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Bruna Werneck May 2015
I was told once
there is a reason why
we have different words
for similar meanings

I wondered
it might be why

we are always seeing but not looking
we are always looking but not watching
we are always hearing but not listening
we are always uttering but not speaking

but I still do not know
if the last one is just
a synonym
Bruna Werneck Apr 2015
I know it
You know it
She knows it

But it's not present
And it's not that simple
Bruna Werneck Aug 2014
I beg you to stay (but I don't know what for)
I want to tell you (but I don't know what to)
I am afraid (but I don't know what of)
I love you (but I don't know what is love)
Bruna Werneck May 2014
I can scream out
I could be better
however, among so many people
it does not matter

it is late, people sleep
it is early, people die
least I

I will be arrested  
urban tourist
modern heroine
chasing the dragon
without my Baudelaire

somebody call nine one one
it is St. John's day, but I have seen no mercy
Joan of Arc was burnt
Judas was hung
John Doe is done

(is it fair to name the symbol of
civilization after its revolutionary blood?)

modern life
is the most organized riot
that I have ever seen

green hair turns black
my turtle is gone
it is so much information
it is too much destruction
with no appreciation

bring our strength
scream my name
it is not a crime
to live in pain

(and even if it was
I would still believe
in what we became)
Bruna Werneck Apr 2014
I don't know what to do
I don't know where to go
I don't know when to call
I don't know why to flow
I don't know how to show


I know how to do
I know why to go
I know when to flow
I know where to call
I know what to show

do you?
Bruna Werneck Mar 2014
ropes and rules
hopes and fools
tropes and tools
in the modern age
it is me, and the stools
Bruna Werneck Feb 2014
these are the
things you will
never know:

I was afraid
it was too late
I knew my body
so well
this should have rung
a bell

(but you will
never know
about him)

I left pieces of my life behind
the ache was so bad
you were the best poem
I have (n)ever read

but no
you will never
ever know
I do not regret

(at least
not yet)
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