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she remains anon Dec 2018
Eyes of hazel
she is April,
showering all my days,
she is killer, I am Abel.
Evil; in her ways.
Walking backwards,
the sweet disaster.
And teases like
a winter's blackbird.
where I see her
oh they make,
make things clearer.
Pacing down familiar stairs
chanting old, empty prayers,
looking for ghost of months gone by
here she come, there she lie.
she remains anon Dec 2018
I never wanted to reply
with truth.
You lose me,
I am loose.
Of ships in bottles
trapped in a forever sail,
bitter air
Perfume and closed curtain
in my solitude,
hope you aren't hurting.
she remains anon Dec 2018
Gnarled heart
growing apart
from all I hold dear.
Branches to ribs, oh spears.
I am overgrown
yet never let alone,
twigs and leaves all split my bones.
Outside, looks so trim
but I cannot let him in.
Twisted beyond what is grim.
Forest forever,
wish him luck on his endeavor
to cleave a gnarled heart down.
she remains anon Dec 2018
Let the demons have their fun,
snap my fingers one by one.
I'll still pour on daddy's cologne
so I don't feel so **** alone.
Sometimes I pray to slide right into a wall
as I am flooded by the sound of it all.
If I could turn the page
something to rearrange,
where my life went wrong
for now, just play along.
Turn my head
you are all I dread.
May a firm hand
take my back
and break it.
I'll reason, i'll admit
only think of things that hurt.
Drag me through the dirt,
discover me a filthy women
don't take your ear to listen.
I, savage, will rip it from you,
pieces; break me into.
she remains anon Dec 2018
on the wall;
memories of all my faults.
But I still dance along the halls
good friends with those who make me fall.
Dark house, let me recall
my endless thrall
state of mental assault
Over my shoulder, go, the salt
cannot tell what is false.
Nothing makes me feel small
like figures
on the wall.
she remains anon Dec 2018
Cold fingers
dance across my skin.
Too bad, from me, they linger
not him.
she remains anon Dec 2018
Silly girl, dumb and young
how I wish I could bite my tongue
like it bites me in the back,
my secrets; unpacked.
Till it blisters
till it pains
for all I can't refrain.
Hold fast; my words
for no good they ever serve.
No dark,
nothing whispered,
no doubt.
Precious girl shut your mouth.
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