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Apr 9 · 86
Brother Moon
Brother moon,
do we dream the same dreams
in the valley of black sheep?
My lovers eyes are the size of you
and I yearn only to sleep.
Beneath the freckled sky, be easy,
forgotten, you and I.
Brother moon,
do you weep for sister sun
the way I weep for you?
Can children still on Earth a'run
when you cast your soul's great blue?
Brother moon
will you take me, come afternoon?
To my house of lonesome joy
Brother moon,
do you dream my dream?
Or are you just another boy?
Oh, brother, soon.
Jan 30 · 69
There is no Rose
In winter you can look and look around
but still, as every man has found,
there is no rose.
Girls of calm and February lies
spring and warmth's beginnings.
Always right and sweet and wise
steal the pleasures of living.
When all has been promised as forever
how am I to refrain?
But then as soon as ruby leaves dissevered
he left me miseries, left me rain.
For roses bloom on ****** skin
not on skulls accused of
If Summer were not but a season
and instead a man.
I would beckon him closer,
put myself in his hands.
We would walk slow
silent as happiness
and from me, would grow
a terrible little sprig of tenderness.
Feel his radiance right up in my bones,
lay under that sweltering shadow.
Only, come Autumn, to feel so alone.
Jan 26 · 105
Little girl wants someone to hold her.
young thing
lays upon her own shoulder.
The room smells of french perfume
and she strings and ties
herself into a loom.
fasts for days
faster, faster waves.
There's bloodstains. Bloodstains on the carpet!
Now paint drains,
from her skin,
how pretty, pale and thin.
She worships her shut eye visions,
forms a new kind of religion.
Creates her own voided world,
glides away, funny, white sails unfurled.
Something follow, truer and true
a whole to hold onto,
a hole to fall into.
Jan 11 · 72
Happiness is not You
All this time I've been keeping my mind on running waves,
screaming over oceans much bigger
higher and louder than my love.
Pulling out of my cards; Jacks and Knaves.
Happiness is not you
it is not addiction,
maybes and days of soon.
Depth holding me is comfort
so is awaking at noon.
But it's not honest,
it is a life, untrue.
To the girl that I am
and the wind now blows through.
Gone from your shores,
alone on an island of myself.
No desire for more.
I am province, I am proof
that growth is blue.
Love is not to abuse,
and happiness is not you.
Jan 3 · 110
The Grin
You leant up against the wall
and grinned
a grin so deafening.
Child, then boy, followed by a man
all false reckoning.
The problem and the solution
to much of my delusion.
A lamp off in the coldest nights,
and a monster holding me, loving and tight.
I laid a hand upon the wall
to touch your nuance,
your distance; beckoning ever on.
There you stood, indistinct,
a heaving storm
gone with a blink.
Dec 2018 · 39
Morning Lullaby
she remains anon Dec 2018
He was a morning lullaby,
and I, a sleepless night.
So, lay in my bed hypnotized
dying and all right.
Down in the lawn
early dew,
I lean against the steady pecan.
Walk, but never follow through.
Silken sheets
and rosy eyes
I am a set piece
in a house of lies.
Sometimes, think I've up and died
at the waking shore.
Yes, he be a morning lullaby,
come to sing once more.
Dec 2018 · 124
Girl, gone
she remains anon Dec 2018
Eyes of hazel
she is April,
showering all my days,
she is killer, I am Abel.
Evil; in her ways.
Walking backwards,
the sweet disaster.
And teases like
a winter's blackbird.
where I see her
oh they make,
make things clearer.
Pacing down familiar stairs
chanting old, empty prayers,
looking for ghost of months gone by
here she come, there she lie.
Dec 2018 · 183
I Don't Want You
she remains anon Dec 2018
I never wanted to reply
with truth.
You lose me,
I am loose.
Of ships in bottles
trapped in a forever sail,
bitter air
Perfume and closed curtain
in my solitude,
hope you aren't hurting.
Dec 2018 · 214
Gnarled Heart
she remains anon Dec 2018
Gnarled heart
growing apart
from all I hold dear.
Branches to ribs, oh spears.
I am overgrown
yet never let alone,
twigs and leaves all split my bones.
Outside, looks so trim
but I cannot let him in.
Twisted beyond what is grim.
