Mar 11 Ishant17
guy scutellaro
I wrap my arms around a tree
hold me tighter
I say
hold me till the flowers bloom
and the leaves appear on the trees.

hold me
when the wind rustles the leaves
and the turtles sun themselves
on branches in the stream.

hold me closely during a distant rain.
when every thing is renewed.

through rain, flowers, and forest
from high up in heaven.

we are reborn.
Ishant17 Jan 25
I had a dream
I am seven
Running  through the fields
Catching butterflies
Though all I do now is running behind you
And only in dreams
I catch you
After seven years of running
hope could get you
Ishant17 Jan 25
how it would have been,if u could make someone fall in love with u
love life pain longing
Ishant17 Jan 19
waiting for the fall
hoping maybe you too will fall
i will wait till the end of this world
Ishant17 Jan 19
Finally sat down
To write.
Write epilogue
To all that we were.
All those starring
And longing
Which I wanted
To end
And end just in each other.
My pen broke
Asking me
To stop
To wait
To give us another chance
But I knew ,
I know
That you won’t never know
And thus I complete it now
With an epilogue
With a book
Which I hope unlike others
Will go to my grave
Unpublished unread
Just with an epilogue
EPILOGUE that’s all
We were.
Ishant17 Jan 15
There stands a bridge…
Which expands over a river?
Or a lake?
I do not question.
I do not wonder.
I just walk over it
And drown myself,
In that vast emptiness
Where I hoped, myself
To live untouched ,
Naked ,clean and pure…
But the winds were strong
The waves were high…
And this little soul
Could not climb and run through the sky.
I don’t worry, I don’t fret
For I am  untouched,
Naked ,clean and pure…
In that vast emptiness
Where I reached,
Though drowning
Under the bridge
In a river?
Or a lake?
i just want to reach to you...
though i know the path isn't there
and won't be never.
  Dec 2017 Ishant17
It's Christmas night
And Santa's not in sight
Tho the stars shine bright
Something seems not right
Am holding my memories tight
Feelings pour in, while emotions fight
My fears turning into tears
A lonely Christmas since four years
Hopeless moments, no one cares
Darkness seems to be my true friend
The wailing of my spirit has no end
Yet, I've lit a candle to shed some light
In my dark corner, over a height
The night is beautiful, with decorations
On trees with antique creations
It's a silent night
A Holy night
Having cookies and milk,
Coz Santa's not coming tonight...

Merry Xmas :)
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