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Preeti Verma Oct 6
Would it be eaiser to let him go?

Would it hurt less from far away?

I think about leaving

But thinking is the only thing I do

Never knew deep friendship would hurt too

He hurts me, unaware, unknowingly

Perhaps it’s the ‘more’ which kills me daily

Sometimes I cry late at night

Thinking about all the things right

Shouldn’t it have been enough?

Everyday I try to be a little more tough

But he has this talent to make it all none

Crumbling me into pieces seen by noone

Don’t blame him for my sufferings

He is not liable for all these happenings

One never falls for someone by choice

It’s only according to the will of joice

He just fell for someone else

I have no more to speak for myself….
3 a.m. thoughts (old collection)
Preeti Verma Oct 6
We don't realise until it's too late
No one knows what's their true fate
I used to think I know what it's like
but the pain I now feel isn't alike
I don't know what's worse
the shock of what happens
or the ache for what never will
Random thoughts
Preeti Verma Oct 5
Spiraling down the memory lane

With little to no shame

Muses the self esteem quitely

Where’s my gal who once shined ‘oh so brightly’


What made her loose the strength

That had earned her praises at length

What made that power she once held

to break into tears that geld

Who would u blame in this situation?

What led her pride to cessation?

Must be her own inability…..u say?

No one can control the thoughts that stray


One can ponder that till infinity

But now she is back to sanguinity

That was unexpected….u say?

Well these are the thoughts that stray


Worried, Ashamed, puzzled and hurt

What about me?…the esteem blurts

Crawling, Stumbling yet standing

How longer I’ll be the only one sacrificing?


The strength never comes from only growing

Sometimes it stems from the breaking

Those little pieces carry the heart aches

Which first quakes, breaks then makes

Let the past be her experience

That will make all the difference

Let the broken esteem guide her

Make her forever 'ohh so brighter’
3 a.m. thoughts (old collection)
Preeti Verma Oct 5
I have masks for every feeling

They often save me from reeling


I must have done some wrong

Don’t know for how long i could be strong

I thought I cherished all I had

But I realise now that it was my bad

I was holding maybe too tight

Strangling, what I cared, with no respite

I have learned to pull back now

Hiding, what I used to share, anyhow

Now, I have masks for every feeling

They often save me fron reeling


I am lying here, crying under the moonlight

The lost moments find it easy to alight

I wish the sleep would come

the endless thoughts make me numb

What if I had done it differently

I might not have run into regret incidentally

I am counting the mistakes I made somehow

Maybe I am not guilty but they hurt anyhow

So, I have masks for every feeling

They often save me from reeling


I am not hiding under the plain sight

Still sometimes, I make the mistake, in spite

It’s a mistake to show your all

Nobody gives a **** in long haul

So I have started using these masks

Which makes hiding a less daunting task

I am now unlike the old me

Who used to let her feelings run free

That’s why, I have masks for every feeling

They often save me from reeling


I am lying here, hiding under the moonlight

Burying the moments that wish to alight

Sometimes the old me, still runs wild

Crumbling the walls I so carefully compiled

I often let her do as she wishes

then see her tumble down into pieces

I have seen her hope crush a million times

falling down after a hopeful climb

It’s the reason, I have masks for every feeling

They often save me from reeling

3 a.m. thoughts (old collection)

— The End —