Forest forever,
wish him luck on his endeavor
to cleave a gnarled heart down.
Dec 2018 · 145
Break Me
she remains anon Dec 2018
Let the demons have their fun,
snap my fingers one by one.
I'll still pour on daddy's cologne
so I don't feel so **** alone.
Sometimes I pray to slide right into a wall
as I am flooded by the sound of it all.
If I could turn the page
something to rearrange,
where my life went wrong
for now, just play along.
Turn my head
you are all I dread.
May a firm hand
take my back
and break it.
I'll reason, i'll admit
only think of things that hurt.
Drag me through the dirt,
discover me a filthy women
don't take your ear to listen.
I, savage, will rip it from you,
pieces; break me into.
Dec 2018 · 66
Seeing Things
she remains anon Dec 2018
on the wall;
memories of all my faults.
But I still dance along the halls
good friends with those who make me fall.
Dark house, let me recall
my endless thrall
state of mental assault
Over my shoulder, go, the salt
cannot tell what is false.
Nothing makes me feel small
like figures
on the wall.
she remains anon Dec 2018
Cold fingers
dance across my skin.
Too bad, from me, they linger
not him.
Dec 2018 · 40
she remains anon Dec 2018
Silly girl, dumb and young
how I wish I could bite my tongue
like it bites me in the back,
my secrets; unpacked.
Till it blisters
till it pains
for all I can't refrain.
Hold fast; my words
for no good they ever serve.
No dark,
nothing whispered,
no doubt.
Precious girl shut your mouth.
Dec 2018 · 45
Call of the Birds
she remains anon Dec 2018
A little down the lane
a bluebird calls my name.
Though I swore
I'd never hear it again.
I suppose
a healthy dose
of flattery is nice
once or twice
from the handsome jay yelling out to me.
Down the lane run; my glee.
And the birds, they sing
for I seldom ring
a tune anymore.
The neighborhood is a bore
when warmth sleeps
and birds weep
flying South; away
from towns of grey,
and me
a girl of simple misery
awaiting the birds return.
Dec 2018 · 168
Alone in a Quiet House.
she remains anon Dec 2018
As I walk an all too quiet house
glass under my feet,
I look for the whereabouts,
the place all my sanity retreats.
A temple modeled after the greatest intentions
and point of my attention.
I hear the clocks
ticking a warning, looking, a response,
trying to let me know
these walls will never let me go.
This home is built of memories
not concrete or tile or trees.
Built off of everything I want to be,
how I devote my character to thee.
my only tyrant.
My pain and misery,
deliver me
from this toxicity.
Come back, knock, the door
anything to make it louder once more.
Dec 2018 · 162
she remains anon Dec 2018
With every exposure
I am left
nonetheless closer.
***** it off
peel it back,
find out what's underneath;
everything I lack.
Dec 2018 · 53
Struggle, Stronger
she remains anon Dec 2018
Gun to my temple,
salt in my lungs.
Never gentle
always outruns.
All the years
I spend in ****,
it appears
leave me just as well.
Dec 2018 · 45
Summer, my Lover.
she remains anon Dec 2018
As transparent as Galveston water,
my only is.
Sunlight to the Earth
I am drawn back and forth.
Summer, my lover.
Dec 2018 · 41
she remains anon Dec 2018
Vinegar to my tongue
flowers in my hair.
Pretty and young,
yet seldom fair.
All the boys are going
as far as can be
but I am by no means lonely,
I'll watch them run from me.
Dec 2018 · 57
Are You Okay?
she remains anon Dec 2018
Spoons, knifes, forks
that is how things work.
With every passing day
I get
"Are you okay?"
Smile, fix, cry
please stop asking me why
the dishes are stacked
and when a book is out of place
I feel attacked.
Sit, breathe, rot
my stomach all ******* in knots.
"Are you okay?"
No, please get out of my way!
I will be perfectly fine
when all is aligned
it's just as simple as that.
Dec 2018 · 50
she remains anon Dec 2018
sleeves pulled over.
head lowered.
touch me slower,
your soul, I beg closer.
Barren land,
I am
a temperament of dry sands.
break me
and build me into something of sensuality.
Nov 2018 · 129
Smoke and My Mind
she remains anon Nov 2018
Never, a cigarette to my lips
still smoke in my head.
