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cynthia Jan 2015
persistent and lethargic worms
wriggle through
consuming the sad
consuming the dead
consuming me
cynthia Jan 2015
im looking for you in places I shouldn't
im calling out your name
do you hear me
dont mute me angel
cynthia Jan 2015
crimson light fills his irises
siren wails urge him to tell
ashes fill His mouth
advising to yield
smoke fills his blackened heart
horror crawls in his brain
like pale maggots
panic reigns
when the time to reveal gets near
this is based on one of my favorite books "The picture of Dorian Gray"
cynthia Dec 2014
you refused to take
the only thing I had
cynthia Dec 2014
I am cold
I am heartless
I am you
cynthia Dec 2014
First I'd look at your mouth and smile
Then I'd look at your nose and giggle
But I couldn't look further

— The End —