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laveni Apr 2020
is majestic
it’s as majestic as
their craft
it’s one stroke that says
a million words
it’s a beat that makes
a million people dance
it’s one color that says
a million emotions
it’s a single thought
that comes upon a masterpiece
laveni Apr 2020
You’re like December to me
With one or two events
But you were so cold

You’re like the snowflake that landed at my fingertip
You’d melted and gone away
In a new state
There are so many snowflakes in this world
But eventually they’ll all melt
Just like the way your heart did for me
laveni Apr 2019
I'm thinking of a song
of the blue bird's lullabies when he sings to his babies
as the soft wind accompanies
With sparkling stream gushing,
A meadow of poppies swaying
The tree's branches raise its arms and waves
One cradles the birds
A shuffle 'round in the bushes
The leaves flutter
The little chicks drift away
With a dream above their heads
and a heart filled with love
dedicated to dad
laveni Apr 2019
We all have durations
I like to call them moments
some have moments that linger
just a little longer
some have shorter
They too,
have thorns like roses
but one way or another
it'll just end
it doesn't matter
how or where
It ends
it matters what happens
And what happens after
Will be better
laveni Apr 2019
it is best when it is dark
that way,
we can gaze at the twinkling stars
in these times,
we can see beauty
that once wore a blanket
obliged by the Sun
laveni Apr 2019
Within the liquid
resides cement
soon to be molded
into an uncertain thing
no matter what it was,
It was going to do
something beautiful
no one can parallel
We are all made out of the same materials. Now, we just need to choose what to do with them. And at the beginning, you may not know what you want to do; but that's okay. Sometimes you just need to look, think, and do.
laveni Apr 2019
There comes one day,
when the world is
in the midst of a ****** battle
or when there is a serene scene,
we will pass.
like leaves in autumn
we'll fall, inevitably
like the scars in your heart
we will fade
And in our grave
will be snow
that will turn to tears
and water the flowers
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