I will rot in my bed,
with all I cannot fix.
And though the mind
in pieces
is all mine,
it will be made nice by no adhesive.
she remains anon Nov 2018
If I were a wildflower
would you, lover, even matter?
#wildflower #flower #lover #love
Nov 2018 · 96
she remains anon Nov 2018
There are many fish in the sea,
but you,
were a goldfish to me.
Nov 2018 · 758
To the Skies
she remains anon Nov 2018
All my pleasures be to the skies
why, oh, why
do I only love what’s beyond my eyes?
Nov 2018 · 380
Carousel Horses
she remains anon Nov 2018
my hands do violently.
Carousel horses why do you run from me?
In a world stuck spinning,
I am a girl caught thinning.
Carousel horses, how can this be?
All my dreams, they do escape
and I, a women of the flock, always await.
Carousel horses, will you hear my plea?
So I pray;
my hands do violently,
Nov 2018 · 54
A Hum, A Shout
she remains anon Nov 2018
People talk too loudly of quiet things.

Skin off my fingers,
hair from my head.

Oh! How I would be better as dead
then let the voices linger.
Nov 2018 · 549
Sunshine that’s all Mine
she remains anon Nov 2018
Today I feel like sunshine
for the first time.
Maybe it’s the weather,
or my marigold sweater.
But what I know is true,
finally, it isn’t because of you.
Nov 2018 · 34
Loving the Dead Girl
she remains anon Nov 2018
Lay the idea of me to rest.
Put me in a pretty dress,
in baby blue I must be drowned.
Leave me dreaming in that ground.
Caress my pale skin,
don’t awaken my soul
with your subtle sin.
Plant flowers near my grave,
to your love I am a *****.
You may visit me now and then
never make my heart beat again.
Nov 2018 · 233
she remains anon Nov 2018
I am a candle in the wind,
Yearn to set it all aflame,
pour yourself upon me, gasoline.
Nov 2018 · 30
Some Time Spent Alone
she remains anon Nov 2018
The moon from my window,
a silly thing.
I’m so captured, though,
she lacks coloring.
Sometimes country skies
calm and free
make me realize,
all there is to see.
You are one
of many beautiful intentions.
Until to you I am someone,
will I cast my attention
to leaves and rolling hills.
in which love never stills.
Nov 2018 · 59
she remains anon Nov 2018
It feels as if I am reenacting
one of Shakespeare’s plays
it’s just me on the stage.
Nov 2018 · 110
Bittersweet Lines
she remains anon Nov 2018
As long as you aren’t mine.
I am reduced to a nothing but a littering
of bittersweet lines.
Nov 2018 · 136
It’s for You!
she remains anon Nov 2018
my phone
still rings your name.
Though I wish I could explain
this inibility to refrain,
boy you still remain
in my silver picture frame.
Clear in everything,
my life; your domain.
Nov 2018 · 51
Nighttime Blues
she remains anon Nov 2018
Sometimes, when I look up at the sky I see
more faces smiling back at me.
That make me clean,
wash dark indigo over the scene.
Of the twisted human being,
our body’s simple liberty.
Sunshine never brought me glee
because under the light, much you can see.
Everyone has security,
secrets whispered cautiously.
The stars, they weep with me
for all we cannot teach
For that reason we remain
out of mandkinds reach.
Nov 2018 · 631
Love is a Giggle
she remains anon Nov 2018
It is a giggle
becoming, little by little,
an arrow split down the middle
Cupid brought me no signal.
Ah! How laughter makes life such a riddle.
Nov 2018 · 61
she remains anon Nov 2018
once I learn to talk to stars
i’ll ask them how you are.
Nov 2018 · 572
Colors of my Longings
she remains anon Nov 2018
A funny thing,
the colors of my longings.
Much like watching
autumn pass by
through the windows of a car ride.
A furious compilation
of the various imagined dreams
I will never acquire.
Nov 2018 · 82
Even Roses
she remains anon Nov 2018
And even roses,
they get crushed.
By wicked motive
we still trust.
No matter what I try;
these thorns.
You always pass my garden by.
Alas, let me mourn.
Nov 2018 · 499
The Dancer
she remains anon Nov 2018
He never much liked to dance,
until he saw me
out on the floor, almost a trance.
