morning after,
On snowy roads
Will test you at the core.

It wasn't the *** with other people.
She'd given a ******* to an eighteen year old,
I'd ended up drunk and flaccid,
With my head between the legs of a lady from New York City,
And *******,
Jesus christ, *******
Were never a point of contention between us.

God has one gift and we'd never been stingy, jealous,
Small minded control freaks or emotional kamikaze suiciders,
Dive bombing the happiness out of each other,
No way.
Nor were we myopic work slaves jacking off to the next tech treat,
Nor were we stingy uptight ***** faces,
Trading in the allusion of human perfection.
No way.
We knew love and we knew life and we knew the power of new.

But to say Jimi Hendrix wasn't the greatest axe player to ever trip.
**** man, that just couldn't stand.
So we listened, the windows shaking,
The seething poison of artistic disagreement,
Like nerve gas, art is serious ****, you feel me?

All Along the Watchtower, Hey Joe, Crosstown, Voodoo Child, Angel...

Some **** just won't stand

You dig?
November 27, 1942 - September 18, 1970--  Jimi-- thinking of you.
Innocent Oct 2017
The sky darkens
Lightning streaks across the sky
The dragons takes a breath
As the sorcerer scans the horizon for death

She dances on her own
Spinning around, with no fear
She doesn’t feel them standing near

The dandelions and dragonflies came alive
Under the spell of the full moon
Leaving very little room for the girl

But the doom and gloom still remain
With a fearsome blow, the sorcerer goes
Flying on the back of the dragon
Aiming for the girl frolicking in her glow

Green eyes lock upon the flying death star
And with a flick of her hand
She sent them all to helland
My take on the Harvey Weinstein scandal
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