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Take me to the xylographs of Tunis
Where silken shades of colour  
Dissolve and reassemble  

Take me to the white veils of sand
Along with Elysia
To the oils of Giverny scented with
Climbing roses  

( I want to touch them with my fingers)

Take me to the orange rows of Laos and  
-further away-  let me
Into the magic Australian Outback

( I want to count how many dots exploding  
The picturesque of Aboriginals)

Take me to Berlin before the curtain on
The Night
To the peripheries of the world

( I want to look in the eye the eyes kept prisoner by Time)
Then let me into the remote echo of the invisible squares
 Jun 2016 Infamous one
Talk all day
Type our fingers sore
Refresh, refresh
We beg for more attention than we get
We share so much that
We know everything about each other
Our thumbs are raw
You can see the bones
I typed you novels
You called my phone
We talk all day
We don't take breaks
So why don't you know
I'm not okay?
Why can't you look me in the eye?
If we talk all day why can't I talk to you in real life?
There's a place where Light is warmth
and love is every breath,
every thought,
every feeling.

There is everything and nothing less,
of pure bliss
of happiness
and even I can't tell
you what that's like.

Just believe.
Just believe Him.

There's a place where tears go to die.
And every joy you ever felt
could never measure this place on High.
Oh, it's Paradise.
We worship Him.
Outside of time.
We worship Him as though we never had another life.
Pray to the Spirit to fill you with your true Home is really like.
Deplete me down to nothing-
bewitched beneath the moon,
stars crystallize under suns.

& despite bare, aching
body, i'll run;

"This isn't all of us"
I need
I want
I have to have it
All lies…

I need to breathe
I need to eat
I need to sleep

Do I need love?
I want to love
I want to be loved
I want to fall in love

Do I have to have love?
Or do I want it so bad I’ll do anything for it
Is love worth the risk
Of that first deadly kiss?

I need to stop obsessing about love
If it’s meant to be, it’ll be sent from above

As I sit here feeling my heart bleed
I realize what I want isn’t always what I need
I look in the mirror
And what do I see?
Someone who doesn’t look a thing like me

What’s happened to this person?
She looks so sad
She must have been through a lot
To look this bad

Her eyes are dim
The lines are deep
It appears she hasn’t had much sleep

Her hair is greying, not the silver kind
Who is this?
Have I lost my mind?
I have been in love
I have been hurt
I wear jeans
Sometimes a skirt

I'm nothing special
At least not to you
What am I supposed to do

I'm just a girl
With a gun
I could use it
Or I could run

I'm just a girl
That doesn't care
I don't even want to brush my hair

I'm just a girl
Who put the gun to her head
No more worries
Bang! Now I'm dead
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