Twirling like fire,
he admired
the way I made the breath
catch in his chest.
In his arms,
he could never get the right steps
or remember what came next.
But, because he tried
dancer he was
in my eyes.
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Nov 2018 · 731
The Actor
she remains anon Nov 2018
The Actor,
he thinks he’s funny.
Throws around cheap jokes,
has lots of money.
Plays hearts
like he plays old music.
Calls you a part,
of his fever dream world.
You see,
actors they’re good at pretending
you’re the only one that means
Peek out under tinted glasses
at girls;
sweet as molasses.
The thing is
a show only lasts a few seasons
so prepare to be a part of his.
For just as long.
if you like this poem, please check out the others in my “Artists” collection. thanks!!
she remains anon Nov 2018
Loud was the musician,
sweeter was the composition.
The writer got his ideas
from notes that she was,
high and low; a pause.
But the player used his strings and keys
to unlock her heart with ease
while the composer sat in the background.
Wrote a piece, a mournful sound.
Of lost love
he never stopped thinking of.
And the musician, he walked away
left the girl by midday.
And the composer stayed waiting,
for loving her was motivating.
Sometimes the greatest music
remains muted.
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Nov 2018 · 82
The Painter
she remains anon Nov 2018
If a painter
took his brushes unto me.
Would I remain a stranger?
His hands were stone,
cold and alone.
Yet his eyes steady as a storm.
And I, a simple masterpiece
afraid only to be torn.
if you like this poem, please check out the others in my “Artists” collection. thanks!!
she remains anon Nov 2018
An astronaut,
sad and alone.
Came from below;
land of unbeknown.
To take a chance
ask Venus to dance.
Man tends to forget
about what they once loved
especially because they never look up above.
With all her glory and lavender light,
distracted he was
from his infamous flight.
And blissful as ever,
down he fell
bid her farewell.
The universe, it works oddly
a man in love
falls with his whole body.
Nov 2018 · 96
Satin Love
she remains anon Nov 2018
Satin love is good for nothing
pretty doesn’t make you mine.
Satin love is good for nothing
become more, take your time
Nov 2018 · 40
Untie Me
she remains anon Nov 2018
Untie me
from this trap you’ve weaved,
silken lies, flowing as the sea.
How it would feel; being released.
Though, you enjoy the tease
rhythm of impossibility.
So I stay on my knees,
an image of the love you need.
Nov 2018 · 178
she remains anon Nov 2018
Push past the curtain,
at the edge of the world
Into midnight; moon and stars
the chaos, the void that peaks across my eyes.
I am nothing,
becoming a part of everything
by slowly dying.
Nov 2018 · 352
she remains anon Nov 2018
Everytime I’m around I have to tell my heart to quiet,
to silence its persistent want.
Words press against my lips, just the way I wish he would.
I tell my body to have control,
try not to break the silence,
the stability,
the feeble bridge,
I have built between him and I.
Funny how,
I can't figure out
if the love silences me or urges me to speak.
Nov 2018 · 484
The Diver on the Deep End
she remains anon Nov 2018
And I built shrines in my eyes to you
to mourn what I never had but still held onto.
Dove into an ocean of profound blue
only to come out still nothing anew.
I look out at the fig trees
ponder like the Greek’s great Socrates
question my disease,
the words I can’t release.
My life spinning all around him
orbitals of light grown dim.
Through space you cannot swim
from the sins you have been condemned.
If I am mad as they say
how do I still walk the driveway?
Worship on the Lord’s day;
get down on my knees and pray?
Faithful I am still to the life I have lived
however disguised.
Loving, as I will when all has died,
everything you’ve seen is advertised.
A movie set in frames
the tape up in flames.
How tired she is of playing your games,
mouths running to blame.
Me? I am just fine.
Owing it all to bottles on bottles of sparkling wine,
to you and your redesigned
view of the dividing line.
If you wake a girl from her dreams
the gentle chug of a mind’s machine
will it break down, by all means?
It’s better to let her softly scream.
Than distract from the will of inspiration,
of art and deaths flirtation.
Continue the persisting narration
speak her mind, give it standing ovations!
If I believe everything up there
maybe someday it will be shared,
bitten into like a succulent pear.
Truth is always what makes them stare.
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